2021 CFG Hacker Pine Theme Think Workshop, led by Google Partners, gives participants the opportunity to practice landing their ideas and look forward to each student's follow-up project results!

Hacker Pine theme hair workshop

CFG is one of the courses in the Women's Growing Learning Series, with a human core, technology as the solution, and a gender-friendly growth technology ecosystem. In 2021, Women's Fans CFG partnered with Google Strategy to host a "six-month" series of classes, community gatherings, and hackers.

On June 20, 2021, CFG's third lesson invites Dayle, Google Android User Experience Researcher, Google Android Software Program Manager Edison, Clio, Caroline, Yitong, kappa to spread, converge, and solve problems through Brainstorming.

At the same time, in the workshop, it is explained that the cultivation of empathy, so that the design of products can meet the needs of the target ethnic groups, to solve their pain points.

Participant: Chen's design Sprint participation

Before participating in this workshop, I listened to my engineering colleagues share the Google Sprint Mechanism, but never actually practiced it; learn to listen and exercise your ability to give back quickly through the sharing of gender issues by women's fans (and really feel like 20 minutes don't go so fast!). I haven't had time to think about it, XD))

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Share the practical and interesting parts of the process within a limited three-hour workshop:

Instructor, guide (instructor)

Google lecturers are very active in interacting with the participants, in the remote, do not know the students, through the ice-breaking ceremony to quickly gather common points, so that people can more aware of each other, the courage to share ideas, the follow-up team's theme thinking, ideas output is of considerable help.

In addition, google hosts and women's fans will occasionally join groups to focus on the atmosphere of the discussions in each group to ensure that the overall event runs smoothly.

Participants (participants)

Some groups may face several difficulties, but new inspiration can be gained through team support:

  1. Unfamiliar with gender issues, not well-mastered enough about issues taking place across Taiwan, and not enough empathy
  2. 5 minutes to quickly understand HMW's introduction, 20 minutes to listen to gender issues share quickly recorded sentimental views, and correctly use HMW's application principles
  3. How familiar the teams are with each other
  4. Digital tool app

Under the premise of unfamiliar with the topic, application tools, coupled with remote interaction, it is difficult to grasp each other's understanding to which stage, when some students need more time to think, through team discussion, rotating the mechanism of opinion, you can observe each other, get more different perspectives, life experience resonance, inspiration, the output of the effect will be better

In addition, the early ice breaking is also a key factor, team members after the group interaction, familiarity, will affect the length of time to reach consensus with each other;

Google Meet grouping apps

The U.S.-China deficiency is not able to download the conversation content like Zoom, when the group discussion timed out, also can not copy the text content in the dialog box, can only silently press "return to the main call" to turn off the group screen (suggested that the future of each group in the application of Google Meet discussion, in addition to the original co-editing file, the team also need to arrange a volunteer note taker to make the meeting record, avoid the inconvenience of multi-window switching, wonderful discussion can not be accessed in time, disappeared unfortunately)

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Hacker Song theme thought about time records

6/2 Groups meet with group members, quickly find common ground with each other, thank you for taking time out from work to study together, take time to understand gender-related issues, start collecting information, define common solutions, go through long discussions, build consensus, and actually quietly go through a Design Sprint process.

Under the leadership of Google partners, find that ideas and clear process frameworks really need to complement each other, so that everyone can be more confident to make the desired plan, thank you for giving us this opportunity to practice the idea of landing, but also look forward to the follow-up project results!

Initial proposal preparation time (6/10-6/15→ Hacker Pine Theme Thought Workshop (6/20) → Secondary Convergence (6/27), which lasted nearly a month, felt that the greatest gain was to be able to meet with new partners, open the usual less mentioned, talk about gender-related issues, together practice thinking, get feedback from each other, the heart is very full!