Relationship Diary: There is no ideal love in the world, only their own intimate relationship. Sun and Xiaolin 2018 knot, two people hand in hand, regardless of the future is good, bad, as long as the two together, I believe there will be a good day.

In 2014, the Mnet Asian Music Awards "Song of the Year" was awarded to the Sun's classic song "eyes, nose, lips", the lyrics depicting the pain of not being able to touch lovers and lost missing, with the sun's thick and affectionate singing voice, became a well-known song in South Korea.

The anthem is written:

Your eyes, nose, lips

That touched my hand

Even tiny fingertips

I can still feel everything about you

But it burned out like an extinguished firework

Our love is all so painful

But now I'll call you a memory

Origin: N.YDest

Translation: Dasheng Loves Xiao Zhilong

It is curious who gave the sun such affection.

The answer seems to be at the end of the MV, Yin Xiaolin's pictorial looming, the sun in front of the pictorial hissing, strong emotions so that many fans moved. This song, it is the sun for Xiaolin Yu wrote.

Korean idol love culture

In 2015, South Korean media D reported that Sun and Hyo-lin had been in a relationship for two years, when the two men were artists at three of South Korea's biggest brokerages, and the news immediately caused uproar.

Idol love, always regarded as taboo, well-known women's league TWICE in the early stages of the debut, by the company under a three-year ban on love. Such a rule, derived from the idol's own image settings, if the fan community is mostly heterosexual, love news may cause fan loss, while it is easy for fans to attack the other side of the speech. Most of the company will not lift the ban until the team reaches a stable stage of development.

Therefore, when the sun, Xiaolin's love affair came to light, many people worried that the two will suffer from irrational fan pressure, resulting in the end of their break-up.

However, such fears did not happen unexpectedly between the two men. Before the relationship with Xiaolin, the Sun had revealed on the show that he is still "single mother", so when the love news, fans, viewers are more than a blessing. YG, the Sun's brokerage, issued a statement saying: "There is no connection to the Sun himself, and if it is true then congratulations to him."

Love at first sight

Back in 2014, Sun and Xiaolin Gong first collaborated on "1 a.m." MV filming, the two played the parting still miss each other's lovers, from then on, and love each other.

In 2015, the two were caught on camera taking a daily walk, and their relationship surfaced, with both publicly confessing to each other. The cooperation of the first interpretation is regarded as the finale of the two people.

It's hard to imagine how an idol can maintain a relationship. Gather less away more, plus identity special, can not be like the general couple generous show of love. But the sun and Yin Xiaolin, in the period of communication, still carefully guard this love, the two rarely talk about each other's emotional details on the program, is to give each other the greatest sense of consideration and security.

To the sun, Xiaolin is his goddess of fallacy, and many songs are inspired by her. The mouth and mouth of the eye and nose showed unreserved affection for Yu Xiaolin, the lyrics said: "I love you, I love you, have so confided in me love words, your lips." "Your eyes, your nose, your lips, your hands that touched me, even the tiny tip of your finger, I can still feel everything about you. " Although the two low-key, but through the works, hidden the deepest love.

Looking back years ago the Sun on the show publicly said that he is still single mother of the bridge segment, only to see the guests can not be believed, and even with a bit of teasing look at him. While it may be a programme effect, the overall atmosphere sends a message: the anxiety of singles.

It's normal to have a partner or a love experience. However, the love of the sun and Xiaolin, let us see another face of love, that is not the light of first love, but between partners, gentle and firm relationship management.

What if the mother is single? If there is a love that belongs only to you, meet, you will know that the "right person" is him.

The sun once said that if it were not for Xiaolin, the idea of getting married would never have come up. Marriage is not necessarily a compulsory course in life, if there is no suitable object, do not have to, do not have to be vulgar, do not have to give themselves too much pressure, a person can of course also live very well.

But when the right person appears, you will know that it is him, like the sun and Xiaolin, take off the idol aura, and love fairy tale clothes, the rest is love and get along, and this life's dense and trivial daily.

Make a promise to spend the rest of your life together

In late 2017, The Sun announced on the social platform without warning that she was spending the rest of her life with his girlfriend of four years, Xiaolin Yu. Between the lines, he said, "Whether I am happy or unhappy she is by my side, believe me, I will be with her in the future to organize a family, and she looks forward to the same future." Long-term intimacy, no better than "good or bad" I am willing to accompany you, as long as you are "beautiful."

The couple's happy post featured elegant white as the base, decorated with dried flowers, and quoted the Mission book: "Two people are better than one, because they work together to have a good reward." (Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.)」

Early the following year, the two first held a ceremony at the church to prove their marriage. No public, only friends and relatives gathered together for the talented couple to offer the deepest blessing.

Despite the low profile, the venue for the duo invited Youngsong Martin, the designer who designed the wedding for Twilight, to recreate the film's classic wood wedding. The designer said: "In fact, I am also a fan of the Sun and Xiaolin, at the party will render the two precious first love atmosphere, more in addition to the beautiful, do not have to dress up, want to present this style of party as a gift."

At the wedding banquet, the sun kissed his wife Xiaolin's hand, once again singing "eye nose mouth", two people look at each other and laugh, the money is deep, in the witness of relatives and friends, mutual commitment, decided to join hands for the rest of their lives.

Once the mother single, world-class idol, even when single, but also to establish a "I do not need to accompany" self-confidence, and when he met the right person in mind, then carefully guard, do not forget to love the original intention. The Sun said, "She (Yu Xiaolin) is the only one for me, and I want to be the only one for her."

The best love, not in the roar, or wrapped in fairy tale dream-like sugar, but know that there is a person, no matter the good days, bad days, are willing to accompany you through the long years.