"Women fans epidemic prevention front line" from the national epidemic to three levels of alert 5/19, will be every day for you to complete the daily epidemic current events, at the same time, for different current conditions, to provide you with epidemic prevention lazy bag, calm you and me, is the most concerned about women fans, today you, everything is all right? Let's focus on today's outbreak.

About the outbreak-related content, welcome to pay attention to the "home epidemic prevention lazy bag", see if we want to give you a few good ways to safely prevent the epidemic at home!

May 26 (c) The front line of epidemic prevention

Today, 302 new confirmed cases of local new crown pneumonia, 2 overseas migrations and 331 corrected returns, a total of 635 cases, of which 11 new deaths were reported, the highest number in recent times. The deaths ranged in age from 50 to 70 years old, with seven having a history of chronic diseases and the remaining nine having a history of exposure to the Wanhua region.

Correctional regression accumulated to yesterday, the patients are mainly distributed in Xinbei City and Taipei City, the command center pointed out that the correction of the overall number of confirmed cases after the return of the high point has not shifted (maintained at 5/17), so in terms of data trend chart, the epidemic did not deteriorate rapidly, but whether the slowdown is still to be observed.

Continuing yesterday's measures to strengthen the three-level alert, Commander Chen Shizhong said that although we have seen the effect of the first phase to the third phase of the epidemic prevention, but still need to continue to minimize contact in order to more effectively block transmission.

In terms of people's livelihood, the catering industry a rate take-away; stores and supermarkets need to strengthen the flow of people control, and implement the real name system, "please can buy as few times as possible, buy more than once," Chen said, starting from strengthening the three-level alert, the national implementation of wedding banquets, funeral injustice, religious gathering activities, such as a total suspension of the big principles, these occasions are the past year or so experience abroad, the most likely to produce mass infection.

"Hopefully, the flow of people to come down, the epidemic can be controlled, individuals still have to wash their hands, masks with good, " Chen said, although schools at all levels have been closed, but please the school can not force residential students to return home, at this stage we want to reduce mobility as the highest criterion, the school should strengthen the management of residential students, forced return will increase the flow of cross-county and city, to control the outbreak is not helpful.

On the other hand, is there a shutdown of the business? Chen Shizhong stressed that reducing all movements may of course be effective in controlling the epidemic, but we should also prevent "epidemic fatigue", if socio-economic activities can not be maintained normally, for the country's future economic development will cause great damage, command center to maintain the epidemic and industrial development balance as the main goal, will continue to communicate and negotiate with the Ministry of Economy.

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Code of Conduct for Epidemic Prevention, which can begin today

Although there is no mandatory business shutdown, there are still many enterprises that work independently and work remotely, so how to maintain efficiency from home (Work home, WFH) is a top priority for many office workers, whether you're a novice in long-distance work or an old bird looking for a promotion strategy, the following professional advice can help you maintain productivity and life balance.

In fact, every distance worker must figure out three things: "when and where to work", "where to work" and how to "work and balance personal life".

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Long-distance work is critical to the comfort of your hardware and software equipment, to your career development, training mechanisms and interaction with colleagues, it is not a small topic, may not be a temporary result, therefore, today's epidemic prevention code of conduct, will bring you 4 long-distance working methods to solve the needs of long-distance workers.

1. Work at normal times and establish time management mechanisms

The biggest benefit of remote work is "flexibility", where you can schedule your own time and space, and you can adjust your steps to suit others, or guide others to suit you, knowing your work cycle and regularity.

You may find that the working hours during long-distance work are moved forward or backward by you, so you can have a full breakfast time instead of a rushed commute every day, or you may get used to being a night cat, and you'll be able to be more productive every night when you suddenly get inspired.

No matter what your habit is. All plans should be fixed and regular, and you can try time-tracking tools such asRescueTimeor Google Calendar to let you confirm that you're following the schedule. These online tools will help you identify what you should accomplish during the day, at what point in time you are most productive, and when you expect a small pause or break.

When you know when you're at your best, you know how to take control of your strengths.

For example, if you can accomplish the most challenging tasks between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., don't schedule a meeting during this time, which should be your time to focus on productivity and make the most of it, and you can ensure your day's output.

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2. Create your "good morning cycle"!

Creating a ritual that guides you to work will make the "I'm going to get to work" thing more persuasive.

To help yourself get into working mode as quickly as possible, "ceremony" may be a more powerful driver than "time". Instead of starting your day with "It's time, I'm ready to go to work", give yourself a cup of coffee, a slice of beggo, an episode of the morning podcast, and when you're full of hearts and think, "I'm ready," that's the best time to start.

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It's obvious that, in terms of "dressing", wearing pajamas can be a privilege for some people to work from home, but for others, working from home in pajamas can be a very bad strategy, which can leave you insatiable and lacking motivation. As a simple example, you usually start to get motivated when you're wearing sports underwear, yoga pants, and tying up your hair, and that's what makes you feel ritual.

Finding your own "good morning ritual" can help you convince yourself to have a "good start" and develop new habits that stimulate your efficiency and potential.

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3. Choose a comfortable workspace

What are the biggest benefits of working from home? It could be comfort.

But it won't be long before you find that being too comfortable can be unprodruply productive. Although working from home is convenient for many people because he can lie in bed, on the couch, and work in any position he is used to or enjoys, often the price of comfort is that you can't fight inertia and sleepiness.

It's frustrating to succumb to drowsiness, but there's no denying that working from home tends to fall into the trap of "playing with waste", and you feel that productivity plummets, thinking activity decreases, and that there is no longer a desire to conquer and a sense of accomplishment in your work, all of which are negative effects of "excessive comfort".

When you start to feel wrong, it's the beginning of your determination to get rid of the temptations of your family environment.

Having a "dedicated work" space will greatly improve the above situation and help you conquer inertia. When your surroundings provide you with a work atmosphere, your attention is bound to increase with efficiency, so you can increase your focus by doing three things:

  • Choose a corner of the room whenever possible and make sure the light is good.
  • Keeping the objects you need for your job (e.g. notebooks, water, pens, etc.) is within your reach.
  • Create your own office style and stay focused in your favorite space.

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4. Maintain communication with colleagues on topics 'outside of work'

Working in a company can be a lot of opportunities to communicate with people, even if your work does not have a need for cooperation, there will always be tea between small talk, morning greetings, or lunch time.

Loneliness is the most common problem in long-distance work that disconnects people, especially for extroverts, and losing communication is tantamount to losing the opportunity to replenish energy.

Many companies try to create topics for colleagues at long distances, using the women's Slack workgroup as an example, where robots send a good morning greeting every morning and invite you to share non-work-related messages with colleagues, such as, "Your last impressive spend?" " Recent albums or movies? "What's more serious for you about losing money and losing photos?" Create opportunities to talk to each other about topics outside of work through everyday and easy-to-answer interesting questions.

Or, women fans in the whole group launched "every morning by a person, recommend the song list" solitaire game, through the easy topic to start the day's work, but also to share your preferences with colleagues, this song list we will be in the morning to organize the text, but also to share to the reader, hope can become your morning work a light, music accompanied, I think we will not be so lonely.

Knowing how much interaction you have to connect with yourself and be accepted by your team can help you face your day-to-day work with a positive mood.

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