There are three songs in this passage: "The white dove floats across the sea to see you, hoping not to leave you alone. " Can you find it?

It's time to test whether you're a loyal fan of Li Zongsheng, Wu Yu and Chen Sheng!


Hello everyone, I'm today's DJ - SYU!

Next, I would like to recommend The Beatles,a song compose by George Harrison, one of The Beatles' favorite members, which may not be as world-famous, but definitely feels like the sun is rising!

The following songs, a few people, a few groups are my own list, and you share, but do not know if there are any interested, a little old school a little noisy

The most popular Japanese song I listen to is B'z

B'z is definitely my favorite rock band, which has been active since 1988, singing the theme tunes of many well-known films and television productions, perhaps more or less with you, and then traveling to Fukuoka in 2018 for their 30th anniversary concert (seeing tears).

Interestingly, B'z, which has never been on a streaming platform, also put 880 songs on the main streaming platform on May 21, 2021, just so that I have the opportunity to share a few songs to everyone, I think this is the torrent of fate?

  • Tonight's Moon Moon - The Main Song of "The Life of beauty" is the main song of the day
  • - The main song of the Japanese drama Zero Seconds Out
  • Chop - The theme song of the animated Conan OP6
  • - INVISIBLE ONE - Animated theme song of "The Spirit Teacher's Eyebrow"

Chinese/Taiwanese songs

Japanese do not understand it does not matter, I also have to listen to Chinese/ Taiwanese songs, and in this, the next most attention is the lyrics. Surprisingly, all the singers I like are uncles.

1. Li Zongsheng

First recommend my favorite: Li Zongsheng! As you may not know, many familiar songs are composed by him, and this side is shared with you:

2. Woody

Speaking of Uncle singers, Woods is also in love:

  • Air raid alert (telling the little things we didn't know during the Japanese rule)
  • White Dove - Double Face Live(According to Spotify late last year, I played the song 6,688 minutes, converted down, and I played it 1,034 times)

Speaking of the song of the White Dove, it is impossible not to mention that when I was in Yunke, I was a two-term student, known as the rapper Du Fu Egg Castle (because the surname Du is also good at writing words, so the name of the rapper Du Fu).

One of his songs, "Epic", was written by him at the age of 28 and to the 38-year-old, and the song was taken from The White Dove, which was quite interesting to share with you.

3. MC Hotdog

When it comes to rap, I'd also like to mention my favorite rapper, MC Hotdog, whose album last year included a special song called "Little Nights of the Meteors" about the pressures, bitterness and expectations of the specialty industry.

Did you know that the song above was actually sampled? (Sampling is a common technique used in tongue-in-cheek music)

It was taken from another uncle I love Chen Sheng's Meteor Night Song, Chen Sheng is the only singer I think the lyrics are not rhyming is not strange, I think he is really genius, and unique lazy singing voice, especially suitable for matching the summer night wind and beer.

4. Chen Sheng

Speaking of Chen Sheng can do the end, finally I would like to give you a song of his, the name no longer let you lonely, but also hope that you know that even if you work from home, you are not alone.

I am in, we are also, but also ask your colleagues to take care of the body, the next assembly, but don't leave a single!