congratulations! Also thank you Dai Ziying won the 2020 Dongao feather ball women's singles silver medal, this wonderful duel, let the audience blood boiling, but also let us witness together, a person become their own moving course.

After the feather ball Dai Zhiying, in an interview, said that from an age she was often taken by her father to participate in a variety of jump competitions, vegetable market. Playing against many of her older opponents, losing is commonplace, losing from an early age helps her adjust to the cruelty of the game ahead of time.

She always thought it was more important to be good at herself than to win. "If you lose, you can make progress," she said. Growth-oriented thinking of Dai Zhiying, playing now, is to go all out, no reservation, enjoy the game.

After becoming famous, her life and character did not change much. In fact, do not like and a group of people noisy Dai Zhiying, more similar to introverts, like to be alone, free to nest at home listening to music, in solitude to supplement energy.

Who says good sportsmen have only a lively, communicative extroverted personality? Not only Dai Zhiying, but also quiet and stable billiards godfather Zhuang Zhiyuan, won the tennis Grand Slam four-time grand slam champion Otsuka Straight Beauty and others, are well-known introverts in the hands of the sport.

Thanks again to Dai Zhiying for bringing such a wonderful game, thank her, let us witness together, a person to become their own moving course!