Women fans partner's selection of songs, accompany you from afar work is not lonely! 4 If, 4 Feelings, Wherever You Are, Have a Song with You.

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Hello everyone, I'm today's DJ Wan Yu.

Today's article will share a list of 4 "if" songs, hoping that everyone will be able to sound a corresponding song in your mind at the "if" moment.

1. If the sun goes out today

On a crisp morning, it's perfect to listen to Alicia Keys play at NPR Desk Tiny Concert:

2. If you want to shake a shake

Once Rock starts to get up, the swing doesn't stop!

Then share Tom Misch, whose performance at NPR DESK TINY was lovely:

3. If the work is done with some material

Finally, add a code to Mac Miller and start your work more rhythmicly:

NPR Tiny Desk Concert is a popular show in the United States for people who listen to music, and NPR invites big names or Pioneers from all kinds of music to perform almost unplug or minimally in the radio office.

The staff, and some outsiders, can listen up close and watch and interact, which is a very intimate form of performance, and the viewer feels like they're in the same space, which is fun. For all the first-line musicians, you'll find their performance at tiny desk concerts - :d izzy: also recommend a Netflix album, "Golden Distortion,"which you'll love if you're interested in how it came about.

4. If you want to go out and play

Finally, at the moment when I wanted to go abroad, I pushed the Italian composer Rudovico, who I heard most often in May. Ludovico Einaudi, who won multiple awards this year for his film soundtracks for Nomad Life and Father, is his choreographer and soundtrack.

Rudoviko is one of the most influential musicians/composers in Europe today. Some say he is a minimalist pianist and some say he is an alternative to classical music, but Audi describes his music as "derived from classical music, but his life is baptized by different kinds of music, including African music, folk and rock music".

His music in recent years, sometimes as delicate as the world will be brilliant, but also the depth and cruelty of nature, in front of you to dispatch the power of the western desert of the United States, or southern Europe heat wave and bald rock, or the Nordic ice sheet ice scene, frozen wind, hard blowing your face.

In the music, there are long ribbon pictures, wheat rods all over the place to dump in the distance, gusts of wind over the earth;

Photo|photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash

If you're thinking of a vast place to walk around, after work, you can open a bottle of wine, order its music, and start imagining that you're far away. Spotify Connect Please click on me.