In the face of the unknown, we have instinctive fear, and in the face of the failure of the plan, we are prone to resistance and anxiety. Through the meditation story of "Nepal Seal City for half a year", let us focus on the present together, in order to feel the weight of the story, as well as experience to bring you inspiration!

In the summer of 2021, before summer could bring holiday joy, the outbreak put on a hazy coat of life.

On the evening of June 17th, we ushered in the second live lecture of "To the Future and near future" after the outbreak, and compared with the physical meeting, the live room filled with an implicit but comfortable atmosphere, it seems that the reader and we, in their most comfortable position, in order not to test each other, greet the state, look forward to some direct contact, contradictions, with the same thoughts - in the outbreak, how to stabilize themselves, no longer panic?

The second week of the "Embrace Energy" ambassador, invited lin Nianci, founder of the Mianle Yue Workshop, who in 2017, for promoting "Environmental Positive Menstruation" to become the first Taiwanese to appear on the BBC's Top 100 Influential Women, to lead women to reacquaint themselves with their bodies, to be aware of their status, has been part of the daily work of Nianci, and today she will share with readers "how she has stabilized herself and found a quiet lifestyle in nepal's sealed city for half a year."

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Life in Nepal: Try idle exercises with no plans

At the beginning of the event, Nian Tzu guides meditation in a calm and gentle voice, "We want to know that on Earth, all mankind is experiencing the same thing, we have to face it together," she slowly opened the story with her breathing frequency, guiding the participants: "Before you start sharing, I want to invite you to find a comfortable position, close your eyes, and focus on yourself." 」

First of all, from the beginning of gratitude, Nian Tzu said: "Thank you for willing to enter this space, put your left hand on your chest, your right hand on Dantian, do three deep breaths together, inhale, breathe and relax from head to shoulder." Let the pressure dissipate with the breath, put consciousness back into the body, let those things that have happened before this moment, and the tasks of the future put aside, invite yourself to this moment, enjoy the moment.

Then, with her eyes open and her eyes twinkling firm and warm, she asked, "Now, how are you feeling?" 」

Focusing on the present to feel the weight of the story and the inspiration that experience has inspired you, Nian said that last year's six months in Nepal was important to her, closing her eyes and bringing her thoughts back to the present.

Half a year at home in Nepal - learning will be unexpected as usual

"On The Second Day Of The New Year In 2020, On FebruarY 15th, I Flew To India To Lead A Sub-Supply-Related Event, And By The Time I Arrived At The South India Airport, Someone Had Started To Bring A Mask, " Said Nianci, Who Felt That Everything Was Fine And Business as Usual, And She Successfully CompleteD Her Workshop In The South Indian Eco-Village And Then Flew To Nepal, Where She Planned To Stay For A Month And A Half To Work On The Cotton Joy Workshop.

"I had planned to go back to Taiwan at the end of March for my brother's wedding, but who knows, when I set foot on Taiwan again, it was September 2020. In this way, Nianci in Nepal experienced almost enough half a year, life and work stagnation, the future is similar and far, a lot of unknown surrounded, life is like floating in the sea, you do not know whether to come ashore tomorrow, just floating there.

"Looking back on that journey, I felt that it was a pause in life, and that the universe had created a great seclusion for me, a state that could not go anywhere. 'Life often has a lot of practice, and the unknowns caused by the outbreak interrupt work and planning, and the rhythm and structure of the original life run are forced to stall, and you feel like you're falling into deep darkness, ' he said.

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In Nepal, where the outbreak is most severe, only two hours a day, one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, to provide supplies and food, outside these two hours, there is a good chance that if you go out, you will probably be caught in the street by the police with sticks, "the police will hit people with sticks on the buttocks, you can't imagine." During that time, in addition to the chaos in the appearance and rhythm of life, the career was forced to suspend, Nianci said.

