2021 Gay Pride Month, through the turbulent years, we came to the second year of marriage legal. This year's Women's Fan Gay Pride Month special planning, invite every important you, to provide a small story, let us together to show each other the voice of love to enlarge, and then enlarge, when love is no longer limited by the box, we can certainly have more courage to become the real self.

In the Japanese drama "Calling for Love in the Center of the World", there is a line that says, "Like a person is to remember every word he says. " Yes, like a person, will remember his form, what he said, his eyebrows, his smell, the feeling of being hugged by him, let us take you, listen to the true story from the reader.

"It's a wonderful day to have you inclusive, understanding and understanding."

I still remember the chaotic night clearly, there are the pain you confided, but also I can not accept the heavy.

That night, I like you to me out of the cabinet, like out of the way, tell you about the love troubles. After many years, we noisy and experienced how many things, when your like became a habit, you also became my life journey, support me an important force.

You always say that you are not good at expressing your feelings, but you are also introverted and vaguely "love" this kind of sentiment for you is very meaty, quietly hidden in the time around the company.

Have you inclusive, understanding, understanding of the day is very good, I hope we can all try our best to live the most comfortable.

By Joe

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"Fortunately, we didn't miss each other again this time."

Meet you that year, I 16, you 17, your handsome appearance, basketball team identity, in the girls' school how dazzling. Our school's direct system is very free, the initiative to want to be your sister is not in the minority, but I do not know how I can, actually can become your direct sister, I always say I am lotto, but you do not like this statement, and then you told me: "You know what?" Those who ask me, no one is second in favor.

At that time, I had a girlfriend of two years, so I put my appreciation in mind, a long time later, you told me you and then honey said a sentence: "Take good care of her as a primary school sister."

On the day you graduate, I thought I might not meet again, and on the card for you, I plucked up the courage to write, "You are the most beautiful dream I've ever had."

After leaving high school, we have always been a birthday to greet each other, an embarrassing "Happy Birthday" "Thank you yes" so after four years.

In June 2018, the phone jumped out of a very unexpected dialog box, so we chatted. Over the years we've each become a few of the others, and this is the few time we've been single for seven years. Although it's a bit scary to have a few Jane's home surveys, I know you're trying to take me from a memory to a real person.

I've known LINE for 7 years, and we started to keep talking, starting to talk on the phone, and then I wasn't college graduates, so I was in the dorm room, clutching hot cell phones, chatting late at night to the sun rising;

Once just with like the kind of mood of Hanxing worship you, just want to look at you from afar, for your help, for your achievements happy, but you now pull me to your side, let me sit on an equal footing with you, I do not know how good I am, let me because of your eyes reflected in me, began to like themselves.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"Okay." Fortunately, we didn't miss each other again this time.

You say, high school is your best period, the most fearless, the most unreserved, although I did not have the opportunity to get to know you, but we have a long future, let us meet a better period. Thank you, let me dream come true, my immediate sister.

By  Katherine

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"We'll keep holding hands in the future, okay?"

Dear Guo Xiao stupid, thank you for doing this ring to me, get the moment I really very moved, I know you are very careful to complete, and this ring in my life has important significance, thank you, I love you. Let's keep going, shall we?

By  Sandy

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"Let us cherish ourselves together with tenderness. "

She said I started from the "confession balloon" to send a signal of love, I said she was my most unexpected investment;

Love four years I am very happy, grateful to have her wholehearted love, willing to meet the bottleneck when willing to release understanding and support, so that I have no regrets about their courage.

In the future may she enjoy the "flowers are not fully open moon not full" realm, with gentle love for themselves.

By  P

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"We cherish this relationship very much and are willing to hold hands until the end."

At her tattoo show, there was no dialogue, but the moment in the eye seemed to have an electric current that opened up the conversation on our IG.

From which I learned that they all like long-haired girls, spent a month, let each other know each other's lives and ideas, gradually put down the heart of her, in the first meeting began to love me.

Because of the epidemic, we from far to cohabitation and then far away, there are a lot of tripping and fate, values complement each other, let us very much cherish this feeling, willing to hand in hand to the end.

By J

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