"Women fans epidemic prevention front line" from the national epidemic to three levels of alert 5/19, will be every day for you to complete the daily epidemic current events, at the same time, for different current conditions, to provide you with epidemic prevention lazy bag, calm you and me, is the most concerned about women fans, today you, everything is all right? Let's focus on today's outbreak.

About the outbreak-related content, welcome to pay attention to the "home epidemic prevention lazy bag", see if we want to give you a few good ways to safely prevent the epidemic at home!

May 25 (2) The front line of epidemic prevention

The command center announced at a press conference this afternoon that 281 new cases were reported locally today, 221 cases were corrected and returned, and 2 overseas transfers were made, with a total of 544 new cases confirmed. Among them, the most confirmed cases are still in Xinbei City (154 cases), followed by Taipei City (49 cases), the rest also include Taoyuan City 16 cases, Tainan City, Keelung City, Changhua County each 10 cases, Taichung City 9 cases, Pingdong County, Hsinchu City each 4 cases, Kaohsiung City, Yilan County each 3 cases, Taitung County, Nantou County and Miaoli County each 2 cases, Hsinchu County, Yunlin County and Hualian County. As of today, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in China has exceeded 5,000.

As the national epidemic is not yet gradual trend, so the command center announced today, the original 5/28 end of the three-level alert will be extended to 6/14, in response to the extension of the three-level alert, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economy and the Administrative Council have related auxiliary measures.

"Considering the health of students and teachers throughout the country and reducing the impact of the epidemic, we will extend the suspension of schools (including kindergartens) and remedial classes to 6/14," Education Minister Pan Wenzhong said, referring to the need for parents to take preventive care leave if they have children under the age of 12 or physically or mentally disabled children in their homes. 」

With regard to children with learning difficulties at home, the Minister of Education said that students would continue to be provided with school attendance and meals as appropriate, and that meals for disadvantaged families would continue to be ensured through the organisation.

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"This time is very hard, thank you for the first-line education partners to do their best to provide students with learning, but also thank the national parents to work together, can protect the health of the situation, so that students study without interruption." 」

He said that Taiwan currently has 4.16 million students, this time still called on everyone to avoid moving, access to crowded public places, if there are people out of the home, must implement various epidemic prevention and hygiene habits, to protect themselves and their families.

In addition to education, Commander Chen Shizhong also called on enterprises across the country to implement diversions and off-site operations in accordance with the ministry's request, while in response to the possible impact of the outbreak on the economic situation, the commander said: "The Executive Council is already working on further relief packages." 」

Chen Shizhong: "National three-level alert extension, or strongly ask everyone to do their personal responsibility, mask belt good, maintain social distance, reduce unnecessary party, this stay at home for a longer time, but in order to prevent the need, please be patient!" 」

Chen stressed that in two days the new arrival of 410,000 doses of vaccine will begin to be administered, the direction will still give priority to high-risk health care, police, transport personnel, epidemic prevention hotels and centralized quarantine station personnel to ensure that no more infection.

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Code of Conduct for Epidemic Prevention, which can begin today

Longer suspensions, changing work distances, and social distances from others have dramatically changed family life around the world, including in Taiwan.

Among them, parents go through a lot of things, including how we take care of our children while working from home. Therefore, today's Code of Action on Epidemic Prevention wants to give parents at home a series of simple guidelines, through the following four actions, can maintain the steady output of their work, while doing a good job of the role of parents:

1. Make a clear division of childcare with your partner

If you have strong partners (e.g. partners, co-parents, etc.) in child-rearing, you can work together to share the responsibilities of childcare equally. And if at home, you and partners on the concept of parenting, or therefore dispute, you can first try to complete the common care of the part, others can spend more time to coordinate and communicate, don't forget your common expectations, are hope to give children a better learning environment.

In addition, partners should have good communication and weigh each other's responsibilities, such as when one person needs to get the job done, the other can stop and care about the children, or take a break and recharge.

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2. Seek assistance from the resources around you

If you're a single parent or mom, remember to rely on a possible support system, whether it's a friend, family member, or neighbor who can help you, ask for help when necessary, and don't feel guilty about asking for help. Of course, you have to make sure that your child is healthy with other people who are willing to help you.

If you have to take care of your children while you're at home, remember to keep in touch with colleagues, supervisors, and be transparent about your situation, keeping in touch gives you a good idea of your new work status, syncing with each other avoids misunderstandings caused by unnecessary information gaps, and provides you with opportunities to communicate normally.

For your child, try to help them keep in touch with one or two classmates and friends, and without normal social activities at school, children are more likely to feel isolated, they will miss school, miss friends, and it is important to pay attention to their emotional state while studying at home.

3. Establish communication habits with your child

During the epidemic, not only parents feel helpless, but children will also. Therefore, the establishment of open communication with children, exchange ideas and moods of the safety net, help each other heal, understand each other.

Remember to tell your child that if they feel depressed, uncomfortable, or anxious in an online class, they can always talk to you, after all, in the face of new things, everyone may have something that doesn't fit, please tell your child, even adults, that we are still learning. Of course, online learning can also have negative effects, and if you find your child over-indulged in online activities, games, or communities, you can try active support and encouragement, inviting him to engage in other activities, such as reading, exercising, or other offline activities.

Each child is unique, they may need to communicate in different ways, there may be different emotions during home vaccination, you can take the time to adjust your condition, while understanding your child's needs, will help you communicate the best way to live at home.

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4. Be flexible, but also set the necessary restrictions for your child

It is important to set the necessary restrictions for your child during long-distance work. In other words, giving your child a certain amount of time to watch cartoons, using electronics, giving them more flexible play space to keep them busy while you work can help you stay focused for personal time, but you need to establish the basic principle with your child that "this freedom will not last forever." 」

In addition to opening up the restrictions of the past and setting new rules, when you need to work hard, you should also tell your child when to enter the "do not disturb" mode, suspension means "even at home, we still have to complete as students", suspension is not a holiday, but we must start a new mode of life.

Working from home and stopping school is a real challenge for parents, you have to play multiple roles in the same space at the same time, and you have to be able to switch at any time without affecting the principles and performance of either side, this matter is particularly difficult in the epidemic, many foreign reports, but also can see that over the past year a considerable number of people are discussing related issues.

Dear reader, if you still have a little card off, that is normal, you may need a little time to adjust their living conditions, or really can not, you can try to communicate with the supervisor, to see if you can approve the application for epidemic prevention care leave in the short term, to adjust the good condition before returning to work.

If you're not sure about your personal state during this time, or if you need more ways to ease your anxiety, invite you to read the following articles together, and we'll continue to provide you with the support you need, remember that all problems aren't your responsibility alone, practice embracing your weak self, and then find a secure support network that allows us to feel safe in times of uneasiness.