Today's sharing song sheet, starting with "Good Morning War Song," concludes with a gentle hug - dedicated to every wounded you.

Every day, women's friends take turns sharing their favorite songs, accompanying you with music and telling you - you're not alone. Invite you to put on headphones, connect each other's feelings, in the exchange of today's mood, but also for each morning, bring a different situation.

Ruby |

Good morning, here's the day DJ Ruby

I usually listen to the track to the Chinese ancient style mainly, Japan and Britain as a supplement, both like the ancient style of the lyrics, the power of english songs, but also like the vitality of the japanese songs full; What about today's song category? Of course it's all, duo, all!

Good Morning War Song: Take your heart to life with fast-paced, powerful music

Lunch episode: Use listening to music to increase your appetite

Always think too much, but don't think about anything, eat first!

A thousand-year-old recipe tribute

Food names string into the lyrics, hear the spat can not stop down

Afternoon time: Come to a fast-paced literature class

Afternoon time: Some exotic afternoon tea

Bedtime: End the day with this gentle song. Good night

"Will I be a better person?" Compared to yourself, compared to yesterday, -- "You will."

You've asked.