Every day, women's friends take turns sharing their favorite songs, accompanying you with music and telling you - you're not alone. Invite you to put on headphones, connect each other's feelings, in the exchange of today's mood, but also for each morning, bring a different situation.

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Good morning, everyone, I'm today's day DJ: Yu Yu.

As a violin and piano teacher's children, unfortunately due to the fate of the end did not learn any musical instruments, but even so, in the eyes and ears of childhood, or most often heard classical music. The first two songs to be introduced today happen to be classical music.

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Classic Pagnini

Have you heard of Pagnini? Pagnini's violin technique is said to have been obtained in exchange for soul with the devil, also known as the man who traded with the devil.

Usually in order to make the violin better to pull, it is not easy to pull other strings, we will adjust the four strings in different planes, but Paganini put these four strings on almost the same plane. This A minor tune, the 24th wish song, was not even played at the time.

After listening to this song, do you feel like you've just been bombarded by cannons? In fact, this song is also Pagnini's most famous song.

Later, a Russian composer, in tribute to Pagnini, composed Pagnini-themed rhapsody, with 24 variations, but the most interesting was the 18th. The next piece recommended for you is the composer's romantic piece of Pagnini's "upside down" note.

Have you ever found it very difficult to imagine that these two songs with completely different tunes are actually from the same score! If you're wondering how the notes of these two songs are upside down, check out:

After listening to so much classical, let's take the time back to the modern era. I like the modern songs, to use the family's words, I like every song is like drunk, I listened carefully later, there is really such a taste!

Do people use alarm clocks when they sleep? What do you use as music in everyone's alarm clock? There's an app called zzzi alarm, and every morning he automatically picks a song from soundcloud as your alarm track, and that's one of the songs from that alarm clock.

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Sóley——Pretty Face

First came "Pretty Face" from an Icelandic singer, Sóley, who had a very special compositional pattern, with a very simple piano background, and then, as the narrative progressed, more and more special instruments were added.

Interestingly, in fact, at first I didn't pay special attention to what the lyrics were singing, until a few months later, driven by curiosity, checked only to find that the whole song is actually very delicate analysis of the domestic violence victim's state of mind, the lyrics are heavy, but also let us re-understand "why not leave him?" The difficulty of the problem. Please point me in the lyrics.

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Tomorrow's Ark - Twilight of Wolumonde Mix

Sometimes, some songs may drive not only themselves, but also the industries associated with them, such as the Lord of the Rings.

The song to be introduced today comes from a Chinese tower guard hand tour "Tomorrow's Ark".

Usually talk about Chinese hand tour, we think of most of the, copy! copy! Original NetEase you will only copy! And then force the class all day! But tomorrow's Ark is a game in the game design, character carving are careful to the extreme of a game, has a considerable world view, the current more than 90 characters, almost every character has a very detailed past, background, personality and vision of the future and plot, often three-point game, seven points to see the story.

Even one of the songs, Renegate, was nominated for Best Original Song in Hollywood's video game category.

The following link of the film can be used as the background music for everyone to work, gradually the music atmosphere, usually can make people's productivity step by step to be pulled up!

In fact, my preference for music sometimes comes from a chance encounter, sometimes is the low tide of life when the strong heart agent, I have a record from the country to the present favorite song list, but too much, each in my heart has his story, I do not know where to start, so decided to put it directly here.

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