When we are in the Olympic Hall, see the athletes shine, can we understand, see their physical and mental state. Simone Biles announced her retirement on July 28th, admitting that her physical and mental health had gone wrong and that her courage had taught us that it was important to take care of herself.

Simone Biles is an American women's competitive gymnast who won a record 25 world championship medals and was hailed as the greatest gymnast in the United States with four golds and one bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Simone Biles' call for gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been so high that much attention has been focused on her.

However, Simone Biles broke the news on July 28th that he was withdrawing from the women's gymnastics team event and the next individual all-around event because of health problems. She had posted before the game that she felt the burden of the whole world on her shoulders, and she knew she should overcome the pressure and not be affected, but it was really hard.

It also makes us realize that when everyone looks at the performance of the players, we can see and understand the hard work behind it, and the physical and mental state that very people can appreciate. "We should have had a good time here, but that's not the case," says Simone Biles. In the constant pursuit of "good or better", "breakthrough and breakthrough" at the time, is not forgotten whether they are happy, whether to enjoy.

Simone Biles's choice, let us know, sometimes you don't have to be afraid to act to take care of yourself, and after that you may see, as Simone does, "the pressure that others expect", which is only partly true, and more about the world expressing heartfelt appreciation and support after her pause.

We support the players to be brave in their best condition and achieve their own! Let's be happy about the athletes' growth and their spirit, not the medal itself.

Simone's action, not only to protect their own body and mind, a longer sports career, while the world together to witness and give care, we actually care more, not a country's victory, but whether we can people-oriented, whether on and off the field choose to participate in the war or suspension of the players support, but also inspire everyone in the field of life to work hard for us, in order to better become themselves, when needed, even if the gold medal in front, do not be afraid to press the pause!

Photo| Dazhi Images/AP