"Women fans epidemic prevention front line" from the national epidemic to three levels of alert 5/19, will be every day for you to complete the daily epidemic current events, at the same time, for different current conditions, to provide you with epidemic prevention lazy bag, calm you and me, is the most concerned about women fans, today you, everything is all right? Let's focus on today's outbreak.

About the outbreak-related content, welcome to pay attention to the "home epidemic prevention lazy bag", see if we want to give you a few good ways to safely prevent the epidemic at home!

May 21 (V) The front line of epidemic prevention

At 2 p.m. to p.m. to p.m., the outbreak command center announced the latest confirmed cases: 315 new confirmed cases, 312 local cases, 3 overseas migration. Of these, the largest number were 144 in Xinbei City (including 37 in Panqiao District), 127 in Taipei City (including 60 in Wanhua District), and the rest in Taoyuan City (13 cases), Keelung City (9 cases), Taichung City and Huaxian (5 cases each), Kaohsiung City (4 cases), Yilan County (2 cases), Pingdong County and Nantou County.

In the afternoon broadcast, Health Minister Chen Shizhong mentioned that during this period Taiwan is still at the peak of the epidemic, but the development has not yet occurred uncontrollable emergency situation, at present, see the source and transmission chain of cases still accounted for more than one-third of the total.

In the past week to the future, if the whole people can strictly observe their personal life and hygiene habits, adopt home-based epidemic prevention, long-distance work and study, then how many new local cases are added each day, that is to say, the more infected people we find out, it is not a bad thing. The command center calls on everyone to do what they can do, reduce panic and increase a sense of stability for society.

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In the face of the upcoming weekend holiday, the command center called on the public to join the following three actions:

1. For the next two weekend holidays, please stay at home and not go out

Tomorrow is Saturday, tired all week, thinking "Ah, want to go out for a walk" is inevitable.

However, the outbreak is very period, Commander Chen Shizhong mentioned, very clear that everyone on the weekend holidays want to find friends to get together, walk around the mood, but still ask the public can temporarily accept, reduce going out, avoid parties.

"If we can minimize the movement of people in these two days, we can gradually cut off the chain of infection, which is very useful for our epidemic prevention." - Chen Shizhong

Chen Shizhong said that the current front-line medical personnel day and night hard to fight the epidemic, in the past week, and even some medical personnel indirectly infected, the first line of personnel in addition to epidemic prevention, but also to carry out hospital infection risk control, related personnel inspection, at the same time to continue to care for patients, I hope we can be a little more empathetic, epidemic prevention period if no one work together to minimize the flow, it may continue to cause infection, social, medical system is impact and injury.

"While everyone is looking forward to the weekend party, we urge you to try not to go out and stay at home together. Chen Shizhong said.

2. Be sure to wear a medical mask if you have to go out for any reason

The country is currently on a three-level alert, meaning that any move out of the country "must" wear a mask, not only may harm others and their own behavior, but also be punished for breaking the law.

This morning (5/21), the National Epidemic Prevention Conference has made a resolution on the provisions of the public to wear masks, the central and local standards will be consistent, first advise the non-listeners to be punished. Therefore, during this period, if the public have force majeure reasons need to go out, please be sure to wear a medical mask, Chen Shizhong also called, try not to take off the mask in public smoking, diet, in the peak of the epidemic, we all have a little more patience, to achieve a complete thing within our own reach, early return to normal life can be within reach.

3. From the government to the private sector, uphold the three principles of consistency of standards, consistent steps and consistent statements

Extending yesterday's discussion of "3 steps in receiving information related to the outbreak", today's command center once again stressed that the central, local and even the whole people, in the face of the outbreak-related news and actions, can uphold the three principles of consistency of standards, consistent steps and consistent statements. In addition to eliminating false messages, shopkeepers, company lines, and individuals are also asked to act with a unified understanding of the principles of epidemic prevention in order to reduce their risk of contracting the disease with others.

"We will strictly investigate false messages, " Chen said in a strong speech at a press conference, noting that inconsistent messages and actions can easily lead to social unrest and epidemic prevention difficulties. On the "3 Steps" of receiving messages during epidemic prevention, readers are invited to read: "Women fans of the front line of epidemic prevention| the second day of the national three-level alert, command center call: the fight against false messages rely on these 3 steps."

We all have to make the best and right judgment about ourselves and others in our own positions.

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Code of Conduct for Epidemic Prevention, which can begin today

Dear reader, how are you doing during this week's "extraordinary period"?

I believe that in the process, you will always feel a little depressed, a little irritable, the heart began to appear "hope this all quickly passed" sound, or you can not stand going out breathable, began to expect two weeks later everything can be back on track.

However, to stabilize their hearts, first of all, the situation should have a comprehensive understanding, at the same time to do a good job of their own "expectation management", so that we can more flexible control of the sense of loss caused by accidents, today to everyone's code of conduct against epidemic prevention, invite everyone to do two exercises:

1. Don't be intimidated by the high number of diagnoses

"Yesterday (5/15) 180 local, coupled with the establishment of a large number of inspection stations, the next few days of local cases will only be more and less please be prepared psychologically." The more local cases are released in the next few days, the more people who have been previously infected, which is definitely a good thing, but Taiwanese who have been used to the number of locals for more than a year will surely be scared. - Water Mirror School of Economics and Political Science

As we have entered the stage of community infection, coupled with the addition of inspection stations in various places to increase the capacity of inspection, the number of inspections has also increased considerably compared with the past, so the increase in daily confirmed cases is not unexpected. So please try to be as calm as possible, from the "own can master" things to start, do a good job of their own and even in the family epidemic prevention, do not be frightened by the high number of diagnoses.

2. Stay optimistic about the future, but don't forget to plan for change

What we need to do now is not to "prepare to avoid the wind and get through this time" but to "start practicing a completely different way of life" and then prepare for social shocks. - Shertin

What is the "new normal"? The term is no stranger to other countries that faced a high spread of the epidemic more than a year ago. The so-called new normal is when we have to take a long time to live at home to prevent epidemic diseases because of the epidemic, which may lead to a change in social, people's livelihood, economy, science and technology and other fields.

The impact of the new normal is as great as socio-economic, as small as people's livelihood.

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In social and economic terms, the new normal prompts us to start thinking about how we can still work and learn from a distance, such as: in the face of people's living habits adjustment, the vigorous development of delivery platform, e-commerce platform growth, the results of digital transformation of enterprises, in the past year is obvious.

As small as the personal side of life, changes in social distance also make more different possibilities, we can try to establish new patterns of interpersonal links, the development of a specific space can also perform exercise or exercise. When human society is facing a severe test, adaptability and openness is very important, invite readers, can be open and optimistic heart to face the development of the epidemic, but also don't forget to bring up the courage to face change, in the worst of times, for our lives to make the best plans.

When you spend more time alone and at home, you have more space to return to yourself. If you're still anxious about the situation, read the following article with us, and for the next two days, starting with a simple exercise, maybe you have a completely different experience with life.