Today, in addition to "611" at home good Chill strategy: introduced 6 songs, 1 home sports app, but also the same show recommended "soul" flavor pillow spray, let you fall asleep in five seconds.

| Carol Lu

Hello everyone , your DJ Carol is online!

Prepare "611" for everyone to have a good Chill at home today, with 6 songs, 1 home sports app, and 1 pillow spray:

The lead-up went crazy for three seconds|

  • Layton Wu - Summer Night Wind
  • Summer Night Wind Pink Sweat$ - At My Worst

It's easy to | later in the afternoon

  • Sunset Rollercoaster - Under the Skin

  • HONNE - no song without you

I don't want to sleep | late at night

  • Fkj - 10 Years Ago
  • Finding Hope - 3:00 AM

Home can also move | at home

Active Arcade: An app that turns its body into a "game controller" to achieve motion (it's fun and sweaty).

Photo | Photo by Kostiantyn Postumitenko on PIXTA

Pillow fragrance is good to sleep |

  • NEOM meditation pillow spray: sprayed on the pillow taste very healing, there is a taste of spirit - soul - point I know (five seconds sleep no problem!) )