Women fans recommend song list, let you work from home is not alone!

Want a morning music coffee? Want to come to the first pound 礡 exciting music to boost the spirit? Want a beautiful background music to accompany you to work or rest?

Good morning everyone, I'm today's DJ Women's Fan Engineer - Little Crab.

Hesitating for a few days to bring what kind of music, and finally I chose three classical music and playing music to give everyone, to create an elegant but also powerful work atmosphere.

1. Gligg: Pilkin Group 1 (Grieg - Per Gynt Suite 1)

If you're not fully awake, let Pilkin No.1, for a good morning, brush your teeth and wash your face in the atmosphere of the song, and start the day with a cup of fragrant tea or coffee.

2. Marquez: Danjuan Dance No. 2 (Arturo Márquez - Danzón No. 2)

If you want to take 10 minutes to relax, or tired, you can come to this passionate "Danyu Dance No. 2" with the audience's warm and neat clapping rhythm, together into the talented Mexican female conductor Alondra de la Parra created the mood (very recommended to see the film, appreciate her rich command expression).

At the end of the music, you are ready to move on to the next stage of your work!

3. Borodin: String Quartet No. 2

If you want to have a bit of beautiful mood, and then bring a little lively dynamic, activated thoughts, or work a long time to a paragraph, into the rest time, recommended with this beautiful Borodin "No. 2 string quartet" as the background, accompany everyone

These classical music is the treasure of the human world, spread hundreds of years into our ears, with a wealth of music to accompany us - even if a person works, not alone.

If you like like like the orchestra, each person to play the division of labor environment, welcome to join my media, we look forward to having you peer, create a richer music!