Women fans have been working at home for more than a week, there is a small game inside, every day a partner on the channel to share "your song list" to everyone, invite everyone to bring headphones, maintain each other's connection, exchange today's mood, but also for each morning, bring a different mood.

Invite you to put on your headphones and listen to our selection of songs, and today we bring you - fire extinguishers!

Working at home for a full week, I believe that everyone is like me, a little stuffy, but not too stuffy, miss the blue sky and white clouds and all my dear people.

As a fan of fire, today to recommend a set of very suitable for the summer song list, we have the use of Spotify words, welcome to click to track "fire extinguisher 🧯 and my life"!

This is my song list that starts playing every day when I go out, get on a motorcycle. The first song is "life", every day in the wind through the hard hat blowing through my cheek, Yang Da is in my ear said:

Life is a movie
jîn-sing tsit tshut tiān-iánn

Even if the cabinet is harder
tiō-sǹg koh-khah kan-khóo

Well, love to move on
mā ài kè-sio̍k puann

Take our wrestling steps
iōng lán ê kha-pōo

Go out of the way that belongs to us

To everyone attached to the stage Luo Pinyin, even if not Taiwanese users, can also Lang Lang mouth, this language is very beautiful, listening in the morning, has the effect of stimulating blood.

Then today to continue, we refuel together, even if the cabinet is more difficult, love to continue to use our wrestling walk out of our way Oh!

A few weeks before the outbreak, I went to the fire extinguisher's wild platform, and late that night, Yang Da was telling us in front of the last song:

"Life is fickle, often some people, some things, unknowingly no longer exist in our daily life, but that is the journey of life must pass the road. Bless you all to find a better self in the future. 」

- Fire extinguisher lead singer Yang Dazheng

Picture| Fire extinguisher Fire Ex. Facebook

At the time of the outbreak, our daily routine is no longer business as usual, but fortunately there is music and each other, there is no wine in the morning, then drink a glass of water!

I hope you are all right, I hope the next wild platform, will not let me wait too long.