The Gender Equality Education Act, which came into force on 25 June 2004, aims to "implement substantive equality" and "eliminate discrimination" so that everyone can be treated equally, and I hope that there will be no more Ye Yongxuan and Peng Wanru in society.

However, to this day we will still hear more or less stories about gender inequality on campus, at home, in the workplace, and in 2021 women's fans will be specially planning to invite readers who have experienced gender inequality to write their own life stories, to turn words into power, and to accompany everyone who has had the same experience. You're not alone, we're all there! At the same time, these life experiences also let everyone know what other issues need to be seen and valued on an ongoing basis.

"Since it's a parent's subject, give it back to them."

Brother's temper is irritable and irritable, but parents always all kinds of tolerance, daily life or family travel, all the trip and focus is always around the brother.

However, the parents of these tolerances did not change back to the brother's consideration, but made the brother worse, loudly scolding or yelling at the mother's situation is not uncommon. Parents did not have any reaction to this, and even made it clear that most of the family's property will be left to the brother, the reason is that the brother will always be with the family name.

See these situations, I can only try to be parents of good children, do not let them bother me, I also recognize that parents' money to deal with their freedom, but in the end I became the parents of constant emotional extortion.

by L

"You must believe in your abilities!"

In the third grade of primary school, when I selected cadres, I had the courage to volunteer to be monitor, but at the same time there was another male classmate raising his hand, so the teacher assigned him as monitor, I was deputy monitor. At that time, my heart is very unconvinced, feel that the other side's grades are not as good as me, why I can only be a "deputy", the teacher's reason is - if you want to move things boys more suitable.

Throughout the semester, male students nearly half the time to take leave, because his family took him to travel abroad, and the school celebration performance when each class of the deputy monitor was assigned to stand in front of the team, so the lunch break needs additional training, then I was the only one to go;

Growing up in the campus and the workplace suffered a lot of inequality, but as a child experience, although I feel uncomfortable, but also brought me strength, because I know that I also have the ability to do, but also braver to fight for their own everything.

by Allison

"Come on! It's dark, it's always going to be bright!"

My mother left when I was 15 and I lived with my father and brother. Every time I fight with my brother, my father said to his brother: She is a girl, you do not have to fight with her.

I can't finish dinner, my brother was forced to eat, father and he said: girls already eat less, do not compare with her. When I went to exercise together, I ran a little slower, and my father said: Girls are slower, don't compare with her. And asked my brother to let me run first.

These words, perhaps Dad thought he was from my point of view, but I just don't feel comfortable. What happened to the girl? Isn't that great? Girls dare to wear pants to go out, boys dare to wear skirts to see friends?

I've said many times that I don't like pink (HOT PINK) very much, growing up and not knowing how many times we've had a fight because of "what color do I like?" He says girls just want to like pink, it's dreamy stuff, and I think it doesn't matter what color it is as long as I like it.

Who in the end said girls must like to play Barbie ah? I like to collect car models. (Really, but all to hide) Often, a lot of OS in my heart can't take him any better.

I often hear my father's words: girls may not only be other people's secretary ah, girls can also be doctors or boss ah, you see who who who is how strong ah, especially out of the girl can only be someone else's secretary? Is life inherently a choice? Why on earth can a girl only be a secretary or nurse? Haven't you seen a male secretary or a female doctor? What kind of stereotype is this? (Crash)

(Same show:"Boys work hard, too, what's the girl's complaint?" "Kim Ji-ying, born in 82 years": Stop being a woman with sense, be yourself)

Conclusion: Those words, though not intentional, sound uncomfortable to me. Re-conclusion: I hope that one day, gender can truly achieve equality, men and women can do what they want to do, live their own want to look!

by Nicole

"Don't be afraid to think you're doing the right thing, they'll be ashamed of their ignorance."

When I saw this theme, I thought, I used to work for a very traditional travel agency, as op and website content updates. Company regulations:

1. Skirts are forbidden in the office because they look very sultry?

2. Tampons can not appear in public toilets, even if wrapped up can not, say male colleagues see the perception is not good?

3. Single girls can't leave work on time because they don't have boyfriends and don't care about their families?

It's ridiculous, so I left in less than three months, always feeling that these people don't know what to put on their heads, and they don't think much like everyone else.

by Mini

Photo|photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

"Try to create equality from inequality."

I am a mixed-race child, my mother is from Vietnam, from an early age was taught as a girl to have the appearance of growing up.

