Marriage is the most important event in life, and every girl has a perfect fantasy for this day: the music of two people, the beautiful auditorium of the sun, the romantic blessings of romantic beanings, friends and relatives.However, in real life, the complex custom of picking up a wedding, making a wedding dress, a red bomb, and giving a six-way rite is an extremely irritable and impatient before the marriage.

It's not easy, but it's a lifelong event.Those important things other than white yarn, let's prepare for you.

In addition to the newlyweds –

the most watched and anticipated non-handiwork on weddings except newlyweds.The bride left her father's hands in a slow approach, and the happiness in his face blossoms with the bouchas of his hands."The future will always hold your bride in a hand like this today, put it in your mind," it seems to be a flower in the hands of flowers.The flower is another climax of the wedding. Everyone expects who will be the lucky one, taking the flowers from the bride, and taking over the bribe with full satisfaction.

You should have more choices because of the roles and symbols that are so important.The classic elegance of your elegance, the pink dreams of your inner little girl, or the passionate love that brings the feeling of summer and summer, a bouquet of yours, a bouquet of yours, and a way to help you communicate your mind today.

1. green shoots life – French classical Flower/2. Green Shoots/
– 3.
Green Shoots

– Dreams are not just rings

The bride and groom will see each other on each other in the presence of a crowd The moment that the href= "/search?q= %E6%88%92%E6%8C%87" target = "_blank" >ring is so solemn and sacred.The ring that is covered in the hand is more tightly packed into each other's hearts, and represents a commitment to the future. "Whether it is good or sad, it's rich and poor, it's all going to be spent together."

A blinking ring, in addition to lying on soft, soft cushions, there are other options.The green, green, green, simple, happy, happy, and simple, happy, glitches of love can be a long stream of love.The ring in the eggshell represents the beginning of another phase of life for the two to begin a new life.

1. Green Shoots – Greenland Res Res/2. Ichihan-Your Surprise Eggs

Happiness is more about to grow

We have a conscience. Bombs do not blow up randomly, and only bomb critical parent and friend.It is hoped that at this time of this life, it will be very happy to have their participation, not only to share this moment of joy with them, but also to enable them to bring their happiness back together.

The wedding gadget has more meaning and purpose than the sweet mouth and represents the good news. After all, we don't want to be overwhelmed by the people we don't want to receive.The love dry flowers on the table are so adorable on the table, symbolize the love that is never lost.Or a pair of apples, magnets , to absorb them, never to be separated!Again, a pineapple crisp, which makes love more and more prosperous, is collected in a button box. It comes from the Japanese tradition, and the second button closest to the heart is to give the most important person to the heart.

1. Ichihan – Lin Medium Apple Magnet /2. at first sight – button – button brimme cake /
3. Greens – and live on a dry flower /4. Hee CiCHi-Magnequel

Make the wedding perfect
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