Guo 婞 won Taiwan's first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, and many people worried for the first time about whether the coach's hug had crossed the line. There's a lot of discussion in the women's fan group, so I want to talk to you about how we can think about events like this.

Guo 婞 won Taiwan's first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics by lifting 133 kilograms and grabbing 103 kilograms. After failing to make the 141kg challenge in the final act of the Olympics, she put down her weight and lay on the court with a beautiful, calm smile.

In Taiwan, people celebrated Guo 婞 won the gold medal, and the first time some people worried about Guo 婞, whether the coach hugged to cross the line.

Guo 婞 said later, with the coach side by side for more than a decade she has a lot of thanks, but also easily mentioned that this is their own deliberate interaction, belongs to the two people's usual way of getting along, "understand the people, know that these actions will make our teachers and students more harmonious relations, but also so happy to get along for so many years." Unaffected by the emotions of the public opinion field, she took the initiative back to her body, but also responded to the netizen's concern for her.

We also grow together during the event discussion process. In the understanding of other people's contacts, before the parties have expressed, first in their own interpretation of other people's experience, there is indeed a danger, may not be the needs of the parties.

Next time, we can all remember, in the emotional rush out, first gently confirm, what do the parties actually think? We all have expectations for a better world, but we can also learn together, in the inevitable emotions, allow time to bring more veins into, waiting for the parties to say, and then judge.

Women are obsessed with D-I and gender, and they don't just care about commenting and saying questions for a while, they want to calm their anger, we want to find out, after each article, "Then what?" Can we provide a solution, can we launch a reasonable and open dialogue space?

It's going to be a time when gender and D-I influence are growing, and thank you, Guo 婞, for doing a beautiful demonstration.