On May 20th, when everyone said "I love you," a woman-obsessed woman opened a time-limited dynamic question on IG: "What am I interested in discovering about my other half?"

Readers' feedback gathered in this article, let people see and shine and warm!

Yesterday was May 20, a day when the amount of online messages was larger than usual, because the 520 harmonics of the Chinese approximated "I love you", so many people expressed their love to their loved ones on this day.

Taiwan's life patterns have changed dramatically as a result of epidemic prevention measures during the outbreak, and movement constraints have changed our interpersonal relationship, whether at work or in life, although there are frustrating places, but there must be a treasure-like surprise waiting for us to dig.

So, on 520, a question-and-answer session was opened on the community, and we wanted to talk to you in depth and hear your thoughts, "What's interesting about my other half?"

Over the course of the day, we gathered a lot of feedback through our enthusiastic interaction with our fascinating readers, and this article shares the three findings we've come up with:

1. See your other half at work because you work far from home

Many people have switched from working from home to working from home to completing their usual work projects at the company from a distance, so we have the opportunity to appreciate what the other half looks like when we go to work.

"Boyfriend is usually super gentle to me, but to colleagues so serious Oh oh (afraid)"

"Super polite at work, resulting in a white-eyed XD as soon as you hang up the phone"

"It's very cruel to others at work, it's good for me."

Serious style, sexiest! The other half looked earnestly at the meeting, showing a different charm than usual.

But even more charmingly, watching the other half assign a stern job in front of the camera, the next second turns around and gently asks you, "What do you want to eat at noon?" The contrasting effect of this one makes one feel deeply that no matter how rigorous or even difficult the other half is at work, his gentleness belongs only to you, and the tenderness is only on you.

Photo | Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Second, because of a long time together and found the other half of the home side

Previously are outside dating, or after work to meet, but under the epidemic prevention measures, some couples are forced to temporarily distance, unable to meet, and some couples become at home dating, or simply early cohabitation, because the outside can not go anywhere, stay at home together to call takeaway, chase the safest.

But this time is extremely close, long time together, and many readers have found the other half different from usual.

"Getting along with the dog in private."

"It turns out that he's also a bad shy side."

"I find that my other half likes to talk in the same strange tone as I do, and often does things that don't make sense."

"Seeing his interest in himself, such as novels, anime, etc., will also reveal like a child's excited eyes, very cute!"

Looking at the other half usually outside more formal dress, compared to the leisure and nature of the home appearance, people can not help but imagine the future of living with him , those different places, does it make you like him better?

Photo | Photo by Hendo Wang on Unsplash

Third, in the face of the vagaries of life, I began to imagine with your future

Whether you and your other half have the opportunity to live the cohabitation experienced by the other readers in the previous paragraph, or if you are forced to live a long distance, people are the same - in the face of the plight of the epidemic, we experience the helplessness of the accident, so let us begin to think that life is not over and over, unchanged, but certainly something, waiting for us to finish together.

Readers say:

"The longer you live, the more interesting and sweet it is to find the days you've had with him."

"He, who usually doesn't speak, imagines the future more romantically than I do."

Accidents can't be prevented, but regrets can. And we can ask ourselves, what's the point, I've always wanted to tell you?

Maybe it's "We're not fit, don't let each other go."

Maybe it's "I have a heart and I've always wanted to ask."

Maybe it's "I found I can't lose you, I want to be with you."

Hope that not only on May 20th we will dare to say "I love you" to the people we love, but to get to know each other in the ordinary, through "ask the right questions" and work together to solve each other's discomfort, because I want to go further with you.

Today you can try to do a little bit of what you've always wanted to do but haven't done, and say something you didn't dare say before.

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In the face of difficulties, these solutions can help you

The feedback from the readers has also given us a lot of thought, so we record it in words in the hope that it will give more people a different interpretation of the dilemma.

Here are five dilemmas and solutions that we wish we could get through together:

1. Work remotely

If you're at odds with your partner's working hours or often have friction, it's recommended to read the following articles:

2. Long-distance love

If you and your partner unfortunately become long-distance love, don't be discouraged, just think about each other's relationship, after it will be sweeter:

3. Get up close and personal

Stay together every day, a little tired? Come on a little different activities to add freshness:

4. I'm depressed

If the outbreak makes you nervous and the number of cases worries you, stop absorbing information, play a music, and hold yourself:

5. Reduce regrets

Many people in real life, whether to their partners or family, are prone to feel awkward and shy, do not know how to express love and gratitude, do not know how to know each other more deeply.

At this time can invite the closest partner and family to play with you "relationship sync card",to love to start, take turns to tell the story, together practice effective communication, sync each other's messages, but also know more of their own.