"Anyone who has heard her perform live will suffer internal injuries" shares an album that cannot be missed in the history of Taiwanese music, because listening to internal injuries can be regrettable.

Every day, women's friends take turns sharing their favorite songs, accompanying you with music and telling you - you're not alone. Invite you to put on headphones, connect each other's feelings, in the exchange of today's mood, but also for each morning, bring a different situation.

Irving |

Good morning! Here's everyone's day DJ Irvin. This song sheet is recommended for morning and afternoon.

First, the morning song list (click on the link, you can listen to it continuously on Youtube)

At the beginning of the morning, let Aboriginal songs give you the power of the day

The day begins with powerful Indigenous songs from Sambui of the Kadibu chiben tribe of the Brennan ethnic group:

Then, if you mention Aboriginal songs, Banai Panai's 2000 Mud Doll is definitely an unmissable album in the history of Taiwanese music. One said, "Anyone who has heard her perform live will suffer internal injuries."

I think Banai and Chen Jianyin's 2001 "Warriors and Rice Spikes" concert is very classic, has been very sorry not to have personal experience, fortunately there are recordings and video albums.

After the internal injury, change to "Happy Blues" on the field

The first half was enough to listen to Chen Jiannian sing happy blues in the second half:

Hey, take care of yourself
Hey, wait till you get back together
How I look forward to seeing you that day

  • Chen Jiannian -Rain and You:Just in line with the afternoon downpour weather.

And then let's take Elie. Khloe Kaolo (2012), continues the relaxed blues rhythm:

There have been many great Aboriginal albums in recent years, and here are some recommendations:

  • Dhaka Dakanow -Padain:Wandering NaLuWan was shortlisted for best Aboriginal language album at the 2021 Golden Song Awards.
  • Banai Panai -Wrong Thoughts:Love, Less Than, shortlisted for best Chinese female singer of 2021.
  • A pop (A still) -Mainu sun find a way:Mother's Tongue 2020 Golden Song Award for Best Aboriginal Album.
  • Sambui Sangpuy -What's wrong with Kumuda?: 2017 Album of the Year.
  • Zhang Zhenyue Ayal Komod -Let's Go First:"I'm Haya Valley Mu" 2013 Best Chinese Album.

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2. Afternoon song list (click on the link, "again" can be heard continuously on Youtube)

Chinese rock, not the same

  • "Complaint" orchestra Tizzy Bac -I'm once again attached to yesterday:2007 unprecedented after the Unplugged live singing recording album "Chat", the whole piece I like very much, very suitable for listening in silence.
  • Tizzy Bac -Victor's Rose:If I want to choose an EP, I'll choose Victor's Rose (2007). The composition of Tizzy Bac's pre-piano and BASS-drums may make you feel very different about this Chinese rock.

When it came to rock and roll, I really felt it was worth a live experience when it came to the concert of The Most Powerful Rock Singer in Taiwan, Wu Wei. And he's 53 years old, and I don't know how many more.

  • Wu Wei -Iron Man:From 2002 (Nine Days Concert Special Recording Album).
  • Wu Wei -Lou Chai:From 1997 (Summer Night Wind Concert Featured Recorded).

Taiwanese songs can be so poetic

  • Wu Wei - How to Wantto Be:From the 2005 Double Man album.

Supplemental bean knowledge: Why can Taiwanese songs sing so beautifully?

Traditional Taiwanese pop songs, many of which are Japanese-language songs filled in lines or Nakasi, did not begin until 1989, when the Blacklist Studio's "Crazy Song" began, inspiring Lin Qiang to move forward in 1990 and begin a new Taiwanese song.

"The really best thing about this song is that it bites. Friends who can speak the taiwan language may wish to listen to "go forward" again, and every time you listen to a sentence, you will read the lyrics of that sentence once, you will find: this song is simply used to read!

This is because The Taiwanese language has seven tones, which can be regarded as seven scales, so the musicality of its own downfall is strong enough. It should be said that the most primitive form of Taiwanese songs, that is, so it is called "singing songs". It was not until Lin Qiang's "Go Forward" appeared that we realized: Oops, Can Taiwanese songs be written like this?

- From "Re: How red was Lin Qiang's forward move?" by sizumaru (Bamboo Nagano in the Tibetan book world).

After the New Taiwanese songs and the Taiwanese generation, the "Contemporary Taiwanese Songs" generation, which began in 2009, has also published many good songs, such as the one that inherited the blues rock style of Wu Yitai:

Here are some Taiwanese songs you may not have heard: Although rogue Ade and Wu Wei are the same time debut, but after 2003 back to Jinmen sank for 10 years, only to return to Taiwan in 2014 with the music scene.

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Chen Jianxuan is a popular Taiwanese pop/rock singer I like very much in recent years. He has more than ten years of experience as a senior music producer, released the "Early 30s" Taiwanese album in 2013 and the "Gulu Meiya" theme in 2015, both of which immediately won the Golden Song Award for Best Taiwanese Album and Best Taiwanese Male Singer the following year. Here are two lyrics:

"Fucheng Tramp" Xie Mingxuan filled in the words, is in recent years I think the most beautiful words of the Taiwanese song! Finally, end the afternoon song list with two songs of hilarity and joy!