I am a daughter who does not love to be ordered, childhood always with the mother singing the opposite tone, she often said: girls should stay long hair, white skin will be beautiful, or as a girl must learn housework, that is, the so-called hall, down the kitchen, at the same time must have their own work, so as to marry out.

Every time I hear such a word, I will always perfunctory past, pretend to listen to it, in fact, the opposite behavior.

While my mother does not pay attention, wipe long hair to her ears, play ball with classmates after school, will be very tanned, arrange a date, often do not have much interest and refused, because I do not want to step into her back, also do not want to get married for marriage.

Until now I've tried to communicate, but I've found that changing people isn't easy, and that with my mother growing up in different countries and environments, and different levels of education, I think that's one of the sources of gender inequality.

"The world is not completely fair, like Libra, tilted according to weight. We are the people who put things on the Libra and decide on the balance, and the weight of those items is the display of effort and results, and the effort to create equality from inequality!

By girl

"You're not alone, we're all there!"

It seems that gender inequality has been quietly in my life since I have been remembered. . . The elders in my family have a deep emphasis on the traditional concept of sons and daughters, and it happens that my brother is naturally qualified and intelligent, and I am not qualified.

Let the small girl's heart at that time planted the seeds of imbalance, but also eager to get the love of the elders, and struggling to catch up, hoping that one day can be praised. It was not until at last that there was a sense of completeness that it was discovered that those were "flattering" and would never catch up with the indisputable fact.

Whether it is every move, or life choices, no more than around the "marriage and children", "servant mother-in-law", "child-raising prevention" this concept, such shock is really big enough for young girls can not bear to resist their own "do not want to get married", in order to break through these frameworks.

Unfortunately, how can her parents understand how her fear of marriage came about? Just cold response said, "You don't get married and move out, this is for your brother!"

Hopefully, every wounded soul, regardless of gender, will eventually get a chance to heal his wounds.

by Joanne Lin

"Believe in your beliefs and don't be knocked down by your external voice!"

In a number of large companies in marketing public relations positions, those big bosses in the selection of such as public relations, business and other positions, there are unwritten provisions "must be "beautiful" girls, working ability, experience second."

Working in such an environment is, predictably, mostly considered to be achieved on preconditions such as female appearance, and most ideas or suggestions are always not adopted or even despised.

(Recommended reading:"We have all experienced micro-discrimination" Yu Kailian X Deng Wei X Luo Yijun: female leaders, more able to create diversity and integration!

Over time, how much will their mentality be affected, whether girls can only rely on beautiful appearance, in order to step out of the first step of the success of the task? Too strong a woman in the workplace is always weaker than the less popular?

Until after an age, look at the duty, but also more and more understand their own want to pursue life, as well as firm belief in life, will not be because of these external experience to doubt themselves, but also more able to see their own advantages, accept their own shortcomings, comfortable living.

By Euphemism

Photo|photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

"Life is its own and you don't have to care how others feel about us."

Has always felt that the birth of a new life should not be determined by gender his (her) importance, the second child is still a girl's day, the public because of the mother-in-law came to the hospital so politely exposed, until the discharge of the public has not come to the hospital to visit us.

On the day of the birth of the boy, the principal went twice a day and continued to be discharged (visiting the hospital was several times longer than mine). When the male grandson crawled on the indoor floor, the mother-in-law immediately grabbed a straight shout: "Oops dirty dirty", the girl riding outside downstairs, pants more dirty than rags let her crawl.

Holding her boy in front of me: "We are gold-encrusted Oh" the concept of son preference was so deeply rooted, husband's words I let go of a lot: "our own birth of our own pain is good!"


"Meet must give yourself a way to make themselves comfortable, don't just silently swallow into the stomach, that's really uncomfortable!"

I'm a group brain and I don't know anything about mathematical science, but Taiwan's education system wants students to be proficient in everything. When the country, the class of science and chemical teachers every week will be out of a small examination paper, each ten questions, a question 10 points, a careless failure!

The teacher always asked the students on the stage if there are any problems, the students under the stage have raised their hands, I am one of them, but the teacher points to all the students, not a girl, even the second girl in our class has been ignored.

Visible teachers do not look down on bad grades, more look down on female students, and even on the stage to our sour words, really very uncomfortable, honestly tell the class guide is useless, he is also this set of strong and weak theory of men and women, male superiority of the feudal thinking.

