In a torrent of stress called "maturity", if you feel hollowed out day by day, there is the warmest "energy hug" for women fans, and you press the "reset key" every morning, as long as 5 minutes, the breathing air has become different.

The greatest courage in the world is the grace of pressure.


Position the situation: Find out where the stress comes from

(Reading time: 5 minutes)

Dear pen pals, it's morning to press the reset key for yourself:)

Today, we'll take you through 90 minutes, three ways to talk to stress.

In fact, you are also well aware that sometimes stress comes from chaos - life as an adult, full of expectations and self-expectations, busy life, you have to constantly switch between different roles, to be a supplier of energy: in the workplace, you want to make progress, anchor your career; in the family, you have to take on expectations, burden emotions, and sometimes more shoulder responsibilities, not to mention more roles and relationships outside of this.

Many things become invisible pressure, the roles of each other, unconsciously into a vicious circle of the net.

Today, before the method exercise, I'd like to invite you to use the next 15 minutes and 7 steps to start a good morning conversation with yourself through Card Guide to help you understand your stress state, find pain points, and find a way to cure your illness.

Step. 0 Use your phone, computer, other gear, or take out a pen and paper record.

Step. 1 Read the following 6 cards, pick the 3 that best represent you, and write them down one by one.

Step. 2 Pick one of them and you feel you can best represent "you 3 months ago" and record it.

Step. 3 Pick one of them, which you feel best represents "you at this moment" and record it.

Step. 4 Pick one of them, which you feel best represents "you after 3 months" and record it.

Step. 5 Looking at "You 3 Months Ago," try asking yourself: What happened during this period? What makes you feel stressed? Please write down three stress keywords for yourself during this period.

Step. 6 Then, focus on "You at this moment" and ask yourself: Are those pressures still present? If not, what methods do you use to solve it? Why does this approach work? If not, carefully consider the causes of stress and write down the three key words that are generated by stress.

Step. 7 Finally, stare at "You after 3 months" and imagine with yourself: What do you expect your life to look like? How do you want to get along with stress? Please write down three keywords describing "Yourself after 3 months".

Photo | Woman's Fan "Energy Hold."

Photo | Woman's Fan "Energy Hold."

Self-guidance: How to live with stress

(Time: 90 minutes / day).

Identify the source of stress during this time through three card cards, and then try to solve it in a new habit, or live with it.

You can think of stress as a cosmic black hole that's heavy because it sucks up too many dark asteroids - a failed project three months ago, a conflict with a partner two weeks ago, an awkward friend party three days ago, anxiety about starting unfamiliar assignments next week, a wedding six months later, and the preparation to study abroad a year later.

So to combat stress, first of all, you have to build up a wave-proof for yourself, so that no more pressure tsunamis will invade your daily life. To do this, it is important to establish a "mechanism" to improve your umbrella, between japan and Japan, to set up the time to clean up the pressure capacity, then you can more timely grasp their own rhythm, understand that although the pressure is there, but it can also be a mentor and friend.

The following three styles, which can be 90 minutes of your day for yourself, or choose exercises based on your daily itinerary, status, and needs, will accompany you through the daily stress of body, self, and relationships.

Type (1): 30 minutes of body conversation exercises after getting up early

Talk to your body daily to develop strong containers for stress. In the morning, before you go out or start work, you can try a set of yoga-style japanese worship with deep physical dialogue, which means "sun worship" and meets the morning light at dawn, a daily spiritual exercise for yoga practitioners.

There are 12 styles of worship, starting with prayer, feet on the ground, standing together, body upright, shoulder relaxed, then extended arms, let arms rise up, Buddha your body infinitely extended, energy accumulated in your top, slowly, hands extended forward Brushing the eyebrows, nose, broad shoulders, chest, down straight to the feet, hands close to the ground, the whole person presents the word "twisted", and then the body landed, several volts after getting up, up extension, return to prayer.

