"Invest all your time in yourself, and your ability will take you anywhere away" - make yourself the ideal worker!

The opening ceremony of Code for Gender, Code for Growth Gender Hacksong invited Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan, Joy Hsu, Google's software engineering manager, and Richard Lee, co-founder and technology director of icook, as Panel Lecturers.

On April 18, 2021, in Taipei, the blue sky cover, the air is filled with late spring and early summer heat, in such a quiet and ready-made afternoon, women fans and Google Strategies co-organized the 2021 "Code forGender, Code for Growth Gender Hacker Loose" opening ceremony, held in the common workspace Avenue grand.

At the opening ceremony, Tina Lin, General Manager of Google Taiwan, Joy Hsu, Google Software Engineering Manager, and Richard Lee, Co-Founder and Technology Director of icook, were invited to respond to the opening ceremony as Panel Instructors.

At the beginning of the Panel segment, the host, who is also co-founder and CEO of Wusi Media, greeted the students with a refreshing voice, noting that 2021 Code for Gender was about how to create a better future and how to lead the workplace culture further from Diversity and Inclusion to D .L over the next decade Leadership, multi-leadership) step forward, Xuan Xuan mentioned that today's people sit under the stage, it is certainly the past you made a key decision, only today's gathering.

How to join the ideal workplace domain and become your ideal worker?

Richard Lee, a long-time food technologist and co-founder, believes in yourself, starting by asking yourself, "Do you really understand things?"

I started my business when I was nineteen and by the time I was Chinese New Year's Eve, I had started two companies. Looking back at me ten years ago, I often felt that I was "underrepresented".

The so-called "underrepresentation" is when you are a college student, in the morning to school general courses, afternoon to do business, see investors, when I have confusion about their own, very concerned about the views of others, a lot of questions will run out, for example, feel that they do not like the impression of the boss, others will not think I am too young, is there a lot of things I do not understand, and so on.

Whenever that happens, I feel that "believing in yourself" is still important, no matter how much the external voice bothers you, and ask myself, "Am I really understanding these things" more important than "unrepresentative" inferiority.

So, I decided to tell myself, rather than low self-esteem, it is better to think about what I write, the content of output is not what we want to see, do not have to adhere to the traditional values of the "company entrepreneur" image, or not qualified for their own, feel afraid.

Joy Hsu, Google Software Engineering Manager: Identify problems, make quick decisions, plan carefully, and seek support

My university is the Department of Business Administration of Taiwan University, after graduation, they successfully into the financial industry work. In fact, the activities of corporate finance is the same as the "Semi-Zawa Straight Tree" performance, often need to work with business leaders to protect, assess business conditions, operational risks, give appropriate quotas and risk assessment, that is really very interesting work, but also to my follow-up career to bring great help.

However, there are a few main things I want to do to leave the financial sector, which has two distinct characteristics: first, the system and bureaucracy are very rigid. For example, I can't sit and talk to my boss. At that time, I deeply felt that I was not very comfortable in that environment, I would prefer to work in an open environment, each other will not be because of the grade and mustard, can be more open discussion. On the basis of comprehensive assessment, I think the technology industry is more suitable.

The second factor that prompted me to want to leave the financial industry was that I found myself becoming increasingly greedy in my job. During that time, I was almost always working on stocks, but I didn't like myself like that. I'm looking forward to the value of work and the effort to improve human life, something that can't be practiced in the financial industry. So I started planning to find an engineer-related job.

When I was working on a career transition, I found that with my ability, my academic experience, and I couldn't get a job as an engineer at all, I quickly did a risk assessment and made a transfer plan: first, I had to go back to college and research;

With a complete plan and family support, I re-entered the Department of Electrical Engineering and went all the way to the University Of Taiwan Research Institute, where I got my degree in the shortest time available, and finally started working at Google.

Find the fulcrum when you're sloping, focus on one goal step at a time, and you'll probably be able to hold up another career.

Joy Hsu, Google's software engineering manager

Joy to the transferee Tips

When you find that you don't like your current job, it's important to have the courage to change, and you need to know exactly what you want. When you're determined to plan for a transfer, try the three ways Joy offers:

  1. Self-assessment: The first stage, understand what kind of life you want to live and what you want to achieve.

  2. Risk management: Includes finance, experience, expectations, before transferring, do a good job of risk assessment, and prepare yourself with the skills, experience and resume you need.

