With the music, the body rhythm gently sings, let the notes adjust themselves, and then watch the world. It wasn't until after the whole day that I savored "Today" in a wonderful retrospective and fell asleep after healing.

Every day, women's friends take turns sharing their favorite songs, accompanying you with music and telling you - you're not alone. Invite you to put on headphones, connect each other's feelings, in the exchange of today's mood, but also for each morning, bring a different situation.

| Kate

Good morning to me is today's day DJ Kate.

Today, is the day to watch, through observation of the most primitive and beautiful "reading" of the self and the world, on this lovely day, invite you to watch yourself, get up when the first action, is to pick up the phone to browse, or get up for a glass of warm water? Do you watch the world first or yourself first?

Just get up I love to let the music flow through the whole space, in just a few minutes to awaken their senses, body rhythm gently singing, ready to see the world, the following would like to share with you in life all kinds of emotional flow, my situational anthology

Photo| Photo by Pangaea on PIXTA

There is a little sleepy, still ready to meet themselves and the world

With Elton John's thick voice, the last sentence of the lyrics, You had a busy day, always made me laugh and wake up and get out of bed.

While making breakfast, pick up a pot and shovel to pretend you're the best singer in the Golden Song Awards

Taiwan's new generation of orchestra water launched a very lovely Taiwanese song, the anthem repeats: "When to you - say what the heart " will always make me can't help but laugh and sing together!

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While doing family affairs while singing happy god music, so that family affairs no longer boring

This is another Taiwanese band I like very much, this light wind can drive away the family affairs of the same, let me more motivated!

Feel that I need a little more courage to face the world

I love the lyrics to Hey Jude, and every time I hear it, I imagine that the Beatles are cheering me up and shouting along with the anthem, and I'm brave enough to be brave with myself. The following lyrics are translated from the website link.

Hey Jude, don't make it bad
Hey, Julian, cheer up

Take a sad song and make it better
Although you order a sad song, you can still sing it well

Remember to let her into your heart
Remember, there is someone who loves you

Then you can start to make it better
Slowly, you'll feel better

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Feel the inspiration level, when you want to inspire yourself

The lead singer's high voice always makes my mind more flexible and energetic, and several marketing ideas are produced while listening to the song.

In the face of setbacks, heal yourself well and give yourself a hug and comfort

When the lead singer's ethereal voice sings Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones, I will try to you fix feels deeply patched and healed.

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Review yourself and the world before bed and give yourself METIME

With the slow opening of the low drum, let their minds gradually precipitate, their day like a wonderful retrospective, fine taste, sleep soundly.

Wish you all a beautiful day, during the outbreak can not see the long companion around you, I hope this music song list can let us close to some.