Congratulations, "Roll over!" Boy Li Zhikai won a silver medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Gymnastics Saddle Horse Project and the first medal in the history of Taiwan Gymnastics! Li Zhikai's perseverance has touched the audience and is worth learning from.

"After 15 years of hard work, just for these 45 seconds of glow!" 」

Taiwan's "Saddle Horse Prince" Li Zhikai entered the final of the Eastern Olympic Games with the first place in the "Thomas Swing". On August 1st, he won the silver medal with a wonderful performance.

Before the Olympic stage glowed, more than ten years of training career, setbacks and failures, Li Zhikai's mind also had the idea of giving up, a different way to go, especially before the World Games injured that period, the international event performance disorder, the stage is big, give themselves more pressure, is more hard.

Later he discovered that when the goal was set to win over others, he was doomed to failure. Only by returning the goal to yourself, doing well and focusing on it, can we win and enjoy the process.

Focus well, find a way of their own, in this road, the focus is not comparison, but focus on polishing themselves, that is the only way, but also the road to victory.

"Be a good player and train well." Not only Li Zhikai said so, this Olympic Games in Taiwan's national players, are not for the achievements of the war, not to prove to others, let go of themselves, but also return to their own, do not let themselves regret, try to complete, go all out.

In the Olympic Games, the really moving is not victory or medals, but to see the athletes do their best to become the best of their own, will be victory and sharing with everyone, that is all the Taiwan national hands of the Olympic Games, to the people of Taiwan real glory, blessings, and understanding.