to Taiwan refers to the tenth floor of the standard department store ATT 4 FUN. You will be instantly attracted to the STREAM's style of living style. You cannot define the fashion of the city's fashion, the style of fashion, the fashion of fashion.

"Stream" This word has the meaning of rivers, flows, and this is the concept of STREAM in terms of designing meals, blending, and space.When you go into STREAM, you can see that large pieces of land and windows are the same as that of the Taipei 101 tower, and the style of decorations is designed to create gorgeous visual effects for the entire environment by simulating a light-sparkling image. Similarly, the light changes embedded with the design of the angle of the light add to the visual feeling of the magic.More specifically, STREAM, located in the best of the best city landscape, has an open outdoor space, allowing customers to walk outdoors and enjoy the flow of high altitude, looking down the bustness of the Hsinyi District.

Taipei 101

STREAM outdoor space

The predecessor of the STREAM is located in Amheway, Taipei. There has been no fashionable dining room with the concept of a fastion in the north of the city: the STREAM North American Ship.In addition to better landscaping, geographic location, and amazing facilities for outdoor swimming pools, it is hoped that more innovative possibilities can be created through spacious spaces.When asked whether the relocation initially affected the sales volume, the marketing director said that both customers and customers would not complain about the move. Instead of complaining about the relocation, the location of the center of the Hsinyi District has increased the number of customers who prefer fashion and food.This kind of good reputation has asked us to wonder what it is that has retained these loyal customers.

For meals, wine and environments, STREAM, which is quite cling to the environment, has been invited from the chef, from the bench to the DJ, to a team with an absolute level of work.The catering manager, Lo Cheng-ming, has been awarded the title of the Taipei Municipal Administration of Sushi Cuisine for his famous restaurants such as the Six Fuels Palace, the Crystal Hotel and other hotels.Because STREAM's meals are not ordinary Japanese cuisine, it is even more unusual for the most common "creative cuisine" to be taken care of. "I don't have a model for my cuisine, all of which are creative and combine with different national characteristics and personal experiences," says Luo.This is really "creative food"!" STREAM's main cuisine is the Amazon, Mississippi, Xinhuichuan, and Rhine, each representing the four geographical names, each representing South American cuisine, American cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and cuisine, which is based on Japanese cuisine, but with the four major mass cuisine.

Master Luo said he was not even able to understand the essence of South American cuisine. After intensive data reference research and several discussions with the company, he was able to provide a complete four-to-a-four-to-large area cuisine menu before the opening of the Hsinyi flagship store.In contrast to the general chefs, Master Luo takes care of not only the "color, fragrance, flavor", but also the mix of "shapes", "instruments" and dishes. To hum knowledge of color and aesthetics, Master Luo often refers to the "fashion magazine" at home and abroad, and acquires innovative ideas about food and food in the fashion industry.Even if the daily work is busy, Master Luo still uses his personal time to study different areas of food, so as to cultivate a solution to the sensitivity of the cuisine and various food materials.Because of this persistence, the dish of STREAM and the environment of the environment are mutually rewarded, and the "River line" Japanese creative cuisine that has been reported by the media and the beauty of the gourmet has been designed in the spirit of fashion innovation!

Rhine Basin Reel

STREAM's other essential element is "Alcohol".In addition to having a happy smile, Bartender: Hank has a lot of customers who have a strong smile. He has a keen interest in the temperance of alcohol, and he has a keen interest in making wine.Hank thinks that the greatest advantage of being Bartender in STREAM is that it gives them a lot of space to freely improvising the imagination of the wine, and is able to use the abundant Taiwan to create different drinks, and to create a space for creativity, so that STREAM's unique wine can be used to capsize the hearts of customers.

STREAM Current Bartender: Hank

Hank, who is patrons of the customer experience, has a taste of the customer before the service, drinking habits, and even observing the customer's familiarity with Lounge Bar.Because of customer care, the STREAM's wine list is divided into five categories, where Stream Sweetie is a women's custom-made wine list, and Stream Sweetie uses a variety of women's favorite fruit as a base, and uses a more popular base for wine, which is popular with women's customers!This series of wines is less obvious, and Hank recommends that people first arrive at the Lounge Bar to taste it first from Stream Sweetie.It is also worth noting that the Bartenders ’ creation series is a creative idea of the existing booze, such as Capijito's transformation from the classic Mojito, and through Bartender's expertise and creativity, add a suitable ratio of Brazilian sugar cane wine to make the classic sirens a more experienced character.

In this series of womany x STRAEM activities, Hank is more " womany special " wine ’, of grapevine, crisp apple sweetened wine, and cranberry juice, symbolizing the feminine image and the unique self-confidence that she has given to self-identity.On the day of the day of April ’ 5/1, on Wednesday, the day of the night's Night activity, just as long as I have the wine for Womany's Special for Womany's Special, you can get it for free! (detailed activity approach STREAM x womany, drowning each )

Persevere in environment, meals, and booze, with absolute diversity of STREAM on live performance and music, in addition to the invitation to Mame to the center of the extension platform , also the first brand to bring the Lady ’ s Night and the Flair Show into the Lounge Bar.To create a different atmosphere than the usual Lady ’ Nightnight atmosphere, the STREAM invites a national jazz musician to perform at the event on Wednesday, hoping to bring the customers together to enjoy the jazz night of the three weeks of worship.At the same time, he has invited Whisky, who has hundreds of large events to host experience and is good at creating a musical atmosphere, to be the music director, so that every important night can be a favorite of the guests!

Left: Jazz Night; Figure Right: The Flair Show

In this STREAM interview, the most important feature of the Marketing Director, Cuisine, or Bar Leader is that STREAM's most important feature is the importance of "ingenuity" and "quality assurance", so that the choice of the design of the hardware and the catering industry is not unacceptable.This feature is more with the women's fan womany hopes to bring to the Chinese audience: first to understand what they own, identify and take advantage of their own strengths, and then expand their horizons and develop their own unique content!Because of this kind of conspiracy, this month's STREAM eccentrically loves you, the launch of the Night's Light for Womany's Special, and the rest of your next Wednesday night, to the STREAM with womany, to be happy!(See STREAM x womany to indulge each

STREAM Restaurant & Lounge
Address: ATT 4 FUN
Phone: (02) 7737-8858
Web site:

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