In the past, pregnant women were always treated unfairly in the workplace. Don't let other people bully you. Here we are clear about the rules of regulations concerning the fake tires and strive for the right to be their own right!

Ewmani's sister, since she was pregnant, had always been careful in protecting the baby, and always regularly prenatal examination.At the time of production, the doctor felt that the condition of the fetus was not very stable. She suggested that she should take a few days off and take a rest and recupertice at home.After her elder sister explained to her boss, the boss told her that the present time of the pregnancy leave must be deducted from the unpaid maternity leave, and that it would not be paid.

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This is a reminder of the recent experience of another colleague in the company, because she was physically weak and was not easy to get pregnant, but in just a few months she miscarried.She wanted to ask her boss to take a few days off and rest at home. The boss said that abortion was not a production, so she could not ask her to leave her maternity leave, and asked her to leave her case.(Extended reading: Japanese female staff are forced to "follow the class to become pregnant," and " elderly people ).

's heart is unforgiving.The doctors told me that it was a worrying thing for her to have an abortion. Is it still impossible to rest assured when the miscarriage of miscarriages is even more uncomforbed?

In fact, the law is also aware of this type of situation that is encountered in pregnancy!In the case of Ewomanni's sister, the law stipulates that if a doctor diagnoses a person requiring a child to rest and recuperating, leave taken during treatment and rest and recuperation is included in sick leave.Therefore, at the time of the break of the pregnancy, it should be paid for half a salary, mutashin, as stipulated in sick leave

and the law is also relevant for the protection of abortion.For more than three months pregnant, a miscarriage should cease to work and have four weeks of maternity leave; two months of pregnancy, two months of maternity leave, and five days of maternity leave, and five days of maternity leave if she is not satisfied.

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Legal Provisions (Section of Section Relevant Legal Provisions)

Antyre leave

15 (3) of the Act on Gender Equality:
the employment of a person employed by a physician for the diagnosis of the rest of the child, the period of leave and pay during the period of treatment, care or recuperation, as specified in the relevant ordinance.
1 of Article 15 of the Gender Equality Work Equality Act, paragraph 1 of the
Work Equality Act, which provides for the
of work, the four weeks of maternity leave, the cessation of work, the maternity leave for one week of the period of two months of pregnancy, and the termination of the pregnancy for a period of two months, shall be discontinued and shall be discontinued for five days of maternity leave.

Labor Leave Rule
Labor must be treated or recuperated for ordinary injury, illness, or physiological reasons, and may be required to have a common injury leave in the left column:
2, the resident, and no more than one year in two years.
the course of pregnancy, the doctor diagnoses, during pregnancy, the rest of the child during pregnancy, and is included in the calculation of injury and injury cases.
the first year of the common illness, no more than 30 days were passed, and wages were distributed in half.
50 (2) of the Labour Standards Law
" A female worker (who is a woman who is a woman who has given birth or a miscarriage) is employed for six months or more, and shall cease to be paid in a period of six months or less, and shall be paid in half.

Promotion employer must not reject Section
of the Gender Equality Act:
The employer must not decline the employee's employment as required by the previous seven (art. 14 to 20).
In the case of a person who is a person of employment, the employer must not be treated as absenteiated to affect his/her attendance bonus, performance appraisal, or other detriment.