  3. Close communication: Transfer is certainly accompanied by difficulties and uncertainties, once planning, please seek appropriate assistance from important people in your life, whether it is financial support, emotional support, this stage, you need to communicate with others, stabilize the core relationship.

Tina Lin, General Manager, Google Taiwan: Choose a company and try the 50, 50 Rules!

I didn't know what I was going to do as a student, but I knew what I "didn't want" to do.

My university is the Department of Business Administration, when the department of students after graduation either into the FMCG (Fast Consumer Goods, fast-selling products industry), or into management consulting firms, these two options are not what I want to do. So when a classmate asked me if I wanted to start a business together, I intuitively thought it was very interesting and I didn't think much about it.

In the early stages of my career, salary is not my primary consideration, when your learning ability, flexibility is still very large, I want to try to expand the perspective and vision in various opportunities, I am a very like everywhere "see the world" people, even now, the process of collecting new experience, for me is very exciting things.

Therefore, when choosing a company, I will have a principle, not necessarily to look at the position, but through the so-called 50, 50 rule.

The top 50 is the part of the job that must include my confidence and security, so that I can do the accumulation of new experiences of peace of mind, and the last 50, is the part I left to myself that I want to re-fill, so that I can use this opportunity to accumulate new experiences. For me, every accumulation of experience, is time and again, as long as overcome, will accumulate new self-confidence.

It's the most important thing to do. There is no need to think about "what others think", confidence and self-esteem, do not need others to give you, you need to know clearly from where your self-esteem, self-love comes from, after accumulation, confidence will grow out of their own. As you go, what sound in your heart will respond to it.

Confidence does not need others to give you, you need to know clearly their self-esteem, self-love from where, after accumulation, confidence will grow out of their own.

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan

How to prepare for the transfer or transfer?

Joy Hsu, Google Software Engineering Manager: The most important thing is to self-assess and listen.

I think the most important thing is to do a good job of self-assessment. Self-assessment does not mean that other opinions are not important, and the opinions of others are an important source of information for self-assessment.

When I decided to change jobs that year, although I had determined to become an engineer, but in fact, there are many types of technology industry, when my research room is equivalent to TSMC direct promotion classes, almost all students after graduation have chosen to enter TSMC employment.

I was thinking again, why on earth do I want to be an engineer, or do I want to make my life better? I enjoyed interacting with users, so even though TSMC was the first choice at the time, I decided to go to Google to be a smartphone. I'm the only one in the lab who gives up TSMC to work on a smartphone.

In addition to "self-assessment," it's also important to "self-listening": Where is the most fulfilling source for you? This is a very important method when making choices. This method can be used not only in the transfer, but also in the position conversion.

Five years after I entered Google, one day my supervisor said to me, "I find that the Camera department seems to be in need of more and more people, can you change to a camera?" In fact, my first five years at Google have been in the development department of screen development, and when I got the job, I did a series of self-assessments.

The first is to listen to others, that is, to think differently, I think the supervisor must have seen something before me, will suggest that I transfer to the camera department;

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan: Invest all your time in yourself, and the ability will take you anywhere

Transfers, internal transfers will certainly encounter the same problem, is completely ignorant of your past background, you have to spend a long time to make up for the gap in expertise.

At this time, many people will ask, why do I have to spend extra time to make up for this matter, rather than the company to provide better education and training? Help employees get on with it better. Here I can give a personal advice and ideas.

I choose to believe that my career and career is mine, not the company. The company gives me salary, gives me tasks, but I want my ability to be transferable, so I don't necessarily care if the company doesn't offer me training. Of course, if there are other good systems that can help employees grow, I will strive for it, but there is a premise that is very important, that no company will always exist, your career is your own.

Career and career is yours, not the company. Don't wait for education and training, take the initiative to learn, no company will always exist, your career in your hands.

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan

If the life span of human beings continues to increase in the future, perhaps we all have to work until the age of seventy or eighty, how can you rely on a company for your life, I will feel that all my time to invest in their own, and these abilities and experience, I can take to any place I want to go.