On January 21, 2020, Taiwan diagnosed the first patient infected with Neo-CoVD-19, and a year later, the outbreak warmed up again, with Taiwan on three levels of alert, and the government called on the public to start doing a good job of epidemic prevention measures, and many companies also sacrificed policies such as remote office and diverting office to reduce the risk of crowd gathering.

"Women fans epidemic prevention front line" from the national epidemic to three levels of alert 5/19, will be every day for you to complete the daily epidemic current events, at the same time, for different current conditions, to provide you with epidemic prevention lazy bag, calm you and me, is the most concerned about women fans, today you, everything is all right? Let's focus on today's outbreak.

May 19 (c) The front line of epidemic prevention

At 2 p.m. today, Chen Shizhong, commander of the outbreak command center, said in a live broadcast that 267 new local cases had been added to the inspection area from 4/30 to 5/18, with cases from Changhua County (28 cases), Taoyuan City (16 cases), Kaohsiung City (8 cases), Taichung City (5 cases), Keelung City (4 cases), Yilan County (3 cases), Tainan City and Hsinchu City (2 cases each).

In addition to the double north, the number of confirmed cases in other areas continued to increase, the outbreak cases extended to the entire Taiwan 8 counties and cities, so the command center announced today, to raise the national three-level alert, in addition to Shuangbei, the national standards consistent, integrated implementation of epidemic prevention policy. Chen Shizhong said that there is no background conditions for upgrading to level four , please do not panic too much , but also to advocate to the public , must be the command center issued by the message as the standard of action .

The outbreak spread nearly a week, double north into the third level of alert, many companies to carry out long-distance or diverted office, schools at all levels of the country from 5/19 to 5/28, the outbreak, the beginning of the "new normal" life, in addition to the many inconveniences that still need to take time to get used to, social distance and family social distance changes, but also bring more derivative anxiety.

Photo | YouTube, the central outbreak command center

According to the live content of today's outbreak command center, women fans have rounded up three actions and exercises that can be carried out today, and at all times, believe that every little effort is an important force for change:

  1. Minimize fake news:
    • The first time you receive a message, please do a good job of verification, do not listen to unknown sources of information. When all the messages are shared by the whole people, we can work together to put an end to the flow of messages that cause anxiety, the epidemic at the head, invite you to join us in doing a good job of media reading.
  2. You can care but don't worry:
    • The Central Outbreak Command Center said that the central government will fully support local medical needs, dispatch resources, in terms of vaccines, the allocation of 400,000 doses of the new crown vaccine has taken off from Amsterdam at 3 a.m. Taiwan time, arrived in Taiwan at 3:44 p.m. this afternoon, the central government will control some of the vaccine to high-risk groups to give priority to the treatment, the rest will remain open to the general public as appropriate.
  3. Do what you can do:
    • It is suggested that we can reduce unnecessary movement, activities and gatherings, avoid access to crowded places, or areas with a high risk of infection and transmission, and actively cooperate with various epidemic prevention measures. Most importantly, there is no contact history, activity history, no symptoms of people, there is no need for screening, do not need too much panic, I hope that we do not in order to "get peace of mind" and screening, the timing of the inspection is very important, the amount of examination can need to be released to the real needs of people, do not let our anxiety, reduce the speed of finding the real spreader, need the people to work together.

Epidemic Prevention Q-A: Let's understand the policy together, away from anxiety!

Q: Where have you been to the confirmed person, what should I pay attention to?

  • If no suspected symptoms appear, monitor yourself for self-health. Being in close contact does not mean that the person in close contact is in contact "for more than a certain period of time without protection". If not, the chance of infection is very low, can live a normal life!

Q: What if I have a friend/family member who has been notified of a diagnosis and I have not yet received a notification from the health unit?

  • If you have a history of close contact with a confirmed case three days before the oncage of symptoms, or before isolation (as in the case of living, eating together, face-to-face for more than 15 minutes), stay at home and isolate yourself until the health unit is notified. However, if you experience "suspected symptoms" while waiting, please contact the Health Department or call 1922 to report it, follow instructions or go to a screening station.

Give you a bag of anti-epidemic lazy people

Dear reader, the epidemic brings with it the unknown of the future, and the anxiety about the unknown.

Believe that every day at home, there will be different challenges than in the past, social distance estrangement, and the rapid proximity of intimate relationships, may make the balance of past life fluctuations;

But especially at this moment, can we re-examine the distance between socializing and ourselves, examine our children's relationships with themselves, pull up parents' links with us, and embrace close partnerships, is this not a new opportunity to develop and develop?

Despite the uncontrollable external environment, the medical staff are still working hard, Taiwan is cheering on itself, and we can pick up the spirit to live a better life and support others. If you feel a little do not know how to be good, or have not thought of a good way to deal with, you can read with us the following articles, adjust the pace, together to let themselves live as usual, but also create a gap in the light.

If you have an exclusive method of epidemic prevention, reduce anxiety practical guide, but also welcome to contribute to us, let us work together for themselves and the community to create a stable space!