Women fans partner's selection of songs, accompany you from afar work is not lonely! Welcome to today's mood pick and choose to see, listen to do not use money, good mood free.

Hello everyone, your DJ of the day: Mary's here!

Today for everyone to use the mood to sing - welcome in accordance with today's mood pick and choose to see, listen to do not need money, good mood free.

Photo|Photo by Angela Porisky on Unsplash

First, when you need pleasant energy

It is recommended to open the day with this song, Ocean, which is a 12-minute guitar solo, but the abundance of the climax really perfectly interprets the sometimes lovely and sometimes squeaky look of the sea, making it feel like a morning walk by the sea begins.

And this morning I, is to use the Ocean with the pull, perfect to start a new day!

Second, want to fly high

If you're already high but want to be more High, have asked My Love Group The Ramones to come out

Listening to their songs is a lot like being in a big music festival, and if you want to have a good mood, you can come to one, perfect for mixing wine and dance with empty heads, and pushing the "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker"with your heart.

When you're halfway through your work, whether it's flying high or feeling a little Low, you can shake your thighs, shake your hair, and "ROCKET TO RUSSIA"!

Third, when you want to calm down

I think music can really effectively pat my anxious heart, so I personally recommend three songs that will calm me down: On The Radio, the ivory boat of fools and idiots, and The Goodnight of Lin Yujia.

1. Chip Taylor - On The Radio

The song is a remake of the second season of Netflix's original "Sex Room", the singer's sad guitar, singing about the loss of love, the helplessness and vicissitudes of life.

One of them wanted to share a particularly lovely lyric fromOn the Radio,at which point the background rhythm gradually turned light because the song had no official Chinese lyrics, so I simply translated it as follows, hoping to share it with you as completely as possible:

That's the way it is
You see through your heart
Take what you like
Then try to love it

You take away the love you made
Then take it
someone's heart
stuffed into someone's blood

Then hand-in-hand go
I hope it doesn't hurt
But even knowing it would hurt
You'll still choose to do it again

This is how it works
You peer inside yourself
And you take the things you like
And try to love the things you took

Then you take that love you made
And stick it into
Someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood

And walking arm in arm
You hope that don't get harmed
And even if it does
You would just do it all again

2. Fools and Idiots - Ivory Boat

Once my mood is really bad very bad very bad, but then I put up the ivory boat, the whole world will be quiet down, and then about the single cycle for nearly half an hour, and then feel all right!

3. Lin Yujia - Good night

Then finally as the ashes-level "Yu Jia brain powder" I, but also with you with "Goodnight", to express my love for Yu Jia , but also hope to warm you you are reading this article.

May everyone who listens to "Goodnight" be braver to dry their tears.

Good morning.

Good night.