👉🏻 wants to know the full Japanese style: point me to the movie

Practice 108 daily confessions to the sun, physical movement, peace of mind, deep remorse to yesterday's self, thanks to today's self, make a wish for the future of their own, these 108 groups of godly efforts, is the beginning of the day, you and yourself a close hug, in 36 groups, for today's body dialogue:

  1. 1 - 36 groups of | confessions: use physical strength, connect with the past self, put down the "why apologize is me", "why do I have to open first" stubborn, to clean up the writing is not good enough place, with their own apology, but also to others confession - we always have to do something bad, and every day, we can connect with the body, together to alert ourselves, do not reoffend.
  2. 37 - 72 groups | Thanksgiving: Thank you for being yourself now and pay tribute to those who deserve it. Thanksgiving today's sun, Thanksgiving you get up early, Thanksgiving you ride the wind and waves for the ideal, Thanksgiving relationship you will always love and understanding, Thanksgiving you have been wronged disappointed, Thanksgiving you know how to cherish the present. Gratitude, so that the past confession has become the power of action, action is the turn of pressure, thinking and not moving, pressure is in, when we return to the brigade, the pressure will have to be released.
  3. 73 - 108 groups | put down: Tell yourself, put aside the mistake, embrace gratitude, today's you, with a new mood and vision, to face the task as usual, even if it is difficult, even if it has failed, you have a chance to do a little better than yesterday you.

Type (2): 30 minutes of self-release exercise after work

After the morning body conversation, take you to the beginning of today's fortifications, you can have the strength to face the old and new tasks.

In the evening, after a busy day, you may have several different emotions: sometimes you work well, you feel that you have everything, you have plenty of energy, and sometimes you feel like you're busy and empty.

Adults daily, more in the buried work, after work but in a hurry, sometimes busy working overtime, sometimes just want to write off quickly, but rarely leave some time not to do a good summary of the day, column today did something to help you review, you can answer the following questions in sequence:

  1. What did you do today?
  2. What's causing your task pass today?
  3. What are the "highlights" of your work today?

After answering these questions, if you feel satisfied and fully feel your output, then you can feel at ease on the computer, today's work has been completed, but if you are hesitant to answer the above questions, difficult to line up, then you can try to clarify the cause of the problem through the following 2 notes, find inertial card points, for their own guidance.

(1) Inertial Digging: Find the sticking point that makes you uneasy

(2) Emotional chart sea: find a solution for yourself and improve from tomorrow

Note classification is to remind yourself, let yourself know where the current irritability and stress come from, list feasible ways to help you put down the worries of the moment, if you are curious about the above two "note methods", welcome you click to subscribe to the Energy Embrace,more complete content, invite you to meet with us in the mailbox!

Photo | Woman's Fan "Energy Hold."

Today is over, and all the results, if not as expected, are the fruits of today. Clear up your anxiety, find the source of stress, and classify events to find a workable solution for your tomorrow and avoid exerting force where it is ineffective.

Then, you can put aside today's less than expected for a while and have a good meal, because you know tomorrow can be better.

Type (3): 30-minute relationship communication exercise in front of your bed

The first 2 are on their own, and at the end of the day, practice relying on others, leaving 30 minutes before bedtime, and arranging an intimate conversation for yourself, at which point you can say that today is not going well, that you can hold each other, that you can love each other, and that you can ask for appreciation.

A private conversation with a partner, family, and close friends at night is to make yourself understand that even if life is difficult, you are still cute, life market pressure marathon, choose life partner is very important, you are on the track together, easy to feel tired and depressed, and even see the end of the long way, the idea of wanting to abandon the race. But you know, the most important thing about marathons is strong psychological construction, in addition to relying on their own, sometimes rely on someone to refuel, so that you can more clear the end point, and then adjust the pace.

There are 4 ways you can communicate in a bedtime relationship:

  1. Listen before you talk and understand each other's needs.
  2. Share your day's life and find something to praise each other for.

Dear readers, if you want to learn more about the above energy recovery methods through the "step-by-step, handwritten template", you are welcome to try the women's "Energy Embrace" for free,and by leaving yourself at least 90 minutes a day through the weekly energy recovery exercises, you can get closer to yourself and find the most comfortable way to get along with yourself.