A little bit of tolerance, a bit of encouragement, and "no problem!" A little bit of tolerance, a little bit of encouragement and a little bit of encouragement.

A company performed in the first stage of the of thethe child's life can be lighused.

Introduction to the plot

April, the Songpu West Primary School in the outskirts of Tokyo is meeting the new semester.

There are two images on the school corridor, " Wait for me!"I'm a bit nervous," he said, " I'm going to be a little bit nervous.Bareo (the "B") is the only one in the country.The two men are moving to a classroom of three to three years.

" From today, I am your class mentor, and I'm the one with the sham."

'm the assistant teacher of the red-tail teacher, my name is Whitehead.(e)

The red-tailed teacher who appeared in an electric wheelchair attracted the attention of all three years of students, because the teacher didn't have his hands and feet!Whitehead and Chiwei are the best friends who have known each other since they were young. The white stone of the Board of Education recommended Chiaowei as the official teacher, while the Whitehead assisted in teaching as a teaching assistant. This is a special case of the special case.Whitehead wants the children to learn the lessons that are only taught at the end of the day. They also want to take the opportunity of indirectly interacting with their children to face up to their own frustrations at the teaching posts.As a result, Whitehead and the two teachers supported each other, and they had to worry about each other.It is not only a daily teaching, but also an indispensable nutritional lunch in school life, student union, and an active planning for the annual event and after-school teaching.The Chiaowei teacher knows that as long as there is a little bit of tolerance, a bit of encouragement, plus one sentence, " No problem!"In this way, the life of a child can be lightest, and the most different course of life is carried out in this Hall."

Behind the scenes

The distinction is made between the protagonist and the assistant teacher Whitehead.The best male lead of the 62nd day premiere at the 62nd day of the 2nd day of the year, [‘ classes] was once again a six-year restarring film.He was a member of the Jenis Red Group's "TOKIO Tokyo Kid" and was actively engaged in performing arts activities, singing, hosting, and sports announcer.

A novice teacher is also a good friend of Whitehead's assistant, Chiu-wei Shinsuke, who is portrayed as the "Eyes of the Beat".His work at the University of the University of Hong Kong ("The People's Daily") was "a great response from all walks of life in the community," he said, and became a bestselling writer.From 2007 to 2010, he was a teacher in primary school, and later he was personally experienced as a character, and the publication of the novel < 5 was not a problem with the teacher's three classes.When this novel was decided to film the film, he first challenged the performance of the film, and performed himself in the role of his own young teacher, who wrote her own model.

The other actors are also quite strong. Evergrandee Nye has portrayed Neia's girlfriend, Mei Chi, as the vice president's gray valley, while the headmaster is portrayed by the real stars of the actress's star Yo-yo Yo-ko.The conductor of the Deluxe cast is directed by Hiroki Hirokaka, the "last month of life" (‘ 09 ").The film's exquisite film directed the most exquisite by the teacher and the students, and the film was thoroughly presented.Before the film was officially taken, the director deliberately didn't let the children see me. When a new teacher who didn't have a hand entered the classroom, the camera caught the children's most natural surprise.

The film's theme song was sung by "TOKIO Tokyo Kid" and was written by a 10-year-full actress YUKI, the first film of the film's theme song, "Handpaper >", which brings warmth to the end of the film.

About EB (

. He graduated from the University of Tokyo's Waseda University in 1997.After that, many best-selling books were published, and the Japanese TV station TBS was accepted to be responsible for the "News Forest" programming and broadcasting.In February 2000, he was awarded the "People's Culture of the Year" award.In 2007, he served as a civil servant in Shinjuku, Tokyo.In 2007, he challenged the teaching position in elementary school, and taught Social Sciences, Science and Ethic Courses in the University of Tokyo and the fourth primary school. In April 2011, he opened a nursery school, "Kaifong Kindergarten", to continue his educational philosophy. to be a film, he was persuaded by the director to play the protagonist in the protagonist, the true nature of the acting.

Introduction- < 5 No problem with teacher

I teach at school, I complete this book, because I don't think anyone is better suited to me than I am, or I should do it better.



the film plot, there is no bare-tail between the two hands and the encouragement and assistance of the friends and relatives of the teacher.He has always performed well, and with the help of his good friend Whitehead, he became a mentor for the three years of Pongpu West Primary School.From then on, it was a wonderful journey full of laughter, tears, and common growth.

-- " The teacher has a lot of things to do, and ask your classmates to help the teachers."

--" I don't think the first is important, but striving for the first effort is important.Because growth is more important than results."

--" Everyone is different, and everyone is great."

The most diverse teachers have the most extraordinary growth experiences. He has a unique educational philosophy that sometimes resonates with others, but often meets with the wall.He found that in this era of confusion of values, educators have to continually try, frustrating, self-saving processes, and have energy to illuminate the children to explore the way forward.A clean and white spirit should not be stained with prejudice and negation.

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