"Our cotton factory, menstrual education, was forced to stop after the closure of the city, people were completely unable to go to the county and city, cars can not drive on the road, when the mind will run out a lot of voices, tell you to "think of something", "can't do nothing", "do more." A little online activity, "find a way to sell a little more tampons" and so on, "However, when shipping, air transport, production are suspended, sudden holidays replace all the things that should be done, it is found that suspension is the most difficult for modern people to adapt to."

"I went into a kind of "unplanned planning" and "doing nothing exercise", " Nianci said, "the past life is always catching up, people have difficulty in this courage and opportunity to enter the real blank space, always feel that as long as a stop, will be chased, is no ambition, but the outbreak has released all this."

"This time let me have a very deep practice, is to completely feel the "no plan" will live what kind of life, do a good "doing nothing exercise." 」

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Calm down and let your emotions flow out

Life in the city, monotonous but single-minded, slow but quality.

From the morning onwards, to the top floor to feel the sun, to meditation in the warm natural light, then, very slow breakfast, began to write the book from 2017 to be forgotten, in a small space, time passed slowly, everything was slow and slow to be carried out. Look at the flowers on the balcony, play with the dog, and do something inconsequential slowly: clean, cook, eat.

"Between one thing and the next, from moment to moment, you create the "reality" of your life, and these exercises give you the moment." 」

Six or seven months as a day, now back to Taiwan is also, we are all experiencing a special situation, we are confined to a space, where head, let go of the desire to control, give more space, allow more possibilities is important. Nianci said, now is a good time for "Let go", sweep the court, look at the home environment, corner of the small things, difficult to maintain the relationship, you can see, to organize, to purify, to retrieve, to give up.

"You'll find that when you have time to sort out these spaces, a lot of inspiration, creativity, music, art, real ideas, you're going to flow along with yourself, you don't have to squeeze, you're going to arrange, it's going to come." Nianci mentioned that rest is "relaxing in the original self", stop, feel at ease, happy, how is not also a kind of acquisition.

Life is often running, chasing, trying to achieve ourselves through external action, but we always forget the need to rest, "Now is a rare time for the earth to rest, and so is human beings," Nianci shares, pause is so important because it helps you see your true self, such as a glass of impurities of water, it will need to settle down to see the clear nature.

However, the essence depends on perception, perception is of course not easy, "mindfulness and awareness is very important, but we are often troubled, distracted, emotional kidnapping, during the closure of Nepal City, my only daily trip is to Tibetan yoga walkers in the living room to do yoga, listen to Buddhist things, walkers often say, we often become emotional, distracted slaves, tied up by them, people really need to learn to rely on mindfulness and awareness to pull themselves back." 」

How do you pull it? Nian Tzu further shared that yoga walkers often say, "If the tree should live", meaning that no matter what happens outside the world, you must be able to live like a big tree, this matter, even if difficult, but worth practicing. "It's like practicing at every moment, it's like a war, happening deep down in your heart, seeing your negative emotions and thoughts, and then cutting him off, not being too stressed to deal with emotions, but feeling it, pulling it back; 」

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Lin Nianci QA small classroom

Q: How can we better manage life in the face of day and night tasks and often anxious emotions?

Nianci: I often face the emotional ups and downs, all kinds of conditions, it is difficult for people to be in a very calm state at any time, but of course there is a way to practice.

Try not to get up and see your cell phone right away, and not to be taken away by the outside world. Get up in the morning and get yourself ready for the day, you can organize yourself through 5-10 minutes of meditation, and if you find it hard to calm down, you can choose a song that will calm you down. When you enter the music, let yourself settle down and prepare for the day.

This process is also about positioning yourself and knowing what mood you're going to use to face the task and start a new day.

The same is true before bedtime, you may be chasing late and drinking a little wine, but 30 minutes before bedtime, you can feel your body without touching any electronics, use 5-10 minutes to feel your body, mute your phone, lie down and scan your body. Or, in the evening, you can watch the sunset, watch the moon rise, and connect with nature, which is very helpful for stabilizing your heart.

Q: If there is uncertainty and uneasiness about future work, what can be done to adjust yourself?

Nianci said, there are three don't, don't be in a hurry to do, stop to listen to, enjoy.

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