Hearing the news that Runing Man had been running for 11 years, we would be in pain for losing a part of our youth, because we had been so affectionate, so that our love would always exist, whether we ran or not.

It has been 11 years since "Running Man", a well-known Korean program, was launched on July 11, 2010. Yesterday (4/27), 이광, a regular member who has been running with Runing Man for 11 years, announced without warning that he was leaving the show.

Since at the end of 2020, when he was interviewed, he firmly stated, "We will definitely do the day when the Running Man show is suspended," so the sudden announcement of the drop-off was unacceptable to many fans.

"Lee Will Be Filming For The Last Time On May 24, " Said Mr. Guangxuan, Whose Brokerage Firm Is AffiliateD With Mr. Guangxuan, On May 27. Li Guangxuan was injured in a traffic accident last year and is continuing to undergo rehabilitation treatment, but it is still difficult to maintain good physical condition during filming, so after a long discussion with members and production groups, it was decided that more time would be spent on rehabilitation. Li Guangxuan spent 11 years in Running Man, decided to leave is not easy, but I hope to get more physical rest, in order to show you a better side in future activities. 」

"The End of an Era" and "Lost Youth" are the comments of many fans on this event, 11 years is how long the light and shade, accompanied by the audience from childhood to adulthood, in countless feeling powerless weeks and weeks, there is "Running Man" Sunday evening company, in order to let the audience smile away from the dust of the past, a sense of humor ready for Monday's arrival.

For many people, the loss of the years is like the death of entertainer Huang Hongsheng and the suspension of Kangxi.

Of course, you might think, isn't it a show? Is it that serious?

Rationally speaking, since each other's lives are unknown, it may not be serious at all, but emotionally, it is indeed an important subject in the journey of life to face up to the emotional effects of all kinds of "lost".

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Why does "lost" make you feel anxious and depressed?

When familiar things fade away, you worry about daily disintegration, you will not give up the past, you will feel that a certain part of you also with the "old days" of the disappearance of the existence of the Buddha you to this person's imagination, understanding, emotional projection and expectations, and you healed by paying attention to him, in a flash, forced to disintegrate, he may no longer be your habit.

There is a very important concept in "energy management", that is, "the so-called energy, is how I interact with the environment", you feel "low energy", because the environment and events caused by the current situation, affect your mood. Your heart is lost when you can't understand your emotions, so "powerlessness" is often a microcosm of low energy.

Take me for example. Indeed, the news of Guangxuan's decision to leave Running Man has had an infinite impact on me, but the environment is subjective and the events are subjective, so why is it just news for most people, but it's heart-wreaking for me? What are the emotional reasons? Why did the shock come about?

To clarify this problem, you can't just look at the surface of things, but you have to find the innermost tangled thorns, so you have to focus on asking yourself two things:

  1. What's that thorn in your heart?

  2. What's the reason you're tangled?

Clarifying the essence of the "energy regulation" process is very important things, a sentence "I can not accept", "RM" without light is not "RM", "light is not, I really do not want to watch the program" behind, are carrying different emotional reasons, as well as the story link between the event and you, only to clarify the nature behind these words, you have a chance to dissolve negative energy, and reconciliation with grief.

You can find the thorns in the heart through the "4 Why, 1 What" method and dig into the actual cause of the tangle.

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When I say, "I'm not acceptable to quit RM," I find that the central reason is that "for me, the members of the RM are irreplaceable, and I can't stop thinking about the experiences of the last eleven years, no matter who replaces them." 」

Again, ask yourself why you have such a deep attachment to the members of RM. You'll find that, in fact, "I've had an 11-year deep friendship with the show, a childhood playmate, a mutually unknown comrade-in-arms, they've been involved in my growth, and I've been involved in them, and I'm reluctant to change the relationship." 」

Dig deep into the end and you'll find that the core problem is, "I don't like the feeling of losing." Only then did the problem really emerge.

Dissolve the loss, you will need a "grateful diary"

Lost and Found can read it on many different levels, but for me it's a more spiritual thing, "Lost and Found" it's a place, a function, but it can also be a timeline, a "Lost and Found."

- Liu Xuan

There's a saying: Whoever becomes Mickey Mouse is responsible. Growing up, losing Mickey Mouse turned out to be like falling into a big hole, as if something important but invisible had disappeared, and you couldn't find it at home, but you didn't know what you had lost.

The key factor I didn't grasp in the past was that sadness is actually because of old thoughts;

When I find out through the method that the "cannot be found but lost" is in fact "fear of losing" itself, I will understand what it is to lose it to me, and what it is to be young, and then I may have enough courage to face my attachment and unexpected.

There's a good way to rebuild yourself, called the Thanksgiving Exercise.

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There are four steps to a Thanksgiving exercise: Situation ,Appreciate (express gratitude for this situation), Friend (imagine being a good friend no matter who you meet today), and Exchange (turning this experience into a new learning topic and understanding yourself).

In the Thanksgiving diary, I will say: "Today's me, because the light quit the "RM" thing, feel deeply reluctant and sad." But I still thank Guangxuan, thank "RM", thank each other for the past 11 years, thank each other's time, thank in those difficult days, bring me warmth and laughter, but also thank my own deep feelings, see the program's intentions. Finally, if I face losing again, I will be braver to face myself, because, as long as not forgotten, nothing will really be lost. 」

Finally, think of my friend V once said to me, we all understand that loss is inevitable, so, under such a premise, there seems to be nothing can not give up, can not let go, "but even when we grow up, we will still be unable to find one thing, lose one thing sad cry, because who called us really like." 」

V said to me that you are hurt by loss because you have been affectionate, but no one needs to be sad because of the affection, because its nature is so fascinating.