In 2021, the 93rd Academy Awards will be held on April 25th, and women fans will take you back to the winners' moving moments and gold sentences.

The 93rd Academy Oscars, held at L.A. Union Station on April 25, 2021, U.S. time, are not open for live participation and are only available on-line.

This year's Oscars, which have been criticized for being "white-dominated" events, are so diverse that this year's Oscars have attracted attention, with 20 finalists for best supporting actor, nine non-white faces, and a record 76 nominations for female filmmakers.

Now let the women fans take everyone together to review, this year's Oscar moving moment, gold sentence finishing.

Best Makeup Design | Mia Neal, "Blues Days"

"Blues Days" won two awards for best makeup design and best costume design, and it was the first time a black woman had won a makeup design award, setting an Oscar record.

"Thank you to my ancestors, who never gave up, and today we can break this invisible ceiling and stand here." I expect more black and Asian transgender people to do well in the future, and when they win, it's going to be normal and not surprising. Mia Neal, hair designer for Blues Days

Best Director award | Zhao Wei, "Nomad Life"

Director Zhao Wei, with "Nomad Life" won the Academy Award for best director, best picture two awards, becoming the second woman in history to win the Oscar for best director.

This award is dedicated to all who believe in the goodness of human nature, and we can treat each other kindly in any difficult situation.

"Nomad Life" director Zhao Wei

Best Live Short film | Travon Free, "Two Strangers"

Director Travon Free is an American comedian, actor and writer. He won best live-action short film for his role as director at this year's Academy Awards for his live-action short film, Distant Strangers.

"On average, three people are killed by the police every day, the vast majority of them black, and the darkest thing is to be indifferent to others, and ask that people not ignore the suffering of others." Thank you for giving us this honor, thank you staff, so that this film is seen by the world. Thank you family and love you. Travon Free, director of Stranger Things Far Away

One of the darkest things is to be indifferent to others, please don't ignore the suffering of others.

Travon Free, director of Two Distant Strangers

Best Documentary Short film | Annie Small, Colette

Annie, an educator-turned-filmmaker, works on documentary filmmaking. As a producer, she is passionate about connecting movies to her target audience and asking challenging questions to broaden understanding of collective issues. Today, she won an Oscar for Best Documentary Short film for her documentary Colette.

"To all the women of all ages and who are fighting for justice in the world, I want to dedicate this award to them. " "Colette" producer Annie Small

Best Supporting Actress | Yuzhen, "Dreamland"

Yu Zhen, known as the "National Treasure Korean Actress", won best supporting actress for "Dreamland." On the podium, showing humor, several times caused laughter under the stage, can be said to be this year's Oscar-winning speech, the most laughter-filled bridge section.

"I've always felt that we shouldn't compete with each other, that all the finalists play different roles, how can we compete with each other?" I'm just a little bit luckier. "Dreamland" actor Yu Zhen

Jane Hershey's Humane Spirit Award | Tyler Perry

"Hopefully I can send this message that we don't hate, that LGBT people, Mexicans, people of different ethnicities, no matter where we stand, wherever we stand, open our hearts to other people, don't just criticize, look at others differently, and hope that we can do that, that's what this award is supposed to be about." ——Tyler Perry

Best Actress | Frances McDormand, "Nomad Life"

American actress Frances Louise McDormand has won three consecutive Best Actress awards since 1996 for her roles in the 1996 film "Ice Blood Storm," 2017's "Accident" and 2021's "Nomad Life." For the first time three times won the Oscar after the shadow.

Today's award ceremony, she showed the three-time film calm and atmosphere, concise speech, become the focus of attention.

"What I'm going to say is that it's etched in my sword, and we all know that the filmmaker's sword is our film work. I like film work. Thank you for giving this award. "Nomad Life" actor Frances McDormand

2021 The Oscars 93rd Academy Awards:

Best Original Screenplay: Young Woman
Best Adapted Screenplay: The Father
Best International Film: Another Round
Best Supporting Actor: Daniel Kaluuya/Judas and the Black Messiah
Best Makeup Design, Best Costume Design: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
Best Director: Chloé Zhao/Nomadland
Best Sound: Sound of the Silence drummer
Best Live Film: Distant Strangers
Best Animated Short Film: If You Love You Anyway
Best Animated Feature: Soul
Best Documentary Short Film: Colette
Best Documentary: My Octopus Teacher
Best Visual Effects: Tenet
Best Supporting Actress: Chastity / Land of Dreams
Best Art Design, Best Photography: Mank
Best Clip: The Silent Drummer
Best Original Music: Soul
Best Original Song: Fight For You/Judas and the Black Messiah
Best Picture: Nomadland
Best Actress: Frances McDormand/Nomadland
Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins/The Father