Women fans join hands with Hua Research Music to bring readers a life proposal for the home of Yu Ge and Yu Kewei - what are they doing at home during the epidemic prevention period?

A person who knows why he lives can endure any kind of life.

Philosopher Nietzsche

Nietzsche's words about how to maintain the flexibility to face life and the courage to undertake change during the outbreak are almost a maxim.

There's a life where it's regular, it's normal, and it's almost hard to see it happening: what time you get up, when you should pour a glass of milk, how long you'll take a shower in the morning, what time you'll catch a taxi, what time you'll catch a meeting, who's having lunch with.

An outbreak disrupts our pace, we have to start re-establishing our relationship with the world, measuring the task of getting up to sleep every day, you start to fill in some of the things you didn't have time to do in the past, re-recognizing the distance between yourself and your relationships, using technology to bridge the broken bridge, and drawing some space for your life: what belongs to work, what belongs to the family, and which belongs to you?

We rarely have the opportunity to be as close to the future as we are now, and every moment is changing. In order to lead you in a dusty life, to find a new meaning, from this week, women fans hand in hand with Hua Research music, for readers to bring 6 artists home epidemic prevention life proposals, these proposals, small and light, is definitely the smallest life adjustment that can be implemented at the moment, perhaps for your home life, bring new inspiration and excitement.

Zig: Have fun with yourself and try singing to change the lyrics

Let the little things in life, condense into a new starting point with yourself, you can find your own humorous style of life.

Home Geg, daily cat, caught by the cat is standard, in the home epidemic prevention period, happy to get some lonely time, for themselves to find some small music: singing, change the lyrics, are living life of the small lucky.

Photo| provided by Hua research music

"Take this time as a long vacation to help yourself, do what you didn't have time to do when you were very busy, although it's very boring, very uncomfortable, I believe we can all get through it together." 」

Gerge said, we all have to be suffocated, at this time the conversion of the state of mind is the most important, home and enlargement is a matter between thinking, we can move out of the old plan: sports, learning to invest, cooking, learning to bake cakes, when the time is released, perhaps it is a new starting point.

Come back to zero, the second specialty buried in everyday life, it's time to come out breathable and see the light.

Occasionally slow down, learn to get along well with yourself, and find yourself with far more than you think.

Gerge (Gerge)

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Yu Kewei: Feel the details of life, feel the warmth of food

Enjoying food is a great pleasure in life.

"During isolation, try to cook a lot of favorite dishes, like spicy pots! From Sichuan, the proposal for home life is "eat".

"Taiwan's spicy pot soup head is very delicious, duck blood, tofu, now there are many on the network can buy the bottom of Sichuan spicy pot, it is recommended that you can buy some fresh ingredients, such as seafood, vegetables, at home can also easily get Sichuan Road spicy pot, together adhere to the isolation period. 」

Feel the details of life, feel their distance from themselves, feel the warmth of food, feel those who operate for themselves carefully, feel the quiet and comfortable life ritual, feel the passage of time, feel from the heart, do not have to hurry to do family affairs, feel the sweat after exercise, feel the moment of focus.

At the time of the outbreak, living at home takes you home from afar, as you sing in the new song Dear Life:

The snowflakes fell and melted in a hurry

The dunes were slowly flattened

Teach me to focus and watch the sky light up

Maybe too much too soon

Maybe too little really can't be forgotten

At this moment there is a moment that belongs to you

Let's think a little more: Now, what can you do for yourself?

Photo| provided by Hua research music

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Home Life Proposal edited by women fans: Let's create a sense of ritual together!

The longer you stay at home, the more likely you are to encounter three problems: a blurred sense of time, an inability to separate life from work, an alienation from relationships, or a "long-distance" relationship with your partner.

These things seem to be separate, but actually interactions affect our daily lives: time management is important in deploying focus, relationships and our hearts, partners are at stake in the increase or decrease in happiness, and family interactions are at stake in our quality of life.

Today's Home Life Proposal will organize your life and give back the lead in time to yourself in three ways.

1. Create your "Good Morning Cycle":

Creating a ritual that guides you to work will make the words "I'm going to get to work" and "I'm going to start a day" more persuasive. Instead of starting your day with "It's time, I'm time to get to work", give yourself a cup of coffee, a slice of beggo, an episode of morning podcasts, and when you're full of hearts and think, "I'm ready," it's naturally the best time to start the day and boost your concentration.

Tips: To help yourself get into work mode as quickly as possible, "ceremony" is a stronger and less stress-free driver than "time."

2. Set yourself a short-term "new goal":

As the space for rest and activity is limited, our brains can easily fall into the "now unable to perform regular activities" stop. If you realize you have such problems, try to consciously divert attention and focus on "things we can still do", such as buying online classes and maintaining your learning habits, which can make you feel enough and still improving.

Set to read a book or several movies over a period of time. If you live alone and try to find your favorite Podcast, with a background tone at work and during breaks, you won't feel so alone. Try the interests or skills you wanted to do in the past, but have no reason to do, such as start learning to cook, play, learn a language, grow flowers, etc.

Tips: Rebuilding new life patterns while helping us get rid of excuses and pick up delayed plans: developing second specialties, learning languages, taking online courses, and more.

3. Create a "family date" or "virtual date" with your loved one:

Because of the epidemic can not meet, expand the scope of long-distance love groups, in the absence of meeting, the creation of false staggered quality dating is very important.

Try to make a meal that you love, dress up, hang up your headphones, turn on the video, and start a dinner date, which is an elaborate moment that a distant couple can create for each other;

Tips: Arranging virtual appointments is the key to creating a "sense of interdependence" that reduces the barriers that come with distance and feels close to each other.

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The above three proposals for home life, behind are full of life ritual feeling support, creating a sense of ritual is an interesting process, we can through the "rules" of their own, to find their own real care about things, even if every day is the same as in the past, the sense of ceremony can take you across the sense of burnout, to create a new beginning.

Rituals are an important thing. It makes us awe of what we care about, let us remember and cherish life more.

Murakami Spring Tree

Cheers, respect together, a new day.

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