There is a tradition among women who are obsessed with long-distance work that they connect people in a variety of ways, even if they are not in the same office. Therefore, we put forward "Women's Songs", through the songs recommended by different partners, as a ceremony to start the day.

Today's introduction is partner Ina's recommended Lo-fi song list, which lets you "come to the bar for a second" and stay at home during the epidemic prevention period, either WFH but also DFH!

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Hi- Dear Women fans, today is not a song/a song list, but a web page.

The outbreak has escalated for days, and if you, like me, start sneaking around with friends for a drink, invite you into the I Miss My Bar, a second to the bar!

Photo|Photo by Oleksii S on Unsplash

Perhaps used by readers, this is a cool thing made by a Mexican bar:

“...... we’ve made this modern digital artifact to keep you company while this awful pandemic, which profoundly affects our industry throughout the world, finally passes and we can meet again safely.”

-- Excerpted from I Miss My Bar

In addition to high-quality song list, there are pouring wine, ice impact sound, street sound, next door table talk and other ambient sounds can be matched. Although it is a bar song list but the morning listening is reasonable, there are beautiful illustrations pleasant vision.

When I don't want to listen to a song sheet on a web page, I sometimes have my favorite Lo-fi Beats (recommended Lo-fi Hip Hop Radio).

At home during vaccination, not only WFH but also DFH from home!