South Korean archery player Ansan, because of the appearance of the image was attacked, Anshan responded: cut short hair because of comfort. Subsequently, the Korean community, also launched a short hair campaign for Anshan should be helped.

Archery is one of the strengths of Korean sports competitions, since South Korea's participation in archery projects, the cumulative number of cards won is the world's largest. This time, at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 20-year-old South Korean Ansan won three gold medals in one go. In addition to the jubilation, Anshan's appearance, but also caused South Korean netizens to discuss.

Some netizens supportEd Shan, but some have begun to physically attack him for his short hair, slightly neutral appearance, and the fact that he attended a women's college, labeling him a feminist.

Feminists, in the context of South Korea, have lost their original meaning and are directly equivalent to "men-weary". For example, "Kim Ji-young, born in 82 years," a work about gender inequality in Korean society, has been accused of hating men, so the actor who starred in the play, the star who recommended the book, was unprovokedly attacked by speech and called for a boycott.

In the case of feminism was stigmatized, Anshan was labeled, there were netizens to ask the country to withdraw the medal request. Anshan then responded on IG, cutting her hair short because she was comfortable. South Korea has also launched a "Women's Short Hair Campaign" in solidarity with Anshan, the community flooded with women posted short hair photo response, for the body autonomy voice.

The beginning and end of the Anshan incident is incredible, but we also see many people for Anshan, for women to help themsself. We support the players to choose their most comfortable, most comfortable appearance out of the game. At the same time, no one should be attacked because of their appearance, image, temperament, everyone can choose to feel at ease.