2021 Gay Pride Month, through the turbulent years, we came to the second year of marriage legal. This year's Women's Fan Gay Pride Month special planning, invite every important you, to provide a small story, let us together to show each other the voice of love to enlarge, and then enlarge, when love is no longer limited by the box, we can certainly have more courage to become the real self.

This year, we have received many readers, full of stories, full of love and true feelings. In the classic Japanese drama "Calling for Love in the Heart of the World", there is a line that says, "I think, perhaps because we are with the people we like, the world has become what we like." This sentence, to the contributing readers, to read you, let us together in order to make the world become our favorite look, and brave love it!

"Baby you, thank you for loving me so much and caring for my vulnerability!"

The first time I saw you, I was fascinated by your temperament, even if you only had her in your eyes at the time.

Five years later, when you suddenly showed up and quietly left, I thought it was the last time I'd seen you in my life.

2 years later, we meet again, you began to pursue, and I have long lost the courage of love. It was not until I really met that I found out that you had already lived in my heart, lived for a long time, and never left.

Baby you, thank you so much love me, care for my vulnerability, even if we have so many differences. Don't believe forever us, work together, overcome the suffering of the future, together, go to the end!

By  Fei

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"Thank you all the time, I really love you!"

I'm bisexual, he's gay, we're high school classmates.

At first only think this friend is very gentle, but also very fond of bullying me, often play with girls, at that time did not know that he is actually gay. After graduation, my friend told me to know, in fact, a little angry he didn't tell me, but told another friend.

After graduation, there was a time when we didn't get in touch, and after a few years we got in touch and made an appointment. One New Year's Day, he asked me to celebrate with his gay friends because they were gay, so even if I was the only girl, there was no danger; even in gay bar, where there was enthusiasm, gay bars were really safe places for girls. (Sorry it's a little off the mark)

At that time in Australia to work, really good to have friends accompanied and help, so that I will not go to be caught off guard. Really thank him, want to say to him: Nors has been thank you, I really love you Oh, I hope you can wait until really sincere to your people appear!

By  Ruby

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"When we are tired, thank you for not forgetting to give each other a smile. "

Care special fate meet, we are friends, is a lover, is a carer husband and wife group family.

Together know each other for 8 years, thank you for your love, the loss of my mother regret I protect so well. There were, of course, bumps along the way, and we got along for eight years.

I can't imagine we got married, when we were tired, thank you for each other did not forget to give each other a smile.

Love lasts long, you're willing to do 1 point, and I'm willing to give you 2 points.


"I've figured out that spending every day with you is the best and most worthwhile thing!"

We began to meet in a winter, in the company's older relatively similar point, gradually will talk more than two words. Before we got together, you asked me, "Do you really want to know?"

Well. In fact, I didn't think that one day I would become gay love girls. Once, the two sides misunderstanding and ideas do not fit the size of the quarrel, soon each other or hurry to make good.

I work during the blue period, you are accompanied by endless comfort. When we meet, concentrate on the world of two people, in my mind this is already a rare respect.

Answer the original answer: I think clearly, with you every day is the best and most worthwhile thing.

By C

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"Not going to be single for 6 years, just waiting for the right one!"

From an early age I was a child who grew up with domestic violence, grew up in the violence and spiritual blackmail of my father, and my wife grew up in the emotional blackmail of my mother, so our past relationships have been tragic because of the influence of our native family.

After a lot of heartbreak and grievance process, she was 21 years old, but also in the family, love under the double blow of cancer, in 28 years old to know 41-year-old me, she crossed the age gap bravely close to me, I do not be single for six years to wait for the right her, we married to each other a warm home.

Originally every day can not sleep soundly, every day safely in my side a night to dawn, is our transformation after encountering each other's happiness.

By  Daqing

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