In the "far-away work" period, women fans invite everyone to bring headphones, use music, connect each other's feelings, in exchange for today's mood, but also for each morning, bring different work situations. What you bring today is - K-pop, ambient sounds and cats!

The woman fans that brought you today DJ is 47 - that's right!

(If you are reading the article, have a friend called 67, 77, 87, etc., welcome to pass on the women's recruitment page to him.) )

Have you been working hard, tired?

Would you like to invite you to join me and listen to a song?

My work song list will change with the current needs, divided into about three types:

  1. Focus on the working mode
  2. Meeting to think about patterns
  3. Relax healing mode

1. Focus on working mode → K-pop

When I need to concentrate on high-yield activities, I choose to listen to k-pop to boost morale.

I choose to listen to Korean pop music, in addition to personal preferences (47 whispers), but also because I do not understand Korean, so will not be affected by the lyrics and distracted, but because of those exciting music and drive the mood of the whole person, just like the dance troupe dance moves, my fingers can also dance on the keyboard!

You can also choose Chinese, Japanese, Korean, European and American languages according to your preferences, and even take the Eurovision song list of the Eurovision, the European Singing Competition, to find out the music style that will stimulate your work efficiency, and create your own "focus on the work mode" song list.

  • Spotify for IU Lee's album: Link.

2. Meeting to think about patterns → environmental tones

Studies have shown that "water sound" is the most relaxing, but also because the brain is connected to the cool feeling of water, and bring psychological cooling effect, so when you find that in the meeting everyone stress mountain, you can be paired with a little rain, waves, stream sound in the background.

Other environmental sounds include "fire", "life noise", forest, bird sounds, and so on, choose a background music that will allow you to enter the mode of thinking and enter your own world.

And white noise, pink noise this type of ambient sound, is suitable for playing before falling asleep, so be careful not to choose the wrong one.

  • Spotify for Rain Drops: Link.

3. Relax healing mode → cat sounds

I'll record my own food or snoring, record it myself and play it indefinitely, which will be a great healing effect on me.

  • Spotify for Cat Purring Sounds: Link.

But what kind of music can heal you? Maybe it's the child's innocent laughter; maybe it's The Harmony of Akabella; maybe it's the Mass or the praises.

Just remember to remind yourself, tired don't forget to stop, choose a song of music, love yourself - hard you, worth having a relaxing moment.

Photo | Photo by Chris Boyer on Unsplash