Revenge stay up late, overeating, drinking, etc. , is our fightback against fatigue, but with the usually more fatigued physical and mental state, how in the end how to let oneself rest, in order to achieve real physical and mental relaxation?

For a while, I often felt tired. Things stack endlessly, and even their favorite things are still under pressure, so after a busy day, always stay up late in retaliation.

Such a state, mostly from the compensation psychology, because the day always in life, work, and did not leave time for themselves, so continue to stay up late to catch up, slip mobile phones and so on, are only to make up for the first half of the fatigue.

And this situation is not an exception, and a few friends chatted about this situation, only to find that we all have a similar state, but "make up" the situation is different. Some people, back home just want to fall on the sofa, eat high-calorie snacks, comfort themselves, some people, through alcohol, temporarily forget the day's hard work.

These placebos are both useful and fast, and we do get some satisfaction at the moment, but usually the "side effects" come quickly.

I stay up late to slip on my phone, get up the next day, only tired, every day between tired and more tired cycle; comfort my friends with high-calorie snacks, is facing a fat hoarding crisis; let alcohol anaesthetize their friends, in the face of hangovers, usually spend more time to rest themselves.

So, this can not help but let me think, why do we rest more tired? Clearly there is relief at present, but later to use greater strength to "pay off the debt"?

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What is the real rest?

Most of the above rest is a short and temporary mental rest, but let our body pay more price. At the same time, that "heart tired" has not been clarified, resolved, our energy is still in a depressed state.

So "staying up late, overeating, drinking" became the norm, but it didn't make us happier.

What kind of rest can achieve the role of "solving the fundamental problem"? Real rest, should let you recover fatigue, relax nerves, when the beginning of a new day, still have full of vitality and spirit, to face the challenges in life.

In order to achieve a real solution to the problem of tiredness, rest needs to be practiced. These days, I've tried all kinds of rest techniques, five of which I think are the most effective and easiest to do. Hopefully, the next time you're tired, you can use these methods to get yourself really relaxed.

Rest surgery for five energy recovery

I. Take a deep breath

Deep breathing is one of the easiest ways to be forgotten. If you have carefully observed the ups and downs of your emotions, the most immediate response is usually on your breath. When you're anxious, you're suffocating, and when you're scared, you're feeling your heart beat faster.

Emotional pundit Annabel. "The speed of the heart beats in sync with the speed of breathing, and a particular breathing rhythm can improve the state of our heart," Gonzalez said. It's not just just breathing slowly, it's about finding your rhythm, inhaling it easily, and then slowly exhaling it. [1]

When you start thinking, unable to get out of negative emotions, let yourself take a deep breath, let the body's rhythm stabilize, when the body and mind to adjust, this moment we can first let our body, get free space.

Photo | Photo by Luemen Rutkowski on Unsplash

Second, let the brain relax

In the past, my retaliatory stay-at-night repair, the brain is still constantly receiving all kinds of information stimulation, and did not achieve the purpose of rest, to let the body and mind completely rest, need to let the brain relax, temporarily isolated from the outside world information.

Want to let the brain relax, in addition to can focus on breathing, let their brain rest, "exercise", "listen to music", "reading" are a good way to relax, try to let oneself get distracted from the situation, no longer let the world affect emotions, let a moment only their own, and get along with themselves.

Third, write a Thanksgiving diary

In both cases, as the state gradually gets on track, it is possible to begin to clarify the reasons for the low energy levels that allow you to produce. Keeping a diary is undoubtedly a good way to talk to yourself and alienate your emotions, and a grateful diary can copy the experience and create a good experience for yourself.

The Thanksgiving exercise is divided into four steps: Situation, Value (Express Gratitude for the situation), Friend (imagine being a well-intentioned friend no matter who you meet today), Exchange (turning this experience into a new learning topic, understanding yourself).

Try to write down your low-energy situation and interpret it from another angle, and you'll find that many things aren't as bad as you think.

Photo | Women's Obsessed Energy Workshop

Fourth, chat with good friends

When we feel emotional and can't ease, try to get close to someone close to you to catch you. Although low-energy emotions are their own business, everyone needs to be understood and seen.

If you can, it's best to talk face-to-face with close friends, because love and gentle energy need to be conveyed through sound, facial expressions, touch, and timely touch (e.g. holding hands, hugging, patting shoulders, etc.) will produce oxytocin, which slows down your heart rate and creates a feeling of relaxation. [2]

5. Get enough sleep

After the above repair steps, has been a stable state, this time you, the most need is to have a good night's sleep, let the body mechanism for rest, repair and detox.

In this step, adequate sleep is the most critical element. According to the study, lack of sleep can lead to metabolic abnormalities and endocrine disorders. Healthy body and stable mood is inseparable, so don't let your rest fluctuate, sleep when you sleep, only then the vitality to face another new day.

Energy repair, the body and mind are indispensable, I hope the above five ways to help you. No matter how tired, do not use paralytic approach to their own, every day through little practice, learn to get along with themselves, accompany themselves out of low-energy emotions.