High tide summer story collection! Invite you to write your Orgasm Story and contribute to ourvoice@womany.net.

Every year on August 8th, not just Father's Day, but also International Women's Orgasm, a Brazilian-inspired festival that aims to draw attention to women's right to sexual pleasure.

In the past sexual narrative, men's orgasm experience is often more obvious, and women's enjoyment in sex is still not easy to see, not understood, especially in the still more depressed oriental society, women's right to talk about sex is more likely to be deprived.

When a woman talks about sex, often is crowned, so many people face their own desires, often choose to converge, converge and then converge, ignore their expectations of sex, ignore the partner to make themselves uncomfortable moments, so that do not know how to express the need, neglect to communicate with the partner bed.

2021 Real Orgasm Month

In 2021, in response to International Women's Orgasm Day, so that women's lust can be more valued, women fans will be August as "high tide month", looking forward to a "celebration-style" summer atmosphere, to give sexual exploration and dialogue more spacious and bright space, this year midsummer, let us embrace their bodies together, celebrate the arrival of the climax.

Sex, it is healthy, just as you desire love; desire, which is an important nutrient in your life, is your important throbbing body outside the soul, a conversation with the body, a direct warmth, a strong and comfortable pleasure, another connection between you and yourself and your partner.

High tide midsummer story collection

Invite you to write a 1000-1500-word orgasm story and share with us how you explore your sexual needs, understand your physical desires, and communicate the ideal sexual qualities with your partner to meet each other's sexual needs.

Enjoy and enjoy your sexiness with your partner in writing to create a great sexual experience. Detailed indication information:

Theme one: "Make Love to Yourself" Sexy sometimes, embrace your lust: You can talk about the course of your sexual journey and think about the reflection your body brings to you.

Theme 2: A Love Foreplay Orgasm Sometimes, ideal sex with your partner: You can talk about the problems you encounter when dealing with your partner's "sexual interactions," how to adjust, improve, or break through, and how to communicate and solve each other.

Photo|photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Select the topic you want, write about 1000-1500 words, contribute to ourvoice@womany.net, and write "Contribution to the high summer story, I am" in the title of the letter. (If you don't specify this title, we won't be able to see you in the vast sea of letters)

Please attach your document with a clip file, please attach the name you wish to publish in the first paragraph of the document, if you are still shy about talking about this topic, you are also welcome to provide a pen name that makes you feel comfortable, and if you would like to publish anonymously, please use microsoft word or google document.

The winner of the submission will receive a "500 Yuan Writing Award" and the article will be authorized to be published on the Wusi Media website and community platform.

Draft period: As long as you are ready, we are ready to accept your contribution :)

In order to protect you, please do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, if there is a violation, you must be self-inflicted compensation for related losses Oh!