On April 18, 2021, women fans of CFG's "Code for Gender, Code For Growth for Gender Hackers" kicked off the school year, inviting Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan, Joy Hsu, Google's software engineering manager, and Richard Lee, co-founder and technology director of icook, as Panel lecturers.

This assembly lecture wonderful gold sentence, look forward to the job lost you, full of strength!

Do you know? According to statistics, nearly 65 percent of workers are dissatisfied with their current job, including confusion about the status of their careers or uncertainty about their career plans.

Even with the adjustment of the working environment, the situation is still not improving? In fact, because the environment is subjective, is composed of your emotions and the interaction of the environment, we need to face the reasons for their own emotions.

If you're confused about your career plans now, invite you to review the 2021 CFG Gender Hacksong Wonderful Gold Sentence.

2021 CFG Gender Hack Song Wonderful Gold Sentence

Historical experience is important, but we need to focus more on the moment, because by constructing the present, we can create the future together.

Wusi Media co-founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan

Self-actuality is that you understand your needs better day by day.

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan

Growth is more important than success, success is not forever, but talent cultivation is lifelong learning.

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan

Illiteracy in the 21st century is not the illiterate, but the one who will not learn, who will not zero, who will not learn again.

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan

Don't always look for standard answers, you need to be a person who is "not afraid to get lost".

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan

Confidence does not need others to give you, you need to know clearly their self-esteem, self-love from where, after accumulation, confidence will grow out of their own.

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan

Career and career is yours, not the company. Don't wait for education and training, take the initiative to learn, no company will always exist, your career in your hands.

Tina Lin, Google's general manager in Taiwan

Being able to maintain energy stability and high efficiency in the face of any challenge is your unique competitiveness.

Wusi Media Operations Senior Associate Guo Fuzhi Merci

Find the fulcrum when you're sloping, focus on one goal step at a time, and you'll probably be able to hold up another career.

Joy Hsu, Google's software engineering manager

When you find that you don't like your current job, it's important to have the courage to change, and you need to know exactly what you want.

Joy Hsu, Google's software engineering manager

Believe in yourself, start by asking yourself, "Do you really understand things?"

Love Cuisine Technology Director and Co-Founder Richard Lee

There's something to be thankful for on another bad day

What do you do when you feel like you're feeling underdrone in the workplace?

Try to stabilize your emotions and find a solution. You can try to find something to thank for each day through the SAFE Thanksgiving Exercise and adjust your mood. You'll know that you have the ability to get out of trouble.

The Thanksgiving exercise SAFE represents the meaning of:

S:Situation, situation.

A: A: A: A. Gratitude for the situation.

F: Friend, no matter who you meet, imagines being friends and being kind.

E:Exchange, turn this experience into a new learning topic and an understanding of yourself.

To understand the meaning and steps, you can try this exercise:

S: In order to sell the company's new products, I collaborate across departments with H. Unexpectedly, halfway through the project, he blamed me for overspending on marketing, which in turn affected the project's planning.

A: Thanks for this happening, let us know cross-functional cooperation, but also need to communicate in advance, to achieve consensus.

F:H is not an unreasonable scolding, it is a matter of project control. And I, I hope that the plan can be carried out more completely.

E: Through this experience, we can understand that cross-sectoral cooperation needs to be at different paces of work, as well as the integration of the consensus between the two sides, when there is sufficient understanding and trust between each other, the implementation of the project will be smoother.

Through the Thanksgiving exercise, you will find that the environment is subjective, we need to face the reasons for our own emotions. Maybe now you're in a state of energy downturn, but honey, believe, "Bad things don't happen every day, but good things you can create on your own. "