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From a selection of weekly energy gold sentences for you, to getting to know yourself again through weekly heart tests, there are 12 rituals and exercises for energy recovery. The most important thing is that we care, how are you doing? What's wrong with us? Women fans care about all subscribers' questions and try to find responses and solutions as much as possible over a 12-week period.

"Remember, all meetings are for meeting yourself; everything you experience is about getting closer to yourself. " - Lin Nianci, founder of the Cotton Pleasant Workshop

Dear reader, good morning and hope you're all right :)

In the previous article, 7 Minutes in the Morning: Hey, let's practice putting "anxiety" aside today, and leave him alone! We take you through tools and methods to find the core of anxiety problems. Mist lights, even if the fog has not dispersed, you can at least borrow the light, see the extension of the road, in front of the flowers and trees, have their own walk through the imprint.

In this article, we would like to talk about the emotional waves caused by the external environment. Often, we are influenced by the environment, hear criticism, care about guidance, but often ignore their own needs. Imagine how long you haven't asked yourself, "What do you want?" , "What do you like?" , "Are you happy today?" Are you happy today?

Returning to yourself from the expansive exo world requires practice.

Energy like water, we can learn from water, continuous flow and not stop, but there is a difference between fast and slow, there is restlessness, sometimes run like a waterfall, sometimes quiet like a clear stream, sometimes introverted like a lake, and sometimes widely like the sea. Form the necessary rhythms when necessary, master your own dance moves, dance between this and the next, not who calls you, who does not influence you, but who you know why you do it.

Energy Supplement Station: Ask a question, and today you answer yourself.

Return to yourself, just as you start with clearing up.

Close your eyes, focus your energy on the moment, look closely at these three cards, and use your feelings as a benchmark to determine the order of interpretation. In my mind, suppose that the image card from the first to the third represents your "current life's distress", "the state of distress after settlement" and "the solution to the problem".

After you have arranged the cards in the order you want them to be (either (1) (2) (3), (3) (2) (1), or (2) (1), or (2) (1) (3), the bell must also be ringer, and today you are invited to try to untie yourself.

Step 1. Three deep breaths, clear your mind, and then look at the cards you've arranged. Step 2. Write down the card content you interpret, including: object, atmosphere, feeling, relationship between text, and pictures. Step 3. Next, combine the feelings that cards bring to you with three assumptions. ("1) Current Life Problems", "2 State after The Troubles Are Resolved", "3 Solutions to Troubles")

In the interpretation, pay attention to their feelings, written objects and events, to understand their own internal problems. After answering, you can give yourself 5-10 minutes to settle and ask yourself: What's the inspiration? Is there anything you can do?

For "Card Release Details" Welcome to Women's Fans Energy Embrace,where we'll take you from "Energy Boost" and "Workplace Strike" to "Balance Work and Life" during this 12-week energy recovery exercise to bring you a better relationship experience by solving your career dilemmas.

Reader's Letter: I just want to take a break, can't I? 】

Lead yourself back to the present through the card, see the diversity of the interpretation of the event, the next step is to see the emotion behind the problem. It can turn into anxiety, anger, dress up unsettling, intuitively sad, and even, incarnated into something you can't feel, into life, and make you feel depressed.

As of recently, "Energy Embrace" received 40 letters from readers, there is life anxiety, have a relationship, have the future confusion, have the workplace failure. Starting this week, we will choose the most representative questions and, through our weekly energy recovery approach, lead you to the unknown, embrace emotions, embrace fear, and create new possibilities. Then, let's read the letter together

Dear Woman Fan Editor:

I'm Xiang. Recently feel a lot of things, are simple but take time small things, must be completed. Sometimes the original plan will be disrupted, for such a disturbed feeling, often let me seem to get stuck in general, the mood is also stuck, do nothing motivated.

In addition to the small and complicated, recently encountered another problem, that is, the expectations of others, let me feel a lot of pressure. I want to give myself a break this year, but others are very active in helping me achieve some goals (e.g. exams), which puts a lot of pressure on me.

I like life very much now, and of course I want to accomplish my goals, but I hope I can master my rhythm without being influenced by the expectations of others, but I don't know how to communicate with others and deal with the pressure of expectations.

If you also want to participate in the women's "Energy Embrace" mutual aid community, want to have more interactive experience with the editor, or you look forward to influencing others through your own stories and strength, or find more small partners with you at the same stage of life, welcome to the Energy Embrace,your life needs, we are all packed for you.

Energy Recovery Exercise: Three Steps to Find Courage in the Face of the Unknown

To dear Xiang, with all who are still struggling to respond to the expectations of others:

Small things are tedious, plans are blocked, expect pressure, and by describing it in the letter, we can see that life is a superposition of events, sometimes windy, you feel in your sole control, sometimes wind and rain, you are locked in the house, accept other people's arrangements, dilemma.

Perhaps we can all see a little shadow of ourselves in Xiang's story, and after tapping, we will find that all problems can be focused, and today, we are going to give the method item by item:

  1. After the plan was disrupted do not know how to be good, feel stuck and motionless, can not lift the strength.
  2. There are so many trifles that I don't know how to deal with them effectively.
  3. Struggling not knowing whether to respond to the expectations of others.

On the question of "plan is disrupted after I do not know how to do, feel stuck and unable to move", in 2020 was forced to stay in Nepal, life and career suddenly suspended the founder of the Cotton Pleasant Workshop Lin Nianci, will certainly give you a good guide.

Here are three keys to stabilizing her body and mind when "plans can't keep up with change" during her time in Nepal

To see the full version of "Stable Self-Body and Mind 3 Tips", welcome to subscribe to the women's fan "Energy Electronics",which is an electronic newspaper you never imagined, it will be retired from the holidays, leaving a happy Monday morning, inviting you to remove Monday's sadness, pick up the joy of facing the beginning of the week, we can let life start today, again.