The tracks shared today are perfect for a weekend night of light play and a great time with yourself or your loved ones.

Every day, women's friends take turns sharing their favorite songs, accompanying you with music and telling you - you're not alone. Invite you to put on headphones, connect each other's feelings, in the exchange of today's mood, but also for each morning, bring a different situation.

| Kaei

Minasan Oh hi, I'm today DJ Kaei.

Which of the following is more in line with your recent mood?

A. Become so easy to be blue

B. Be more cherish the present or enjoy being alone

Choose A of you, I would like to recommend you the following song list:

English songs to see this side

Japanese songs to see this side

"Chinese song to see this side"

And then I'll tell you, it doesn't matter why it's low for whatever reason. It doesn't matter if you're depressed, it doesn't matter if you don't refuel.

To paraphrase a famous Japanese novelist, Yoshihito Mustagawa, he said, "Delete any moment of my life, and I can't be who I am today."

Think about it, life is like a long story, happy you, unhappy you, are just a page or even a line in the book, in addition to one day will turn over, I believe it is also because of them, to achieve the present self

Choose B of you, I would like to recommend you the following song list:

There is a single word in Japanese called "flower gold" (a short summary of the flower golden day), meaning a Friday like a flower, is to relax! Have a good time!

Recommended are my favorite singers, the above tracks are also very suitable for the weekend night while playing, enjoy a good time with yourself or your lover.

Finally, there is a significant increase in the frequency of video conferences, especially with the same scene with a variety of themes as the background of the official video tablecloth!

If you still don't feel enough, also provide a few Japanese words related to "meeting background" (the background word can be replaced with "wallpaper"):

  • Use the background for the meeting
  • The background
  • Web conferencing background
  • The background

Just put a single word on google, you can search from the picture of the place to find a large number of beautiful pictures!

Hope that we can make good use of, so that video conference full of expectations and fun! !