"Women fans epidemic prevention front line" from the national epidemic to three levels of alert 5/19, will be every day for you to complete the daily epidemic current events, at the same time, for different current conditions, to provide you with epidemic prevention lazy bag, calm you and me, is the most concerned about women fans, today you, everything is all right? Let's focus on today's outbreak.

May 20 (4) The front line of epidemic prevention

At 2 p.m. today, the Central Outbreak Command Center broadcast the latest news of the outbreak live: Today, a total of 295 new cases were confirmed, 286 cases of local and 9 cases of overseas migration, and 1 new case of death in confirmed cases (case 2683,76-year-old woman, who refused medical treatment and did not receive treatment). At present, there are 10 counties and cities with the largest number of local cases, with 157 cases in Xinbei City, followed by Taipei City (87 cases), Taoyuan City (17 cases), and the remaining cases in Yilan County (8 cases), Changhua County (6 cases), Keelung City (5 cases), Kaohsiung City, Taichung City (2 cases each), Hsinchu City and Yunlin County (1 case each).

As the epidemic has expanded to affect nearly half of Taiwan's counties and cities, so this morning at 8 o'clock, the command center and the entire Taiwan 22 counties and cities local deputy heads, health chiefs held a meeting and mentioned that in the face of the island's epidemic, the county and city inspection stations can report to the central government material needs (including epidemic prevention personnel required materials, Pcr testing reagents, etc.), the local centralized quarantine station set standards will also be provided by the central method, please local residents can not worry about local recovery capacity and material supply.

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The day after the country entered a three-level alert, the command center made a special appeal to the public to follow the following three steps when receiving information about the outbreak:

1. Suspicion: There is only one official account number of the steward, mistakenly believed by other sources

Chen Zongyan, deputy commander of the command center, mentioned that many people have recently received reports that many network associations set up under the name of the CDC and the stewards have emerged. Be sure to check the source when receiving messages, and the CDC's LINE official account has only one (with a shield), other than that the CDC does not have other community channels in place.

2. Do-check: Receive messages like crossing the channel, be sure to remember to stop watching

All recipients should have doubts in their hearts and there are so many existing channels of verification that we can verify information through third-party information verification tools, including Aunt Mei Yu, fact-checking centre, etc. Of course, the public can call the epidemic prevention line 1922 to seek the correct information and assistance, but Deputy Commander Chen Zongyan also called on everyone, the outbreak command center official website will update the information every day, from time to time to clarify the facts, but also welcome to obtain information through the official website.

When everyone is more sensitive to the message, in order to put an end to the flow of false messages, "these false messages are very likely to endanger epidemic prevention measures and policies, " Chen Zongyan said, please uphold the principle of "more check", read the content must leave more time to think, blind reception may cause their own panic with others.

3. Don't spread: Think for a few more seconds before transmitting the message

Any message in your hands, unless confirmed that the source, content is true, do not let it spread out, as long as everyone is ready to face the message stop listening, we can greatly reduce the flow of false information within the community. The Central Epidemic Command Center pointed out that this should be a time for local and central cooperation to take concerted action, reminding everyone not to relay the message that "you cannot confirm whether the message is true yourself" and to ensure that the responsibility for verification must be fulfilled before the information is transmitted.

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Epidemic prevention operations that can begin today

Dear readers, there are many ways to cause anxiety and depression (not in this case anxiety disorder, depression), and at a time when the epidemic is heating up, the media and the community's response to the epidemic tends to exacerbate anxiety.

Readers are advised to find trusted and reliable sources of information to avoid unnecessary panic caused by misinformation, and in Taiwan, first-hand information on the outbreak is recommended to pay attention to the daily 14:00 Central Epidemic Command Center live broadcast, unified sources, not by other sources of information.

In addition, you can set yourself a "between news and social media" restrictions, because constantly reading, receiving, and watching depressing reports can exacerbate worry and excitement, and when you find yourself unconsciously constantly receiving and updating messages, you can try to pause, keep your emotions out of the way of external messages, and refuse to let content that can provoke your anger flow around you.

You can try to schedule a "specific time" to read the news, or pause talking to others about the outbreak. If you are in great need of emotional stability at this moment, you can read the following articles with us, rest and work between themselves to keep a blank, so that you have time to digest feelings, and their own dialogue. The day-to-day situation in the epidemic is still business as usual, and we all have to be the most important force in stabilizing ourselves.