Always feel that life is overwhelmed by work? Even if you rest, do you still feel like you're struggling? Sleep more, there is no way to get rid of tired factors, lift the feeling of energy will always crush you.

This time, invite you to try "efficient time management", dance with time, find your perfect dance partner and dance, dear, you can also have the ideal life, enjoy all the present, embrace all the process!

Starting from March this year (2021), women fans will start a series of courses in "Energy Management Workshop", which will be organized by women fans' internal partners for many years, providing a solution to low energy and time pressure.

The method is to break through the sharp instrument, by finding the nature of anxiety, you can grasp the core of low energy, and the original opposite time reconciliation, find their relationship with time, full dialogue. In this way, you may find your place in harmony with it in a long stream of time that only goes in and out.

Today, in a two-hour course at the High Quality Time Management Workshop by Sales Head Audrey Ko, a former editor-in-chief of Women's Fans and now a Women's Fan, Audrey uses her own experience to provide thinking logic and methods, taking us together in a third-person perspective, spying on the relationship between time and herself, she says, time is neutral, it won't pull you, let alone catch up with you.

To do a good job of time management, we must first put us and time in an equal position, only to see each other clearly, there is a way to find a balance in the disordered work and life pile, the possibility.

What exactly is "living in the present"?

At the beginning of the workshop, Audrey invited us to a round of applause exercise, to clap, to feel the resonance between the palm and the palm, to pat twice, to feel that I exist here, to focus on the present moment, to bring all the spirit back to ourselves. Taking back the scattered heart, in fact, need to repeatedly remind themselves, Audrey then threw out the core question of the lesson: "Do you think, what is living in the present?" 」

Audrey passed the microphone to me, gave me a sincere look, and had a great encouragement, and I said, "Living in the present moment is something I can focus on, and at this moment, do one thing well." After listening to me, Audrey nodded and said the key word she heard was "focus."

Yes, the so-called living in the present is that we can focus on ourselves, focus on the events of the moment, not be trapped by the past, not be upset about the future, focus on the changing self at this moment, or the events that are going on. When we can hold our minds well, free oursself from what has happened, and let go of the possibilities of the future, then you can really focus, you can really live in the present.

How do we really "live in the present"?

Living in the present moment is not leaving everything behind, have fun in time. Learning to live in the present is actually learning how to get along with time.

"The process of getting along, like dancing with time," Audrey continued, "dance with time is actually like a double dance between people and time, sometimes you go into me, sometimes I step back, in the middle of it, you start bit by bit through the process of coordinating dance steps, inviting dance, reaching rhythm, starting little by little to expand your rhythm, slow time does not stop coordination, fast time does not stumble, is the basic principle of dancing, and time, is the process of constantly changing back and forth."

'No one can be in a high-energy state all the time, and so can she,' Audrey said, adding that in March this year, as things began to pour in after a career shift, I was in a state of chaos for a long time. 'When you realize that life is left with work, you're being chased by different tasks every day, and you're still tired after a break, be alert and ask yourself, is life what you want it to be,' she says.

Discovering your state, through a quick detection, and anyone who meets any one of these means you may be trapped in low energy.

  1. Life is left to work
  2. I'm chased by tasks every day and I don't have time to rest
  3. You can't develop your interests without a free holiday
  4. I'm still tired after the rest
  5. Less productive and impatient with people
  6. Don't enjoy work or life

Being unable to focus on the moment also means that you can't really "live in the present", so that you can't feel the meaning of your life, and at the same time, not being able to enjoy what's happening in the present can make you lose focus and greatly reduce the quality and efficiency of what you do, so you're more likely to fall into a vicious circle that you can't master.

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To solve the tiredness of the heart, the most important thing is to "clarify the reason"

"What's next when everyone's tired?" After testing for self-status, Audrey asked.

When I received this question, my heart was actually confused. We often "know" that we are in a state of exhaustion, but there is always no effective way to help you figure out why you are tired, and feeling tired is the first step, but Audrey notes that some people even ignore how tired they feel.

"When you realize how you play, how to sleep, there is still no way to restore the spirit, that is a sign of tiredness, " Audrey mentioned, in the past, she also had a period of time, after a busy week, the weekend to take revenge play strategy, want to get the exhausted energy back, but did not expect to feel more and more tired, did not achieve the effect of blood.

Why is this happening? Audrey mentions that the "tiredness" caused by different causes actually has to correspond to different solutions, and in the face of the "state" and "emotion" of being confused, you can try to distinguish between facts and feelings, distinguish between the present and the future, so as to feel and clarify the source of the burden, and ask yourself, "What kind of state is the ideal state I think?" or "What kind of state doesn't make me feel bad?" 」

The first step is to record the flow of the inner world using the note method of "weekly check and weekly wish". You can follow these steps:

  1. Clarify the status quo (Fact): Ask yourself, what is the specific reason why you have felt tired in the past? Are there any events that continue to make you feel tired or irritable?
  2. Feel the status quo: How do you feel about these facts? Is the reason for your depression because of loss, anger, sentimentality, inferiority, lack of meaning, or something else?
  3. Fact: What should the ideal state of life look like for you? Provide yourself with a specific imagination.
  4. Feel of the future: How do you feel about these thoughts about your ideal life in the future? Such as: because life is colorful and full of meaning? Feeling very accomplished because you're doing a good job? Or, to make yourself full of life's momentum and motivation for continuous progress?

Photo | Women's Fans Energy Workshop

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In the course of practice, Audrey constantly guides that "clarifying the past" is to find a solution and to make a "wish for the future" in order to find a way forward, saying, "Because you know before you can do it, you can make a wish before you can make a wish." 」

Four steps to clarify the current situation, is to take back the time-led power, to solve the problem of tiredness of the first step. In the process of dissecting yourself, you will slowly find that the original really let you tired is not the company environment, but "always off-duty also can not afford to do some other things" of their own;

Methodology is ultimately aimed at the cure, better clarify yourself, and clear, and then give you the way to progress, is the original intention of the women's energy workshop, here, no one is the guide, who is the guide, we always have to take the helm, sail sailing, you have to know the wind resistance and wind direction, as well as your warm expectations of the distance, only in this way, you can in the course of life, steady forward.

After this workshop, you'll know that none of us are the navigators, and you should know best why you're stuck, what's holding back, what are you looking for?" What do you want? And what exactly is best for you? 」

Life is not and fight and go, but in the process of dancing with time, every day from the ideal life, a little closer.