In India, patriarche attitudes are still deeply entrenched, leading to greater gender disparities in the area.Please value the girls, and each sex has its beauty.

India has a growing gender gap, a trend that can be transformed.

The results of the 2011 Population Census in India are generally very encouraging.The increase in literacy rate, the population's desire to live, and the size of the family are gradually stabilizing.There is, however, one exception, that is, in 2011, there were only 914 girls per 1,000 boys in children under the age of six.

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In the absence of intervention, there will only be a small number of boys more boys than girls.If you compare the actual birth of a baby girl to a baby girl who is supposed to be born in a normal gender ratio, you will find that in India, 600,000 girls each year disappear.While the gender ratio of inequality is lower in comparison to China, the proportion of China is stable, while the gap between India and China is growing.There was no gender choice before it, and now it's invading the country.

The gender ratio in India shows that the phenomenon of gender killing is not just a dictatorship or a poor country.India is different from China, it is a democratic country, and there is no one-child policy that can be used to blame such behavior.While some of India is poor, it is only a cause of poverty and cannot be used to explain why India is a better boy than a boy.The Punjab, the Haryana, Gujarat, and the Gujarat are the largest and richest countries in India, revealing the gender selection behavior that is not likely to be corrected by a good environment or government policy.However, such behavior can be fixed.(Recommended you: Who says the boy is poor, rich, and rich?)

Parents are not choosing to have a baby girl because they do not want or love their daughter, but because they feel that they must have a son (usually because of the social causes) and also hope to have a smaller family, so there must be something "something".Because ultrasound allows parents to know the sex of the foetus, it determines what is known as "certain things," which is the unborn daughter of a generation.As a result, sex selection will increase with education and income-richer, and more educated people tend to have fewer children, and more affordable to ultrasound.

While gender choices can be understood from a family perspective, it is a disaster for the country.This shows an intense attitude that the daughter is useless than her son.Such an idea also undermines women and the next generation of people, who are healthier and more educated and have healthier and more educated children.

If the gender ratio persists, with 600,000 disappearing baby girls this year, more than 10 million disappearing brides will be available 18 years later.In a society where there are many young single men, there will be an increase in the number of robberies, rape, and bride's illegal sale.At the same time, because in China and India, men with high social status are more likely to find their wives, because social problems of single generation are easier to pile up in the poorest and the lowest strata of society.This is a harmful and unfair phenomenon.(Recommended you: "She should shut up and let us rape us" < India's daughters > documentaries unraveled by the Indian rounds of violence )

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In time, such questions may be fixed by themselves.For example, in the 1990s, unequal gender inequality was a serious problem, and now it is normal.In India, attitudes about women are changing.According to the latest census results, the literacy rate of women, the rise in health care, and the increase in the female employment rate are slowly redefining the mother's role, from the child to raising a child.The 2011 census may be the result of a change in the country, and the situation is decreasing in the worst regions of the sex ratio.But the government still needs to step up its pace to change this phenomenon.

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India and China are trying to do this.For example, India banned the use of ultrasound merely to recognize the sex of the foetus, while the behavior of abortion was not legal due to sex selection.However, the gender slaughter cannot be reduced by the law of compulsive force.In the middle class, ultrasound is one of the basic prenatal examinations, and it is impossible to prevent parents from knowing the sex of the baby.If the legitimacy of abortion is prohibited by the government, parents still choose to have illegal abortions, and the lives of their mothers and the unborn baby girl will pose a great risk.

The more effective approach is to convince parents that girls and boys deserve the same value.It is difficult for the Government to change society's attitude, but it can start with the identification of girls' access to the same educational resources as well as health care.