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From a selection of weekly energy gold sentences for you, to getting to know yourself again through weekly heart tests, there are 12 rituals and exercises for energy recovery. The most important thing is that we care, how are you doing? What's wrong with us? Women fans care about all subscribers' questions and try to find responses and solutions as much as possible over a 12-week period.

"Don't always look for the standard answer, you have to be a person who is not afraid to get lost. " - Tina, General Manager of Google Taiwan

Good morning, dear, on Monday. First of all, please cheer for today's self, because we are working together to try, in the seemingly boring life, for their own lighting, as their own guide, we are always the one who most understand their needs.

Energy, which is part of the flow of the heart, accumulates and consumes, and every day, we coexist with energy, feeling full and abundant when we laugh, and feeling anxious or depressed when we experience setbacks. To get along with energy is to perceive, perceive its frequency, position, understand its progress and maintenance, and live with energy, that is, to get along with yourself, adjust the state, maintain balance, and then get closer to your ideal rhythm of life.

Today's energy recovery exercise begins with perception.

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Energy Supplement Station: Ask a question and demystify yourself

Perceive your own state, sometimes relying on tool assistance. Close your eyes, focus on the feeling of confusion in your head as much as possible, and recall what recently got stuck with you: Can't find your way in a busy life? Don't you know how to keep yourself in multiple roles? Is it anxiety caused by interpersonal alienation? Can't find your job position? Is it incapable of resolving the conflict of relations?

Hold your breath, focus on the causes of low energy, find the core issues of the near future, meditate on a question in your mind, and intuitively choose: (1) inclusion, (2) calm, (3) power.

(1) Inclusion: Under the unknown starry sky, you stand at the crossroads of life, the road signs point in many directions, at this time you.

(2) Calm: uncertainty always comes with anxiety, at this moment you, need to ascend, imagine you have a mountain in front of you, you slowly climb up, climb the process, slowly, you.

(3) Strength: Rose is the little prince's love of enlightenment, the prototype of heart, careful watering, screen protection, do not bear the wind and rain, feel their hearts precious. If you are a little prince.

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Energy recovery exercise: Pick the sting, put the sting aside

After finding the inner tangle from "Ask the Right Questions", today's energy recovery exercise takes you through 3 psychological methods, starting with dealing with the source of low energy, to pause the occurrence of anxiety, so that daily can be as long as possible to maintain operation, not to be pushed into the abyss by low energy.

Step 1: Find a low energy source

First, start by asking yourself, "How have you been lately?" Begin. Over time, you may have felt "smouldering" at different frequencies, sometimes for two or three days, sometimes just late at night, sometimes a week or two filled with little melancholy. However, this feeling of boredom is so abstract that you don't know how to answer the question.

At this point, there is a psychological approach to clarifying oneself, called Self-determination theory," a theory about human personality and motivation that divides "motivation" into three parts: "competence", "belonging" and autonomy (Autonom), by examining one's own holding and satisfaction with the above three parts. Can be used to understand their current state of energy, as well as the causes of low energy. Let's try to break the three parts into three questions to ask ourselves:

  • Do you get a sense of accomplishment from your recent work or assignment? (Competent)
  • Do you care about you and the people who love you in your life these times? (Attribution)
  • Do you have the ability to choose your own life? (Autonomous)

From your own answers, you can tell which sources of low energy may be in the near future, one, two, or more, to determine where the low energy levels are.

(Extended reading: What is low energy?) Give anxious people three energy recovery exercises: see yourself, stabilize yourself, find solutions)

Step 2: Correct negative emotions from "The Metaphor of the Wall."

What if, judging by the above, you find yourself not doing well in the near future?

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Step 3: Put your anxiety aside and leave him alone for the time being

Step by step, you can pull away from a single negative emotion, see the nature of the event, take on the emotional leadership that is different from perception, and then try to deal with the negative emotions and anxiety through psychological "commitment and acceptance therapy.""

When it comes to living with anxiety, there is a method called "commitment and acceptance therapy" that helps you see the nature of events and experience landscapes other than anxiety. For more information, subscribe to Women's Fans Energy Hold; before you subscribe, if you would like to receive more of the wonderful content of Energy Embrace, please click on the review.

Honey, today's energy recovery exercise is here, focusing on the problem from the chaos, is the first step in relieving anxiety.

Read here, you can feel at ease, because all the people who read here with you, have also been stuck in anxiety, this experience is universal, good treatment, quiet thinking, the face, the escape, let us use methods together, calm anxiety.

As we begin to face up to our needs and try to change through simple exercises, each of our weeks can be a welcome new beginning.

Have a good week and we'll see you next week:)