The whole Taiwan government has opened the school-style school, in the face of change, to work parents are most distressed by this article to parents of the anti-epidemic code of action, so that you and children at home, no longer love to kill.

About the outbreak-related content, welcome to pay attention to home epidemic prevention lazy bag, see if we want to give you a few good ways to spread the epidemic at home at ease!

A code of conduct for parents to prevent the disease

When the government announced the "suspension of classes and non-stop school" moment, all of Taiwan's Buddhas heard the parents' cries. I'd like to ask the parents, have these weeks been all right?

Keep your kids at home every day, what else can you do besides their online class time? This article describes four resource-rich activities in the following order:

  1. painting
  2. Read
  3. motion
  4. Play adults

The more the later the column activities, for the child's physical and mental development more important, these contents can not only be used by young children, even young people can benefit, even adults will like to do together. Let's start with a brief introduction:

1. Painting, coloring, handicrafts

First of all, the good news is that for children who like to paint at home, parents can save on the budget for coloring that they have used or lost.

Recommended that you "draw the world Supercoloring",the map on the site can be downloaded for free, as long as the search bar with keywords, search results do not choose "Web", choose "Image", will run out a lot of blank line basemap. Then you can download and print the same series of basemaps and complete a homemade coloring book!

The site is not only coloring, even handicrafts teaching, wire games, puzzle games and so on. Content from the means of transport, princess dolls, insect fish and birds, cartoon characters, and even you want to color, secretly let them learn the map of the world, eight planets, classic paintings inside are also selected by the king, everything.

Picture| Draw the World Supercoloring

Again, although you can't go to zoos, museums, science museums right now, there's a recommendation for art immersion on google Arts and Culture,with exhibits from more than 1,200 museums and galleries in 70 countries. Just grab a few of the keywords you want and you'll find something interesting, and I think the best thing to play with kids is "Puzzle Party"and click in and click "Start Experiment" to get started.

In "Puzzle Party",you can choose the "famous painting" you want to spell according to the difficulty, but also can configure "single person" or "multiplayer" game, so you can not only use the tablet to play puzzles, both online storage and will not scatter a place, even adults can invite friends, together on the network to spend time.

Such activities are ideal for finding an afternoon, making a cup of coffee, opening the video to play background music, inviting friends to chat while the puzzle is completed.

Even teenagers are well-suited to spending time in the after-school period, calming down through this activity while communicating with friends online to make themselves less lonely. And perhaps appreciate the taste of famous paintings, but also in such a subtle, enlightening future masters of art.

Photo | source

2. Want your child to read some extra-curricular books

Resources on the Web are a good choice if your child doesn't have the ability to read on their own and often needs to grab an adult storybook. From the outbreak, a variety of audio books, point-reading pen, reading pen, story-reading machine, artificial intelligence assistant, etc. are much more popular than usual, which shows the strong demand of parents.

Although youtube has a lot of people will upload stories, we can easily find audio books by searching for titles, but the disadvantage is that the quality is uneven, unless you can find publishing house-made high-quality films, but usually the original pronunciation (mainly in English), children can easily click next to the link, God swim to other channels. So the website we would like to recommend, Storyline Online,has three important features:

  1. There are many well-known classics, so you've probably seen Chinese translations, too
  2. The patterns in the book are animated simply to make the whole more lively
  3. Tell the story through the acting skills of a well-known actor or celebrity

Storyline Online puts what is commonly considered a "picture book for children to see", using a "micro-movie"-like approach to performance, with the profound meaning hidden in classic children's books, to ensure that even adults who accompany them will enjoy it.

Incidentally, when you order a movie, you can choose to watch it using the Youtube program, so that you can switch "subtitles" into "Chinese" in Youtube's Settings, so that children can use Chinese to help them understand when listening to the local English pronunciation.

Picture|Storyline Online

3. Want your child to exercise (discharge)

For the health of children, but also for the sake of peace at home, if your home does not have Switch, no fitness ring, no large balcony, but good want to let the child discharge how to do?

Active Arcade, an app that currently only supports Apple iOS systems, has seen a surge in downloads in the days since the "no-go" extension, rising to No. 1 in the Health and Fitness category (the demand is once again evident).

It features, not only children can be through simple operation to exercise, even the epidemic prevention at home is about to suffocate adults, you can also use it to get back the fun of sports! If your phone or computer can pick up HDMI to the big screen like a TV, it's even more addictive to play - it's a must-have software for home vaccination and child discharge! Where can I buy it? You can download it for free with an Apple account.

What if there's no Apple phone? Don't worry, there's a similar sports game "Plaicise"available here for parents on Android! Children discharge, regardless of software, as long as there is a heart, the living room is a playground.

Photo|photo by xiangtao on PIXTA

4. Talent is the best game

What if you run and jump in the living room and you're going to be upstairs and being protested by a neighbor, or bothering other family members who live with you? An elastic bed is the safest place. Can local parents use their imaginations, for example, to remember the "Build An Airplane" game they played as children? This is perfect for playing in bed.

As you lie down to lift the child, and you are exercising yourself, remember to tighten your core, grasp your child's shoulders and underarms with your hands, and hold your legs together for the lower half of your child. If at this time you are still calm and idle, then you can sing children's songs (forget to find Youtube to learn to sing), if you will fly the child up and down around when you have red-eared red, then invite the child to sing loudly, by the way to practice lung capacity, research to prove that singing relieves stress.

The only thing to note is not to throw the child under the bed. Hospitals were dangerous during the outbreak and medical staff were busy, so don't increase their workload.

When a flying tired, a singing tired, you can two people pour on the soft bed, to a big hug, whisper about the outbreak stuffed at home, can not go to school to see the students' hearts.

In fact, as long as you put on yoga mats, put on the music full of energy, any of your sports, you can be with the child. Back them to do squats (sister back to doll real version), holding them to practice shoulder push (in fact, flying high), together to do a stick, together to open and close, together TABATA, dance pop dance together, when you are sweating, you will also see a sweaty cute face, to show you a bright smile.

Photo|Photo by Dragon Images on PIXTA

What kind of person do you want your child to be, you want to be that person first?

Small face, big eyes, eyes are reflected in your figure.

No matter what you want your child to be non-picky, like reading, happy to share family affairs, have good exercise habits, use less mobile phones and 3C, encounter difficulties do not give up, see cockroaches do not scream, meet the teacher politely, no matter which, you can first try, try to become that kind of person, and then lead the seemingly insurgent children, while moving forward, while learning.

As adults, can teach children is not necessarily beautiful results, but the experience of hard work, this is the future when they encounter difficulties, will remember the good memories.

The children are young and need to learn; we are older and need to learn again - only this time, there are innocent them, with us.