Women fans join hands with Hua Research Music to bring the reader the artist's home epidemic prevention life proposal - Zhou Wei and Wen Hui such as in these stay at home days, what do you do to maintain a happy mood?

In the morning, open your eyes, drag the body that is not yet awake out of the door, sleepy to start the morning wash. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and sometimes take a cold bath. Then you go to the kitchen and open the fridge, only to find that there's really not much food for breakfast, so you make a cup of coffee, add some milk or soy milk, walk back to your room and sit down and start the day.

So, week after week, you have not yet woken up before you began to work, often, not even out of the house to buy breakfast motivation, all the way so busy to the afternoon, only to find that they have not eaten, sloppy point takeaway, at the work table swallowed up.

If you are living in some unhealthy life, then now is the time to start a change, let the home life, can be more rituals and fun, do not trap themselves in the "too late to sleep", "sleep not enough" and "lack of sense of life" days, find their own rhythm, set up at home can also set up a spiritual schedule for their own, from now on, operating epidemic prevention daily.

In order to lead everyone in the unchanging life, find a new meaning, women fans hand in hand with Hua Research music, for the reader to bring 5 artists home epidemic prevention of life proposals, these proposals, small and light, is absolutely the smallest life adjustment that can be implemented at the moment, perhaps for your home life, bring new inspiration and excitement!

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Zhou Wei: Create a moment that is not alone and take out the things you want to do for a long time

With family, partners at home, and their own epidemic prevention at home, or quite different. If you're an extroverted social personality, you're likely to feel anxious or bored in the face of prolonged self-isolation.

Photo | Huayan Music

In the face of such a situation, a few days ago because of travel to Shanghai, facing "one person isolation" Zhou Wei, here for everyone to sort out 5 kinds of lonely life proposals to try.

  1. Find a friend to make a video call every day
  2. Make good use of online tools to accompany yourself - catch up on drama, see movies
  3. Record the mood of the moment in your comfort zone - write songs and keep a diary
  4. Find out what you wanted to learn in the past but didn't have a chance to learn, and put it into practice

"I know how scared it feels to be isolated, lonely and scary, " Zhou shared, who had expected to be attacked by a strong sense of loneliness during his time in Shanghai, but later found that being forced to be alone was actually a good time to know myself and enrich myself, she said: "I would chat with a friend video every day, or through the pursuit of drama to resolve the feeling of loneliness, and when the mood is really down, I will be able to remember the mood, in addition to the music." I also use this time to learn things that I didn't have time to learn in the past.

The Lebanese poet, writer and painter Kiberon once said, "Loneliness is a sad companion and a close friend of spiritual activity. "

Indeed, in a space of solitude, you feel isolated from the world, hard to feel the flow of love and loved, and thus lonely, but being alone also has another effect - you start to have more time of your own, thinking, debating, absorbing, digesting, and turning loneliness into action, and your mental activity can become more active and motivated to engage with activities that would otherwise have been a priority at all in a "non-alone moment."

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Home epidemic prevention, the establishment of rituals, take good care of themselves, we can all find the best solution to settle their own.

Wen Huiru: During the outbreak remember to entertain people, keep happy

Home epidemic prevention, the most important thing is how to entertain people, for tired and boring life, bring some new fun. And in this matter of "self-entertainment", Huiru brings the best demonstration for everyone.

Photo | Huayan Music

In the video, which shares the life of the family, Hui Ru begins by asking, "Am I going crazy after being isolated at home for so long?" She smiled and said that she had not gone mad, but had lived a very fulfilling life.

"I watched some beauty lessons on YouTube, played some games, sometimes sang and ate more often, " Hui said. "In addition to daily activities, the most important ritual at home is "enjoying food", "morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night, eat at home all the time."

"Today I would like to introduce to you, during the epidemic prevention I most often eat snacks: Mike chicken nuggets, " Hui said, a while ago to see a friend sent a message that chicken nuggets can be used to play stacking music, she spread out her hands of chicken nuggets, began one by one stacked, smiled and said: "Today from me began to challenge a few stacking music, but also invited everyone to challenge together, see can stack up to a few, during the outbreak of self-entertainment, remember to keep happy mood!"

Self-entertainment is to make oneself happy, entertainment, is to share happiness to the world, the two together, you can have double the happiness.

Women's fans edit the Home Life Proposal: Let's learn together and live together on an equal footing with time

During home epidemic prevention, there is often a "lost time" feeling, you sometimes even forget that today is the day of the week, now is what time, today is the number of months, in the city closed period, life because of lack of expectations and temporarily stopped, you will not have "months to go out to play", "months to date to dinner with friends" and other reminders of the day in the walking ceremony, there may not be "a few points to go out to work" restrictions.

In this way, the concept of time, it seems that during the home epidemic prevention period, is reduced to a very small, began to make you a little overwhelmed, even in the case of being chased by things, began to be a little busy.

In one sentence, we must have heard: "We are in a race against time every day. " The concept of running is based on competing against each other and opposing each other. Yet while you're chasing and catching up, time is still trillions of years, one second, one minute, one hour, steady forward, no one can win in the race against time that doesn't exist.

Starting today, let's practice building a sense of time that's yours. Put "I" back in the third person's perspective and observe the relationship between "time" and "yourself" from the sidelines. You will find that time is neutral, it will not pull you, let alone catch up with you, you should go hand in hand.

We can only have a dialogue when we reconcile with the original opposing time in order to eliminate the tension and anxiety of the race against time and the relationship is equal.

See more exclusive time management methods, welcome to try the women's fan "Energy Hold",let's press the life "reset key", followed by "Energy Hug" together to find ways to hoard energy.

Energy Recovery Exercise: Write down the status quo and make a wish for the future!

Spend time with you, rely on communication, and before you communicate, you need to understand your needs.

Invite you to practice with us, through the "weekly inspection and weekly wish" note-taking method, to find the current stage of the card point, organize the feeling of chaos, and build expectations for the future, so that we can follow up.

Now, pick up a pen and paper, or your favorite hand account, and organize yourself in four steps:

  1. Step 1: Clarify the status quo (Fact): Write down the facts at this point.
  2. Step 2: Feel the status quo: Write down how you feel at the moment.
  3. Step 3: Future Expectations (Fact): Make a wish for the future.
  4. Step 4: Feel the future (Feel): Feel what it will be like to feel when the future becomes a reality.

Photo | Women's Fan Time Management Workshop

After you've sorted out your archives, you'll be able to see your blind spots and make sure that the chaos comes from "low sense of accomplishment," "always poor," "expectations don't match reality," and that what you need more is "to fill your life with purpose," "not to be kidnapped by money," and "to have more freedom."

After sorting out the status quo and the future, next week's energy recovery exercise, we will take you to "find the inertial blind spot" and set the "least feasible scenario" to bring about real change.

Dear ones, keep in mind that all changes begin with understanding oneself, and no one should know more about one's needs than you.

"To clarify the past is to find a solution, and to make a wish for the future is to find a way forward." Know first, can do, make a wish, can realize the wish! - Former editor-in-chief of Women's Fans and Women's Fans Sales Head Cotsier

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If you want to learn how to better build relationships with time and build a sense of time that suits you, in the Time Management Workshop, we'll provide a way for you to "take time out and use your inertial blind spots and get off work on time in four steps!" And welcome to learn together!