Every day, women's friends take turns sharing their favorite songs, accompanying you with music and telling you - you're not alone. Invite you to put on headphones, connect each other's feelings, in the exchange of today's mood, but also for each morning, bring a different situation.

Irvine |

Good morning, everyone! DJ Irene is on duty today!

Music for me

Whenever I feel limited physically and mentally, music always takes my soul to fly. Just ask yourself, where do you want to go most now?

  • Is it a time when the endless wind blows the silky grasslands and is the moment to get along with your lover?
  • Or are you willing to accept the sudden surge of sentimentality, let sadness make you cry?
  • Or feel full of happiness, so smile and cry?

A simple selection of the three moods described above is shared with you, as well as special excerpts of favorite sentences

Heart throbbing, when the fawn bumps - Help Me

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「매일 넌 내 안에만 숨어있었는데」

Every day, you hide in my heart.

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Autumn heart worried, want to see through the red dust - Pictures

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“You've been around and you've seen the way that things work.”

You've seen the world and seen through everything.

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Pure Love, When You Cry With Joy - Heavenly Days

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"Ye's dream, my life, two people, two people, "

We all say, this is an impossible dream, is fate!

What kind of existence does music look like to you? Where do you want to go now?