2021 Gay Pride Month, through the turbulent years, we came to the second year of marriage legal. This year's Women's Fan Gay Pride Month special planning, invite every important you, to provide a small story, let us together to show each other the voice of love to enlarge, and then enlarge, when love is no longer limited by the box, we can certainly have more courage to become the real self.

In the Japanese drama "Calling for Love in the Center of the World", there is a line that says, "Like a person is to remember every word he says. " Yes, like a person, will remember his form, what he said, his eyebrows, his smell, the feeling of being hugged by him, let us take you, listen to the true story from the reader.

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"I've officially stepped into the bisexual world from heterosexuality because of her smile. "

We met in the workplace, and although the age difference was 16 (I was the younger one), the similarity of interests and values led me to identify her as my best friend from the start.

Before I met her, I was completely heterosexual, and interestingly, her encounter completely changed the course of my life.

When did it start? yes! It was supposed to be a Monday night in July 2020, when I was loading water and she just passed by and I'll never forget her smile.

That day she was wearing a tibetan blue polo shirt, and when she saw me, she was a little happy, smiled warmly at me, and asked me in a gentle tone, "Are you waiting for me here?" Perhaps it was from that moment on that I couldn't go back, I officially stepped into the bisexual world from heterosexuality, because of her smile.

Later we continued to be good friends, I occasionally flirt with her, by taking things with her, intentionally or unintentionally gently stroked her palms, or walking side by side, let my arm intentionally or unintentionally touch her arm, or while discussing the work content, deliberately close to her, close to I can feel her light perfume.

This single love has nothing to do with her from beginning to end, but I can't help falling in love with her.

By  JW

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"Actually you can be comfortable, don't care about the different vision, do what you like!"

September 23, 2017

On the way home from school hitchhiking encountered a boy wearing shorts black stockings, height of about 180 or more, he initially sat next to me, I saw from the afterglight he has been looking east and west, very much like fear that others think he is very strange, and then the front seat is empty, he changed his seat to sit in front, I found him every move with a sense of uneasiness, hair, finishing clothes and so on.

I thought to myself: if he could know what was in my heart, would he understand that someone was supporting him?

So I picked up my paper and pen and quickly wrote three lines: "I think you're very self-made, I like it, in fact, you can be at ease, don't care about the strange vision, do what you like, Keep real."

He got to the station and got off, and I quickly followed him down and went up to him and said, "This is for you. " I went on, wearing headphones, and heard a message coming from behind me: "Thank you, miss. " He held aloft the note and waved to me. I took off my headphones, smiled and waved to him.

In that room, I was very excited, although the content is very brief, but really hope to help him!

After more than three years, I occasionally recall this memory, and think how he is doing now. Is it on his way?

By  Tina

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"I want to tell you I'm sorry, I really miss you. "

We are in the internship to know, at the beginning of you, very ignored me, think I am stupid head silly, and then work together, we have a tacit understanding, and help each other a lot, after work also eat together to chat to do anything, gradually began to like each other.

Love like family, we have been together for more than 7 years, you accompanied me through a lot of things, but in the end now we have no contact, because of my selfish, because of my family's ideas, I flinched, I want to tell you I'm sorry, I really miss you.

You shouldn't see this article. This photo is we go to miao chestnut strawberry photo, I think it is very meaningful, you accompany me to a lot of places, and I usually do not go, thank you!

By  Ikea

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"As much as my love for her has nothing to do with gender. "

I love her as hearty, frank and sincere as I am; And these traits, like my love for her, have nothing to do with gender.

At one point before, I thought I was in the middle of gender selection bi, know her only later found that the original love is irrelevant choice, because I do not want to :)

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