Every time we ask questions in private, we get a response that's always a hitch. I did not make up, my mother felt that the results are not the most important, she cares about learning attitude, there is no revision completely, integrated, she is very concerned, as long as I have a little unmodulated, the next second will hear a loud, pop! That's it.

So after class I pulled the students, chasing the physical and chemical teacher's ass run. But useless ah, the teacher ignored, but also blame myself dare not ask the class good male students, such a sense of powerlessness will not be the continuation of the results to the end of the exam, to graduation, very helpless very panic.

By pocket

"Someone who will always love you will believe you support you!"

When I first came out of society, I met a married foreign boss who treated women with great disrespect.

At that time will be over the company probationary period, I received the task of travel with the boss, the boss arranged accommodation, he said: "the local price is expensive, so with the boss a room, but will be divided bed", although feel what is wrong, but in order to smoothly pass the probationary period and pay rise, still decided to go, otherwise only leave a way.

When it comes to restaurants, the so-called bed breaks are less than 30 centimeters apart. Evening with the customer should be paid, the boss and its customers of the same nationality jointly poured wine on me, back to the hotel I will rest early but did not sleep.

Late at night, the boss climbed from his bed to my bed, I dodged sideways, his calves into my quilt, I still dodge, good boss colorless, found that I was not drunk and then interestingly returned to his position.

When I went back to Taiwan and did nothing, I just left the company immediately, and in recent years I dared to speak out with my family and friends about my fears, because I was afraid that people would ask me to give evidence, and even now, I still can't figure out how to prove that I almost went through a crisis.

by Amber

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"Believe in yourself and you will have infinite power."

Youth, think love is all, single unmarried woman with a child, people around said: "To men!" He is more likely to give financial supplies than women. Originally understand, a lot of opportunities in the workplace promotion will be first male-dominated.

With a woman's natural persistence and softness, I have the courage to challenge any opportunity, never let oneself comfortably stay in the comfort zone, and constantly learn and push themselves.

Finally, I overturned all the disging directors, relatives and friends and even once vulnerable love, I not only became the hottest general in the workplace, but also gave the children a smooth and sound life along the way.

by Yaya

Photo|photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

"Maybe we want to change the world like a tree, but we have to believe in and be strong in our hearts to make these unequal things less and less important."

The son preference of the native family, so that I do not have to go to the outside world, I know that men and women are not equal. No one loves a child, there is no light, no light child, if not strong heart, will only become the victims of the dark corners of the world.

At home I am a relative mouth "your father and mother all hurt brother, you are no one wants the child", is their mouth "you do not deserve to play with your cousins and sisters", these words let the understanding of the child without light, and then no light of the child, become a peer of the alien, exclusion, bullying followed.

The words of relatives like sharp edge, peer bullying has become the heart of the injury, parents' preference, so far I dare not see the Tangshan earthquake, because I know that if the same situation, I will hear from their mouths "save brother" such words.

Heart with a scar growing up so far, even if it is difficult, I would like to say that we all have to carry those wounds forward, re-become the light of the people, please believe that the inner child, always light, with hope, waiting for you to find him.


"You're not bad, you're great!"

Every year the company will arrange a day of education and training, all staff are on vacation, nominally class, in fact, to barbecue to play with water. One day off with a few good male colleagues, chat and eat together, learned that the next day they are going to education and training (barbecue water), but the above did not inform us of any female employees, so plucked up the courage to ask the boss: "Can we participate?"

The boss replied coldly, "The boss said, No, all the girls have to go to work!" So every time a male employee goes to play, a female employee has only a part to work for.

Boys work although heavy, but girls are also occasionally understaffed, was assigned to work with male colleagues, heavy is also able to do, but eat, drink and play welfare, always by the company secretly dry down, even staff travel is, boys can be entertained by the company to go, girls are only part of the work, the same is the employee, welfare or differential treatment!

by Sugar

"We're all here!"

Mostly about work, although gender equality has become a well-known fact, there are still many old ideas deeply rooted. I often encounter unequal treatment at work, and my predecessors have specifically stressed that I am a "woman" and can only be forced to do things I don't like.

(Recommended reading: There is no gender education on campus, who will catch "Ye Yongxuan"?

Just because I am a woman, inequality even, harassment is still a lot, including verbal comments, sexual innuendo and appearance judgment, although modern women are mostly confident and open, but for a long time is still very hurt.

by Kato

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